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Duterte urged to declare January 30 special non-working holiday


By Ben Rosario

President Rodrigo R. Duterte welcomes the Miss Universe Contestants during the presentation of the 65th Miss Universe Contestants and Miss Universe Organization at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang on January 23, 2017. (photo by Richard V. Viñas)

President Rodrigo R. Duterte welcomes the Miss Universe Contestants during the presentation of the 65th Miss Universe Contestants and Miss Universe Organization at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang on January 23, 2017. (photo by Richard V. Viñas)

Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo urged President Rodrigo Duterte to declare January 30 a special non-working holiday to afford Filipinos to witness the country’s hosting of the coronation of the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Castelo, chairman of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development, said Filipinos should be given the rare opportunity to watch the international spectacle as it unfolds in the Philippines.

A declaration of special non-working holiday by Duterte will also suspend classes in all school levels, thus, give the country’s youth the chance to watch the event.

If Duterte declares the Miss Universe coronation a special holiday, workers will enjoy a long weekend starting the celebration of the Chinese New Year on January 28.

Castelo said organizers of the pageant are expected to welcome the proposal as there will be less traffic in Metro Manila during the pageant.

“Last hosted by the Philippines in 1994, the much awaited competition of beautiful women from across the globe would be held right here in our country, in Manila actually, so the more the occasion becomes very relevant for all of us,” Castelo explained.

He added: “It would be a pity if our countrymen miss the opportunity to witness in their own backyard a contest where Filipinas have proven to excel and become certified champions on beauty and brains.”

The senior administration lawmaker aired hopes Malacanang shares his sentiments, noting that the much-awaited coronation night kicks off in less than a week.

“Declaring a Miss Universe holiday would not only give the people respite from the political noise and corporate stress but it would also spare Metro Manila from vehicular traffic,” he explained.

“Remember, Manila would be on the eye of the world during the Miss Universe. The city should be at its best when the curtain rises,” he stressed.

Media reports have indicated that the live broadcast of the competition will draw 500 million viewers worldwide, including many from the Philippines.

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  • letch00


  • superlucky2

    Grabe sayang ng oras para sa trabajo

    • innocentsvcker

      Trabaho nanaman, give us a break, I think your a boss :)

      • Russell Guerzon

        you’re a boss ? not your a boss

        • Dumb and Dumber

          That is what you get for too many school holidays LOL

      • John Say

        Know the difference between “their”, “there”, and “they’re”, dumbass.

        With such a lazy attitude, no wonder you aren’t a boss. Wala pinupuntahan ang tamad.

        • Yel

          English is a language, not a measurement of intelligence.

          • John Say

            Grammar is a measure of knowledge, which is a sign of intelligence, or at the very least, level of education.

            I fail to see how that addresses my other point though, that making this a holiday is wasteful and just promotes laziness over something so frivolous. As if getting to watch this is something of national concern.

          • rc rcamp

            you don’t know anything…

          • Dan

            You know nothing @john_say:disqus

          • PositiboLangPo

            Dun ka sa amerika para magaling mag ingles lahat. Di ka namin kelangan dito kung idodown mo lag yung mga di gaano marunong mag ingles. Yang ingles mo nalang agahan mo, tanghalian at hapunan mo, para namang nakakabuhay at nakakabusog yan..

          • Mr. A

            Working hard: Good
            Taking a break: Good
            Your attitude: Lol
            Both sides are good, your attitude is ridiculous and if you think laziness is bringing the country down, please include your attitude along with it :)

        • Borgie Tan

          John Say is a boring old guy

          • John Say

            Says the lazy bums always asking for holidays sure.

            If not agreeing to such a frivolous, stupid reason to declare a holiday is what you would call being boring, then fine by me.

            Why don’t you answer, instead, what benefits declaring this as a holiday would bring when all you lazy bums will be doing instead is ogle at dresses all day. Wow, so productive! No wonder our economy is in the toilet.

          • John Say

            Says the lazy bums always asking for holidays sure.

            If not agreeing to such a frivolous, stupid reason to declare a holiday is what you would call being boring, then fine by me.

            Why don’t you answer, instead, what benefits declaring this as a holiday would bring when all you lazy bums will be doing instead is ogle at dresses all day. Wow, so productive! No wonder our economy is in the toilet.

          • Mariah Roque

            The reason this country is not progressing is because of people like you. Stop generalizing everyone, and stop degrading your own country. Not all filipinos agree to make that day a holiday. Yes, there isn’t any big reason to declare it a holiday but there is also no reason for you to think that such action will cause a huge downfall of the country.

            You talked about being productive. What are you doing here asking for a fight when you could have done something better than degrading people?

      • Abet Tanandato

        Its your choice to have a break okay? No one will hinder you, absolutely! Millions of Filipinos are looking for job and you can, at anytime, vacant your job and rest for the rest of your life if that is what you want!

  • philspratly

    i like holidays but not for this kind of reason . No holiday on jan 30.

    • freedash22

      Agreed, I like holidays too, but we need to reserve them for special events. I just don’t think this qualifies as such.

      • innocentsvcker

        Do you have a problem with yourselves? The President declared it. So whats wrong with that! Boss din siguro kayo kaya disagree kayo :)

        • Cath

          Wala pa kayang declaration.

        • John Say

          No. We just aren’t lazy deadbeats like you.

          Such a stupid reason to declare a holiday, if ever.

        • Castelo is urging the President. Kinukumbinsi pa niya. Wala pang dineklara si Duterte. Get your facts straight. What’s wrong with Castelo’s suggestion? Yung ganyang event e wala sa level ng national importance so hindi kelangang mag-declare na holiday o walang pasok.

          • Mike

            A living proof that some Duterte fans are already out of their mind. Di na sila nag-iisip basta narinig lang ang Duterte name payag na agad. Di pa nagbabasa, comment agad. Ipinagtatanggol agad yung amo nya, kahit wala namang isyu kay Duterte dito.
            Yung Congressman naman, napakababaw ng dahilan para magdeclare ng holiday.

        • Mike

          You are the problem, actually. You reacted too much, yet you haven’t read the news. The Congressman urged Duterte. Ikaw naman, declared na agad ang pagka-intindi. Ahh Oo nga pala, sorry, English pala yung news, baka di mo naintindihan.

        • Abet Tanandato

          Kailan at sino ang nagdeclare? Are you reading right?

      • philspratly


      • Maui Valdez

        Da heck!!Seriously Holiday!Ang dami dami ng holidays sa pinas walang ka kwenta kwenta gagawin holiday i know we have to support that kind of beauty pageant but not that na gagawin holiday!Dito sa America 8 lang ang important holidays nmin the rest is national Holiday the other 8 is we call.it federal holiday which is talaga totally company are shut down.Oh my kaya wala pag unlad ang pinas kasi marami pa holidays kesa sa pinapasok ng tao!!

        • itsmeechocolate

          Kung ayaw nyo po ng holidays wala pong pumipigil sa inyo. Maunlad na po ang pilipinas at dahil yun sa President duterte.. Kameng mga empleyado kaylangan din ho namen ng break. Wala pong mali kung iholiday man ang January 30. :)

          • Ayzi Casinto

            really?maunlad na ang pinas??saan banda??ahahahah

        • aypota

          oo nga pota bat mo kinukumpara yang bansa mo dito pota gago walang masama kung ggawing holiday yung 30 gago. :)

    • psychobacon


  • innocentsvcker

    I agree with this declaration! SHOUT OUT for the bosses out there! SHUT UP!

    • John Say

      Kaya ka hindi boss kasi tatamad-tamad ka na puro holiday ang gusto

      • innocentsvcker

        Hoy John say WALA KANG PAKEALAM kasi hindi naman ikaw nagpapashod sakin. BOSS ka nga siguro kaya against ka. Isa ka sa mga mukang pera! hapit papasukin ang empleyado

  • James O Sullivan

    This is absolute insanity. No half intelligent developed country would for a second consider such a stupid reason for a national holiday. It is not even shown on live TV anywhere except the Philippines.

  • Viva Manila

    It is indeed not a big reason to be declared a public holiday but let us see the good side of it, families will have a lot of time together, and we know very well that not all Filipinos will watch it but rather take this chance to relax and enjoy. Enjoy your long weekend and stay safe!

    • John Say

      No declarations have been made yet. And I really hope they don’t make it a holiday. Such a frivolous and wasteful reason to declare one.

      • PositiboLangPo

        Medyo madami ka pong alam sir . Payag lang sa holiday, tamad agad? di ba pwedeng positibo lan?-.- kung ano desisyon ni Pres Duterte, so be it. Kung ayaw nio po, edi wag, or gusto nio po kau nalang presidente,. tutal naman, parang mas madami ka pong alam. #justsaying

    • Abet Tanandato

      The usual Juan Tamad country! So sad, poor Manila!

    • Abet Tanandato

      Enjoy agad?? sinong nagsabi sayo na holiday na? Please read carefully before you will be marked absent and make loss…!

      • Viva Manila

        Please excuse po nag comment po ako nuong sinabi ng Govt. na holiday ang day of pageant, tapos po nung next day or after two days binawi po, Pasensya na po at mabilis akong naniwala sa pabago bagong anunsyo ng ating gobyerno.

        • Abet Tanandato

          Wlang naging declaration at walang binawe! You can verify it with PACE if indeed there was…at tanggapin mo na lng hnd ka talaga nagbabasa ng balita, ikaw at ikaw lng un okay?

          • Viva Manila

            Pag matanda na talaga mahirap kausap, ayaw tumanggap ng paliwanag eto po ang piso humanap ka ng kausap mo!

      • Viva Manila

        Hindi po ba ninyo napuna na may sumang ayon sa aking komento, kayo po yata ang hindi araw araw nagbabasa ng balita. Salamat po!

  • Yves Boquet

    This is silly

    • Dumb and Dumber

      Let’s call it by name, plain stupid

    • Abet Tanandato


  • mutamo

    ala na..talagang sira na ang utak…kung sino man ang pasimuno nito…ANG BABAW

    • Von

      haha. babaw no? pero mas sira naman utak ni Mar Roxas at ni pNoy. 😉

      • Yñigo Castillo

        Praise Slay 99999999999999

      • John Say

        Wow. Wa-konek much?

  • Dumb and Dumber

    Says a lot about work ethics of that guy, making an already totally uncompetitive country even more unattractive to international companies who get to pay for such stupid holidays for their staff.

    • MaxCentavo

      yeah….the motivation is really to ensure the country falls further into being a banana republic, easier to control that .

    • John Say

      I hate frivolous holidays because it interferes with my deadlines.

      But I guess the idea of having good work ethic totally goes over the heads of these lazy bums who would rather stare at dresses all day. Wow, so productive.

  • chefmyk

    Hahaha ang babaw ha… pero ok na rin dagdag kita sa min yan magcocover ng events

  • MaxCentavo

    Pinas already has more holidays than any other country in the world, that is why we are the least productive country in the region. However, more money for the mataba pusa for less work.
    How about something like, getting the country moving, getting the country CREATING EMPLOYMENT, rather than doing nothing as our goals!
    Great example for the youth….

    • John Say

      Finally, someone with sense!

  • Rosette

    Yes to Holiday ! 😀

    • Christian

      yehey! hahaha

  • Ma. Concepcion Garcia

    Yes to Holiday!…once in a blue moon lang mangyari yang ganang event dito sa pilipinas. Dapat talaga i declare na holiday yan…kung mga boss kayo against talaga kayo…palibasa mga mukha kayong pera…hahaha’walang inatupag kundi PERA PERA PERA…hindi niyo yan madadala kapag namatay kayo…hahahahaha

    • John Say

      Sabihin mo lang tamad ka.

      Bullshit reason para gawin holiday to. As if naman mananalo ang Pinas pag madami manood. Sus.

      Kaya di umaasenso pinas eh. Puro mga taong walang work ethic tulad mo

      • innocentsvcker


      • Ma. Concepcion Garcia

        work ethic talaga ha…hahahaha’tang ina moh…fuck you…paano aasenso eh pagiging proud nga na satin gaganapin yung isa sa pinaka malaking event sa mundo eh eepal ka…hahaha’siguro hindi ka pinoy…penoy ka…hahahaha’ulol!…puro PANGUNGURAKOT nasa isip mong hayup ka…tang ina moh…

      • PositiboLangPo

        Sipag mo sir. Pasok ka na din pag rest day mo, para palong palo. 😀

  • Mark

    What for?

  • Joel Nuguid

    seriously? is this how moronic we’ve become? a holiday declaration for a stupid pageant? seriously?

  • Euneth Mahusay

    This proposal may sound silly but I don’t mind it. If ever the Duterte administration would agree to this, then so be it. Hindi naman siguro every Jan. 30 holiday eh..Ngayon lang to since our country is the host for this prestigious event. Eh kung sa tingin mo eh nasasayangan ka sa oras na pwede mo sanang gamitin sa trabaho, eh di magtrabaho ka nalang..wala namang makakapigil sayo jan eh…May ibang tao din kasi na kelangan nila ng break sa lahat ng stress nila sa life…it’s a matter of choice my friends… 😉

    • John Say

      Kung ang trabaho mo involves talking to clients who will also not be going to work if this day becomes declared a holiday, eh di apektado ka din.

      Such a bullshit reason to declare a holiday. As if naman mananalo ang Pinas dyan kung madami ang manood.

    • Benilyn Bataanon

      Tama mga hindi kasi nag iisip ang mga taong yan eh, excuse me napapagod rin naman kami! kung gusto nyo mag trabaho edi gow! walang makaka pigil sayo :) DAH!!!!!

    • BeAbetterYOU

      tama ih.. so annoying to read,, ke aga aga,, mababasa mo puro kanegativan. -_- why don’t we just mind our own self noh, why don’t we focus on things that we can be grateful, we can be progressive, why do people, some people, or most people have always something to say about.. to think about.. sa kahit anung nangyayari sa paligid nila. d naman sila pinapakialaman non. #mindurOwnself #beaBetterYou #tamangkanegativan #purokayuReklamo #whyNotMakeThingsNaMakakadevelopNgGoodPersonalityNyo #whyNotDoThingsNaMakakatulongSaSARILInyo

  • Helen Rosas

    Manood na lang kahit nasa work huwag na lang whole day na walang pasok. Iyong apektado ng traffic siguro may reason na kahit huwag pumasok. Walang bayad.

  • Olan Cayosa Cayosa

    I dont like the idea….mag declare na lang sa iba pang mas mahahalagang event ng bansa, wag naman ito….for God sake..

  • Jayson Macabenta


  • coachSheR

    may replay naman po sir

  • Melinda Cullins

    Ang taray ni bading na congressman pleaase….why are you so stupid??

  • Adipocere

    Oh please, stop it with the unnecessary trivial holidays, we have too many already! Government is too instrumental to making Filipinos lazier, and when they can’t find a decent-paying job, they whine and complain. It also tells a lot of the quality of politicians we vote for nowadays. At least if we’re going to have a holiday, make it about something waayyy important, of national significance. I’m pretty sure working people will find a way to watch the pageant in the workplace. If not, there are always replays and YouTube.

    Why don’t they, including this lazy-ass congressman, focus on solving the country’s problems, especially those that affect productivity, like traffic and quality education? In case they haven’t noticed our economy is not doing any better and slowly spiraling down the septic tank.

  • DFlip2010

    Seriously? He couldn’t unroll his sleeves just for this photo op?

  • AstroMJ

    Sobra naman maka-comment yung iba.. Nag-request lang ng holiday tamad na agad… Di lang marunong mag-ingles tanga na agad…

    Noong panahon ni PGMA it has been proven that declaring long weekend holiday boosted the tourism sector adding to the growth of the economy na ipinagmalaki ng nakaraang admin…

    Chillax lang mga kababayan… Isang araw na holiday… Sobra bang hilingin yun sa kabila ng napakaraming stress ng mga filipino ngayon… May trabaho man o wala.. Marunong man mag-ingles o hindi…

  • simplylang

    No need to declare it a holiday, Period.

  • RagingKamias
  • B3nji3

    Edi pumasok kau. Stupid reason daw. Geh mag sipasok kau.

  • The_SideComment

    I’m a low wage earner. I work Mondays to Saturdays, 12 hours a day. If they declare it a holiday, it would be a welcome respite for the working class. And by the working class, I do not mean the higher ups. The higher ups have so many privileges that the working class do not have. They (the higher ups) can be late to work and not be fired for being late or go and leave work earlier despite pending workloads that should already be done today, have longer vacations and have a vacation whenever, wherever they want. It is inequality at its most basic. You see, they are on paid holiday leave whether the President declare Jan. 30 a holiday or not. And, when come the following morning, the working class gets fired because of the pending workload that the higher ups worked on only after their long vacation. The working class gets the blame for being incompetent, lazy, etc. So, make it a holiday. Holidays is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

    And for those comment “kaya wala pagunlad and Pilipinas kasi marami pa holidays kesa pinapasok ng tao” They should really STFU. They are not here. We are here. To make the Philippines great again. Traitors.

    Iniwan ang Inang Bayan para sa green card.

  • croissis

    what a load of bull…

  • Gen

    Working student ako at malaking bagay ang isang araw na dagdag sa pahinga ko, sa kabila ng stress, sa pag-pasok pa lang traffic na, makikipag-siksikan pa sa bus na nakatayo, pagdating mo sa office durog ka na tapos kinabukasan imbis na uuwi na ako at matutulog eh papasok pa ko sa school, yung iba na gusto mag-work eh di pumasok kayo, choice nyo yan at walang pumipigil sa inyo, wag nyo sasabihin na tamad kami dahil lang pabor kami sa holiday, di lahat ng tao eh naka-kotse pumasok, di lahat ng tao eh sarap buhay lang sa office, marami jan ang kayod kalabaw araw-araw at kailangan din ng pahinga.

  • Nahum Pulmones

    For whole country yan or Metro Manila only?

  • Abet Tanandato

    he PROPOSAL of QC Rep Castelo to declare January 30, 2017 as NON-WORKING HOLIDAY is stupid and unintelligent! It is improper to disrupt the government operations just because the QC representative wants every Filipino to watch the Miss Universe Pageant! The congressman may not aware that disrupting a single working day in the country will be wasting billions of pesos. According to former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan. If time is money, then the Philippines is losing P2.4 billion a day in potential income due to traffic congestion that eats up time that could have been used for productive pursuits. (Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/….

    Other host countries of Ms U in the past were actually scheduling it on a Sunday in order not to disrupt any fundamental operations of their governments. So, how comes Rep Winnie will sacrifice the golden times of students to learn their lessons, the businessmen to earns the billions of pesos and the like just because of his desire to let people watch the pageant. What an unintelligent stupid proposal!

    Think twice Mr. Congressman, your proposal is absolutely not wise, basically stupid!

  • Ricky Corbes

    shit this event and who declared jan 30 is non working.

  • Albert Gonzales Drilon

    ture or nah?

  • Yuki Aki

    Sa mga tao po na nag-sa-sabi na tamad yung iba, di naman po ata sa ganun, baka kailangan nila ng break. Hindi naman kasi natin kayang mag-trabaho araw-araw,diba? Ano kayo, robot? Di na-pa-pagod? Hindi po ako nagta-trabaho dahil isa lamang akong estudyante, kaya di ko po alam yung pagod niyo pero kaming mga estudyante napa-pagod din. I respect your opinion but yung mag-comment na tamad sobra na po yun.