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EU backs war on drugs

Shift of Union’s funding toward rehab of narco dependents in PH under study


by Roy C. Mabasa

The European Union (EU) has now decided to offer its assistance to the Philippine government’s anti-drug campaign, particularly through the rehabilitation of drug addicts, after initially criticizing the Duterte administration’s war on illegal drugs.

EU Ambassador to Manila Franz Jessen said the EU is currently studying the possibility of shifting its funding within the Philippine health sector toward the rehabilitation of drug dependents.

(Photo by Charmaine Tadalan | Manila Bulletin)

(Photo by Charmaine Tadalan | Manila Bulletin)

“We are trying to see if we should change the funding and focus more on the drug issue which is a key project for the government,” Ambassador Jessen revealed during an interview in the sidelines of the launching of the book, “Ties That Bind: Celebrating 25 years of EU in the Philippines,” held recently in Makati City. “It’s a question of a change in funds within the health sector toward the drug issue.”

Jessen said the EU is now working with the Department of Health to see how it can support the best practices currently being implemented by the government to make sure that drug dependents can get the treatment they deserve.

“We have ongoing discussions with the administration with regards to creating a system for half-way houses to make sure that former addicts are integrated into the society without returning to their drug habit,” he said

The EU had earlier condemned the “current wave of extrajudicial executions and killings” following the launch of the government’s campaign against illegal drugs. The criticism drew the ire of President Duterte, who reacted with profanity-filled tirade last year.

In a resolution issued October last year, the EU parliament said it was concerned about the “extraordinarily high numbers killed during police operations … in the context of an intensified anti-crime and anti-drug campaign.”

Duterte must “put an end to the current wave of extrajudicial executions and killings… (and) launch an immediate investigation into (them),” the EU resolution stated.

With a new tack, the EU is also working the best way it can with the Philippine government on the country’s judicial system.

Jessen said he has been traveling to key cities to promote community policing and to share the European experience in this area.

“That is not to fight crime but to make sure that crime does not happen in the first instance,” he explained.

Ambassador Jessen said another key issue is reducing the trial time by having the lower courts decide on the cases.

“We are doing quite some work with the Quezon City courts to see if we can speed up the decision making,” he pointed out.

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  • Jack Doe

    The headline is a blatant lie.

    The EU has neither changed nor withdrawn it’s stance on the EJKs caused by the War on Drugs started by Duterte.

    It is ONLY about allocating more of the Health Care aid given by EU towards drug rehabilitation.

    Putting words in the mouth of a EU Ambassador is certainly NOT going to improve the perception of either the PH or Duterte in the eyes of the EU.

    Mr Roy C Mabasa – either publish the quote and source where any EU official states the War on Drugs is now supported by EU and their previous statement has been withdrawn or revised OR remove the lies from this article.

    • Ebin menes

      The war on drugs are not only the alleged EJK’s

      • Jack Doe

        There is nothing “alleged” about the EJKs. They are documented daily in grotesque pictures and even the authorities keep a tally of them. Currently at over 6300.

        The article clearly implies EU has changed it’s stance on Duterte trampling on Human Rights, due process and his open and very vocal support for EJKs.

        In such it is fundamentally flawed and makes statements not backed by any quote from any EU official.

        Simply because none of them has said anything even remotely like that.

        • And how sure are you that the 6300 are EJK ? What are your sources, media? hahaha.

          Don’t trust them too much. Come here, talk with the people to understand whats happening on the ground.

          • Jack Doe

            What makes you think I am not “There” ?

            My sources ? I have eyes and ears and unlike you, I refuse to close them.

          • what makes you think theyre close?
            EJK is not state sanctioned. Police are put to investigation if they killed somebody.

            You are not even considering scenario of “dirty” police cleaning up their tracks. Are you not aware that the drug menace has infiltrated the police force?

            So for you to say that the 6000+ who died on “alleged” EJK is in fact EJK then what are they waiting for? If you or they believe you have enough evidence to conclude that it is EJK why not file a case?

            All yada yada.

          • Jack Doe

            You clearly don’t even understand what EJK means.

            It’s nothing more complicated than non-legal killing of a person. Since there is no death penalty in PH, it can only be non – EJK if it’s self-defense.

            Well, someone shot in the back of his head with his hands tied behind his back does not exactly sound like he was killed in self defense now does it ?

            Duterte is not interested in facts either as became painfully obvious in the Espinosa case. He said himself he does not care about evidence. He will believe whatever the police says.

            This is the essence of the lawlessness in PH now. Police can kill whoever they want, where-ever they want with absolute impunity guaranteed by the President.

            That makes him culpable and liable. His immunity is not absolute. It can be revoked.

          • I know what technically EJK means. But if you are really here in the country, you should be aware how the media uses the term. Riding in tandem killings made by masked men, document is on the #KillList as EJK. This is where lies the problem.

            About this “Duterte is not interested in facts either as became painfully obvious in the Espinosa case. He said himself he does not care about evidence. He will believe whatever the police says” this is what you know about him. This is what he said when he isfront of the media. You need to know how duterte behaves first for you to be able to understand what he actually meant.

          • Jack Doe

            You clearly do NOT understand what it means because you said if a killing is proven to be EJK, why are they not prosecuting someone.

            I know the PH media inside out. On top of that I actually walk around and talk to people in places you’d never stick your head in like Tondo.

            It is the poor and defenseless that are being killed with impunity.

            Duterte promised to take down the drug lords but how many of those dead were such influentials ?

            Where did Jack Lim disappear ?

            Are you seriously suggesting that instead of 1 person changing his behavior and acting like a responsible leader of a nation should, 103 million people have to adjust to this one person instead ?

            Duterte clearly considers the 103 million Filipinos to be his minions, working for him instead of him being a public servant and acting in the best interest of those 103m Filipinos.

            Duterte is the worst thing to happen to PH since the Japanese occupation. He is destroying the nation and causing untold suffering it’s citizens.

            One has to ask what kind of Filipino is it who is celebrating having his nation destroyed.

          • How sure are you that ive never been to tondo? Dude, if you know the word “tambay” and “inuman” , its one of the places i go to do that. I even sleep there at times. So i get closer to places like that and people who live there than you could probably have in your lifetime.

            Now with the poor and defenseless. Do you think duterte is a god who can watch over each and every alleged drug personalities and police. Im telling you again, if you are not aware that drug has infiltrated the police and theyre in the process of cleaning up the force. So if a dirty police kills a drug personality to save himself from being involved as well, is that still a work of the administration or isnt that a work of a syndicate? Come on.

            Who are you to say with confidence that the people are his minions? That he is the worst thing that happen in the philippines? As far as 80%+ of filipinos are concerned , you have your own reality. And im telling that as someone who lives on a dangerous neighborhood which has never been this peaceful and safe for the longest time.

            And yet you, (are you even a filipino?) who thinks our country is being destroyed because out of the estimated 4 million addicts, in which more than 1 million drug personalities has already surrendered . 6000+ of which are “alleged ejk” (when in fact even riding in tandems and others are put on that category just to swell the number). Thats not even 1% man. 99% are alive and have a chance on getting back their lives with the help of the mega rehab by duterte.

            Want me to give you a good example of a nation destroyed? Those from the middle east that “the best country ever” has been bombing for decades.

        • Ebin menes

          I have no reason to take you serious when you list the then 6300 body count as all EJK

          I know the media loves to report it as vigilante killings, but do you know that number is infact including all murders so far happening in the Philippines, including victims of rapist drug addicts?

          Silly silly dumb peenoy

    • ursa

      sorry naman po, spokesperson ka pala ng EU.

      • Jack Doe

        Just exactly where does Ambassador Jessen say EU has now changed it’s stance and as of now supports ignoring human rights and EJKs encouraged by Duterte ?

        Since you responded in Tagalog I can only conclude you simply don’t understand enough English to understand the article either.

        • maverich

          so you agree that Duterte ignores human rights.

          anyway, since you respond in english I can only conclude you simply don’t understand anything about tagalog (a foreigner), hence you have no right to meddle in Philippine’s domestic affairs.

          Pres Duterte will kill you, if you insist.

          • Jack Doe

            Yes, I definitely agree Duterte ignores human rights. That is the main reason why just about every developed nation is criticizing Duterte.

            The article is written in English on an English language website.
            Logical response is to discuss it in the original language.

            You’d be surprised by in how many languages I could respond.

            In your mind a non-Filipino has no right to “meddle in PH domestic affairs ”

            Talaga ?

            What nationality do you think Ambassador Jessen is ? Pilipino ?

            Obviously “meddling” is welcome when there’s money to be had but to be condemned if it is in any way critical.

            See, the thing is PH is part of the international community, incl the UN. As such the PH has signed binding contracts that set clear rules and regulations on what it can or cannot do.

            If you and the PH by and large no longer want to abide by those rules, you need to revoke all those contracts and resign from the UN.

            Until that happens, you need to just shut up and play by the rules just like everyone else or take the flak that comes with breaking them.

          • ursa

            Jessen to Jack Doe: “Jack, I am your father.”

            i’m so sorry! no jokes allowed in the comments section.

          • D P

            Oh, so you’re a foreigner. One of Obama’s finest spreading the gospel of drugs to the world. Why don’t you go to your Pimp Daddy Obama and get yourself a hotshot and add to the 50,000 people that will DIE this year in the United States of Addikts! You’ll look good BLUE!.

            Are you one of the CIA bunch we’ve seen around here all month? You’re going to LOVE your new boss. I don’t think he’ll allow you to sit around your office shooting heroin anymore. I’m pretty certain he’s going to expect you to WORK!

          • Jack Doe

            Wala kang alam tungkol sa akin, kung ano ako at kung saan ako nanggaling.

            Pinakita mo lang na isa ka ring racist.

            Isa pa, pinakita mo lang ang pag iisip sa karamihang Pilipino na lahat ng hindi Pinoy ay Amerikano.

            Ang taong katulad mo ay kahihiyan sa iyong lahi.

            This is an English language website. If you want to converse in Tagalog, go somewhere else.

          • maverich

            now you really show arrogance in you, thinking superior than others. Duterte despise that. perhaps the main reason he curses UN, and the US. in other words…. BACK OFF!

          • Jack Doe

            The most arrogant, disrespectful and downright rude leader of any nation in modern history is Duterte.

            The whole world is disgusted at his total lack of manners yet you think he is the best thing to ever happen to PH.

            Yeah, of course the whole world is wrong and you are right. Good luck with that attitude.

          • dennis jade

            Most pinoys doesnt think that and doesnt care. We the poorest started to benefit the fruits already so why should we care abt ur opinion?

          • dennis jade

            Play the rules that doesnt apply to the community itself? Follow what is being dictated politically and economically for yrs and still end up 3rd world. Pinoys are sick of it already

          • dennis jade

            Judging to early bro…

        • Varbs Malliance

          THIS IS SIMPLE ENGLISH— withright CLARITY—- DO NOT TWIST the meaning. Your expertise is now ineffective.

          “We are trying to see if we should change the funding and focus more on the drug issue which is a key project for the government,” Ambassador Jessen

          • Jack Doe

            Thank you for proving my point.

            You clearly do not understand English.

            Exactly where did Ambassador Jessen or any other EU official say they have changed their previous, highly critical policy on the EJKs caused by Duterte’s War on Drugs ?

            All it says is that they will reallocate already committed aid from other health care targets to drug rehabilitation and wish to work together with the PH government in THIS AREA. Mr Jessen is not even pledging more aid.

          • D P

            Moron, every time someone destroys your nonsense and shows you to be the demented imbecile you are, you thank them for proving your point. They are NOT proving YOUR point. They are proving you are a lying, conniving druggie criminal that should get their cardboard soonest! Go hang yourself first!

        • Ros Feliciano

          Then we request the speech of the EU Ambassador to kindly please publish his speech for objective evidence just to please the can-noise- makers.

        • ursa

          i’m sorry, you don’t understand Tagalog. if you do, you really belittle the language. so i should go down to your level, speak your language and drive home the point that you are in no way entitled to speak in behalf of Mr. Jessen or EU. speaking of which, the title says it all: EU backs war on drugs. and you are saying that’s BS? again, sorry, i don’t recognize you as a spokesperson of EU.

          • Jack Doe

            What language is this article written in ?

            Indeed the title says EU backs war on drugs and further down the line suggests the EU has made a 180 degree turn on it’s previous criticism.
            All true, that’s what the article says.

            However that’s NOT what either Mr Jessen or any other EU official has said. On the contrary EU is considering cancelling the GSP privileges because PH is considering to reintroduce the death penalty.

            Now when their official stance even to legalized killing is so harsh, what on earth makes the author or anyone of you think they would be more tolerant on Extra-Judicial killings ?

            The author has not produced any quote or source where, as he strongly implies, EU has declared it has changed it’s policy and now fully supports the brutal war on drugs Duterte is conducting.

            Be my guest and post such a quote or source here.

          • ursa

            and what language was my comment written in?
            what rule says you have to reply in english?
            are you really a spokesperson of EU or not?

            you really are a genius! the author has not produced any quote or source where EU has declared it has changed it’s policy and now fully supports the brutal war on drugs. BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHAT THE ARTICLE IS SAYING. honestly, it wasn’t even implied, much less strongly. you are just too suspicious and paranoid.

          • D P

            He’s just a demented criminal drug addikt. He says anyone that takes prescription medicine is evil and corrupt and that the only pure ones are those that buy his shabu! He’s a dimwit, mentally disturded, buang!

          • Jack Doe

            What language is this article written in ?

            Indeed the title says EU backs war on drugs AND further down the line suggests the EU has made a 180 degree turn on it’s previous criticism.

            All true, that’s what the article says. Clearly implying support for war on drugs means the EU criticism of HOW that war is conducted, i.e. EJKs has been reversed and withdrawn.

            However that’s NOT what either Mr Jessen or any other EU official has said. On the contrary EU is considering cancelling the GSP privileges because PH is about to reintroduce the death penalty.

            Interestingly enough it was Ambassador Jessen who made these comments about the possible cancellation of GSP privileges in the very same interview this article is based on, yet the author chose to completely ignore the highly relevant issue.

            I wonder why ? Could it be the author had an agenda he wanted to convey rather than just stick to objective reporting.

            Now when their official stance even to legalized killing is so harsh, what on earth makes the author or anyone of you think they would be more tolerant on Extra-Judicial killings ?

            The author has not produced any quote or source where, as he strongly implies, EU has declared it has changed it’s policy and now fully supports the brutal war on drugs Duterte is conducting.

            Go ahead and post such a quote or source here.

        • dennis jade

          Just becoz they response u in tagalog doesnt mean so he cant understand…just saying and correcting ur assumption

    • Harper

      money talks

      • isang lahi

        That must be the reason for this slanted article. Jack Doe’s dare to the author is fair and square.

        • Ros Feliciano

          I don’t think they are as corrupt as SOME of our culturally corrupt people who amassed questionable wealth while in office and then leave the country to settle in other countries permanently by changing their citizenship. What a shame, isn’t it?

    • D P

      When the REAL numbers finally sink into their heads instead of the fairy tales Dilemma and you yellowturds like to tell, the EU will hail Duterte as a HERO! The TRUTH will prevail over all your demented lies!

      • n0tDilaw

        This is not newsworthy to those who hates President Duterte. War on drugs can be done on many, many ways BUT anti-President Duterte people just concentrates on EJKs (the way they exclusively define it). Re-allocating funds to drug rehab, sharing EU best practices with focus in prevention are ways in supporting drug war of the administration.

        Gustuhin man ng Pangulo o ng mga malilinis at matitinong kapulisan/sundalo na gawin ang tama, HINDI ganoon kadali pigilian ang pagpatay na INIUUTOS ng mga drug cartels at ng mga narco-politicians (karamihan sa kanila ay mga Liberal party). Si JB nga nagawa pa ring ipa-tira ni Leila sa loob ng kulungan.

        This is why Leni, Leila, and LIBERAL PARY is so hated in the Philippines – they propagated the lies about President Duterte, about alleged EJKs, AND paid or fake or mediocre international MSM bought into it.

        • D P

          The damage they have done to our nation by spreading these lies to the world is tremendous. They should be tried for TREASON!

          • general problem

            I agree..dapat itong mga yellowish nato at sina leni, leila trillones ang ma EJK…

          • Jack Doe

            So what you are saying is that publishing direct quotes of what Duterte has said, verbatim, is spreading lies and the cause for tremendous damage to the nation ?

            Every time you open your mouth you just make a bigger fool of yourself. It’s very entertaining though so by all means, don’t stop.

          • D P

            I told you before Dimwit to hang yourself. YOU are far too Stupid to even bother talking with. You sit hear praising the virtues of putting toxic chemicals into one’s body and then have the gall to criticize people that take DOCTOR PRESCRIBED MEDICINE for legitimate medical conditions! YOU are obviously one of the WORST of the CRIMINAL drug addikts we see in here. Post all the LIES you wish. Everyone can CLEARLY SEE that they are just LIES from a deranged criminal! Go and hang yourself garbage!

        • Ros Feliciano

          Yeah that’s the battle cry of these yellow submariners, “EJK”, when even the SC cannot tell us that there is indeed EJK because nothing can be proven. For shame.

      • Ros Feliciano

        Man, there are millions of us are in the same ship that is sea worthy ship in contrast to what someone say a sinking ship.

        • D P

          Are you referring to the leaky scow of drug addiktion? The rescue boats are along side now. I’d suggest you get in one before you drown in that delusion.

    • Пламень За Свободу

      Two things happened.
      1.) USA now claims it was unable to determine if the war on drugs was really bad and refuses to believe until an investigation was made.
      2.) European Union (EU) decided to assist the government in its war on drugs by coordinating with Department of Health to rehabilitate the drug addicts.
      It looks like the yellow magic is fast fading. They cannot convince the international community to back them up and topple President Rody Duterte from power for their own vested interests.
      Who is the troll now, Leni Robredo? Your camp clearly cannot present solutions to the problems and choose to take every opportunity to destabilize the government.

      • general problem

        indeed the yellowish propaganda and lies campaign is now on the verge of collapse hehehe…they are now becoming irrelevant…

        • Ros Feliciano

          From the start they are irrelevant. These are the kind of people when elected to fill up vacant positions in the government, we observed nothing good from them because PLENTY IF NOT SOME of them are the kind of “look-busy-do-nothing” as proven during natural calamities that strike the Central Philippines.

      • Jack Doe

        Yellow magic ? My camp ?

        This is about EU supporting, or rather NOT supporting the way Duterte conducts his war on drugs.

        How do you jump to toppling Duterte from that or conclude that everyone opposed to killing alleged suspects with impunity is “yellow”

        Do you perhaps think the LP party has global reach and influence ?

        Any decent human being, regardless of their political views will stand against murder. In PH the President himself has strongly encouraged people to take matters in their own hands and kill anyone they suspect of being involved in drugs.

        The people have heeded his call and every morning we can read about 30 or so victims from last nights killing squads. 6300 and counting so far.

        You have now created a society where I can just shoot you if I don’t like you and plant a bag of shabu in your pocket. Not only would I not be charged, Duterte even promised a medal to such citizens.

        See, most people stand up against gross injustice and murder. For you to think it’s just because they are political opponents of Duterte only proves the limitations of your intellectual capabilities.

        • Varbs Malliance

          REHABILITATION is part of the WAR ON DRUGS—- It is only the YELLOWTARDS who TRIES TO FOOL THE WORLD that the War on drugs is nothing but EJK!…i HOPE YOU WILL STAND CORRECTED.

          • Jack Doe

            I would not sit by the door hoping if I was you.

            Your Dear Leader himself has used the number of people killed, arrested and surrendered as a measure of success.

            He said he wants to SLAUGHTER 3 million Filipinos. Just about every comment he makes is about killing whoever for whatever reason.

            Furthermore he claims they are winning the war on drugs but in just 1 month, again according to Duterte, the number of drug addicts has increased from 3 to 4 million, or 33%.

            Now maybe it’s just me but that does not sound like winning to me.

            War on Drugs should not include any EJKs at all, absolutely true. However for Duterte that’s his main focus.

            See, normal decent people don’t accept injustice and murder, even if you do. The last entity to do so will be the EU. Regardless of what the author desperately tries to imply in this highly biased article.

          • dennis jade

            Its winning. We the masses started to feel safe and know where to go to. I just hope u got to experienced being asked to knell down by a drug addict and u will feel us …victims

          • Jack Doe

            Yeah, kidnapping people and killing them right inside the PNP HQ will without a doubt make people feel SO much safer. Being protected by the honorable PNP officers supported by Duterte and Bato.

            I hope you get to experience how it feels to be asked to kneel down by a PNP officer.

          • D P

            The CIA never stands down from their propaganda. He’ll be gone as soon as Trump cleans house.

        • Grem Scarf

          and where did you get your figure of 6300? from your CNN’s fake news?

          • Jack Doe

            PNP and Duterte

            I admit it’s probably one of the most corrupt sources of information

          • D P

            No one is more corrupt than YOU guys. YOU INVENTED corruption! I can’t wait until Trump cleans house in your agency and the incompetent druggies like YOU get sent to Langley to empty wastebaskets and clean toilets.

          • Grem Scarf

            wow! where are you from man? they do not have that figure. only the bias medias disseminate that info in exchange of huge cheque from yellow supporters.

          • D P

            He works for the agency that WRITES the CNN fake news. Think 3 letters…starts with C… ends with A and does NOT mean the Culinary Institute of America, which is a fine school that prepares world class chefs by the way.

            Yankee pumunta sa bahay ngayon!

        • D P

          Yankee pumunta sa bahay ngayon!

          • Jack Doe

            Have you ever considered a career in the Circus ?

        • dennis jade

          U sound like good enough commenting the war on drugs? Do u know how bad it is right now? Ask a taxi driver who always get rob by drug addicts

      • Varbs Malliance

        TRUE!…. The TRUTH WILL PREVAIL! Time for the Yellowtards to pack up and begone!

      • Ros Feliciano

        This is the effect of yellow syndrome, isn’t it?

    • ursa

      headline is a lie? so EU does not back war on drugs?

      you are equating stance against EJK to the stance against drugs. a false equation.
      review the article again, no words were put in the mouth of the EU ambassador other that what he really said.

      search google. EU backing up the war on drugs is as old as last year. yup. no change of stance there. no withdrawn statements. no revisions.

      the only lie here is the your lie, putting “implied words” in the mouth of the author. show me a quote in the article where the author is lying. nada.

      • Jack Doe

        The headline has been changed from ” EU now backs war on drugs ”

        That together with

        ” The EU had earlier condemned..”


        ” With a new tack.. ”

        clearly implied and still does that EU has changed it’s stance on how the war on drugs is conducted by Duterte.

        This has not and will not happen, ever. EU will never accept or even tolerate such unjust and murderous action, especially when strongly encouraged by the President himself.

        A self-confessed killer and drug abuser who told the EU to Go to H*ll, together with just about every foreign dignitary, leader or international organization.

        If you believe EU will chance this position you must be living in Disneyland.

        The article was deliberately misleading to make people think EU now supports the WAY Duterte behaves and has indeed made a 180 degree turn on it’s previous criticism.

        This is not and never will be the case.

        • D P

          They are lending financial support to the President’s greatest effort. Go tell your Pimp Daddy Obama that we said YOU are not welcome here kano CIA stooge. Yankee pumunta sa bahay ngayon!

          • Jack Doe


            They are reallocating already pledged health care aid funds to drug rehabilitation. They are NOT funding, endorsing and certainly not accepting killing people just because someone thinks they are involved in drugs.

            Your racist, ridiculous and simply plain dead wrong rants deserve no response anymore. If you insist making a fool of yourself every time you open your mouth, be my guest and keep entertaining us.

        • ursa

          sadly, you are the one misleading your delusional self. delusions: thinking of things that aren’t there. too suspicious of what, a simple article? here’s a quote from your delusion:

          “if you believe EU will chance this position you must be living in Disneyland.”

          nobody is saying EU changed their position! and second, i’m not believing or ever hoping EU will change their position. you’re simply way too delusional.

    • Enkidudu

      it’s kinda ignorant to say “Duterte’s War on Drugs = EJK”, when projects like Mega Rehab opened.

    • JovicEspanol

      Were the EJKs proven to be perpetrated by Duterte Government? If not then it’s not a blatant lie. Prove it, or you’re the one lying.

      • Jack Doe

        I said ENCOURAGED by Duterte. You don’t read English all that well either, do you ?

        Duterte has told people again and again to shoot drug addicts if they resist arrest. Even told laymen to do so.

        Oh boy have the people responded. Over 6300 dead since Duterte made his declaration.

        You would have to be blind, deaf, mute and brain dead not to see a connection there.

        Then again one sign of fanaticism is that people only see and hear what they WANT to.

        • JovicEspanol

          So what do you do to those who resist arrest? Do you leave them alone? Rules of engagement says, if they resist arrest, you shoot. You read english very well but not reading the right materials. Read more kid.

    • †he Coun†

      who cares? CNN spread fake news as well. suck it.

  • Erwin RC

    These drug dependents have no more chance of rehabilitation. I know a lot of them who underwent rehab but after a few months they’re back to using illegal drugs again. They need to be obliterated from the face of earth. I know it’s inhuman but it’s the only thing that would completely put a stop to it.

    • general problem

      your right…that was also my observation..du30 is rights when he describes these addicts as walking dead…

    • Gorjuz gorjuz

      I’ve known a lot. And I agree.

      • RDJ

        Let’s put it this way, would you feel the same way if your brother or sister or friend, relative was under the influence? Would you immediately condemn the person and say “you will never get better and it’s better for you to die.”???

  • Guardian

    For sure and no doubt EU backs war on drugs but will not tolerate extra-judicial killing without due process of law. There is a big difference between summary killing for personal agenda and enforcing the rule of law against illegal drugs perpetrators.

    • n0tDilaw

      I just don’t understand why now that President Duterte is sincere in the fight against drug, against poverty every death is EJK (except of course the recent “barilan” in Hacienda Luisita. Liberal party and everyone and everything related to it had become rich so i just hope they will give the 90% of the 105 Million a chance to a better life. Bitter yellows complain of PRRD’s budget and decrease in other sectors. I DON’T WORRY BECAUSE NOW I KNOW, WE KNOW, THAT THOSE MONEY WILL BE SPENT FOR THE PEOPLE AND FOR SERVICES THAT WILL BENEFIT THE PEOLE be they yellows or not. Unlike the last year that Janet Napoles’ daughters’ car can buy several hospital equipment in an impoverished devolved government hospital.

      • Guardian

        You are too partisan blinded with your personal belief as part of the bobotantes. Did you say DuDirty is sincere and poverty who can sell the moon and stars? Don’t live in fantasy.

        • drin

          who are you to judge his sincerity? Personal agenda you say? Like what the heck? I bet you can’t even substantiate and corroborate that statement. You are nothing but one of the “silent majority” who is tactlessly crying LOUDER than the crowd. If you don’t have basis, HUSH.. please just hush.

          • Guardian

            The same way you ask, you are you to decide his sincerity? You have your opinion and I have mine and facts and reality is what you see and what you get. Branding as one silent majority is just within the extension of your mind and if you can get nationwide sentiment and concern you should reconsider your blantant position.

          • drin

            You just evaded a question you cannot answer my friend. Im afraid REALITY is more than your “what you see is what you get” cliche. If you want to prove your point in this so-called reality, you must back it up with evidence. And so i ask, what is your proof that the extra judicial killings happening i this country is being manipulated by the president (by which you are trying to insinuate in your statement)? How come a mere internet warrior like you can guarantee something that even senators cannot prove? That’s funny. Please do not play the good guy here. You just labeled the president as dudirty and the people who support him bobotantes which by the way are people you know nothing about.

          • dennis jade

            Bro can I say burn to this Guardian now! Looks like it.

          • Guardian

            Should you are acting as DuDirty’s attorney asking for evidences you are barking on the wrong tree as we are not in court of law but rather in public forum and if you can’t take what the reality is or they way I am manifesting my personal concern please stay in your lawyer’s chair. My posting in this forum is based on my on sentiment and concern where I have the constitution rights under freedom of expression. You are professing of intimidating or threatening me I will take your privacy issue with Disqus management so you can’t threaten any participants any longer.

          • drin

            Then you just admitted that your claim has no basis after all. That the entirety of it is pure hearsay. My friend i am not repressing your right for the freedom of expression because even if i want to, i’m afraid i dont have the capability. What i am trying to point out is that you are believing in something that has no substance; something that is only based on what you hear and read. And here you are trying to influence others even when the information you have are purely hypothetical. Pleae note that the freedom of expression you have does not entitle you to disparage other people. You are fighting for justice yet you are here tainting the image of a person whose heart is something you totally have no idea about.

          • Guardian

            Hypothetical when ‘suspected’ drug offenders including those drug users being killed without asking question, a pure summary killing undermining the rule of law. Why don’t you take your opinion somewhere else or perhaps talk to marines as they may listen to your pathetic one sided opinion in the world of darkness.

          • drin

            And you blame that to the president? The question remains. “Why?” A question you cannot answer. All your statements are pure assumptions and only based on what you see on the news. What you are saying has no substance, pure lies. In short, trash. If you can prove your allegations then i will believe you. That’s easy, im open minded. But as long as nothing is proven against the president i’ll continue to support him. If there is a lopsided opinion here, i think it’s yours my friend. Coz no matter how you look at it, you are blaming a person who you cannot prove wrong. You are pure talk with nothing to show.

          • Guardian

            Who do you think to blame? Are real lawyer or liar and I have given you the facts and I am not the accuse, goodbye damage control.

          • drin

            What facts? The “hearsays” you stated? That’s ridiculous. What kind of fantasy are you living in? You consider those things as FACTS but when people ask you what your proof or basis is, you can’t even site any hahaha! And don’t get me wrong. That’s okay coz i understand. When fools dont know what’s happening, they can easily point their finger to someone just so they will have somebody to blame (in this case, the president) ????

          • Guardian

            You made your point and I made mine we both respect each opinion, unless you want to prove you have a bigger brain.

          • Alvin D. Alonzo

            Kaya nga nagtatago sa pangalang Guardian kasi takot! Kasi sinungaling! Kasi isang troll!

          • Guardian

            You are living in your bobotantes world where you allowed a psychopath with narcissism ruling out this country in own personal agenda and ideology Filipinos never expected to have as part of so called changes. You must be one of bobotantes and limited in this forum.

          • Guardian

            Ang guardian at ang AFP na nagpopotrekta sa Filipinos at constitution ay iisa. Ikaw as bobotante guardian ni DuDirty.

        • Alvin D. Alonzo

          You are entitled to your own opinion! And you are living in a fantasy world of yours where hypocrites rules!

          • Guardian

            Same thing with you entitled to your own twisted opinion in lieu of being ignoramus.

      • MatangLawin69

        What? There was not even a white paper on Duterte’s social & economic policies. The current budget accommodates the pork to bribe politicians for continued Duterte support because what Duterte’s doing is just violating the Constitution with his extrajudicial killings. Duterte after more than 100 days in office has no clear social & economic policies. So where will the money go? Economic growth are gains from previous presidency and a global shift in wealth.

  • Eugene

    AMERICA, via the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, gave approval, back in the latter part of 2014, to the PHILIPPINE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, TREASURY DEPARTMENT (ROXAS BOULEVARD, CORNER OF PABLO OCAMPO ST., MANILA, PHLIPPINES), to print THREE TRILLION US DOLLARS ($3,000,000,000,000.00 USD) in $100 USD denominations. The serial numbers of these notes are shown on page 1 of the below documents.

    The Department of Finance of the Philippines sub-contracted the printing of the aforesaid USD notes to a company in Thailand called CENTENNIAL ENERGY (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED. NOTE: This is a Thai company that focuses on Energy production NOT a company that specializes in the printing of Bank Notes.

    • joseph rey

      pinas nga d nakapagprint ng ating pera eh sa US pa??
      tapos ipapa subcontract pa sa iba? at sino nmn magbabasa pa ng serial numbers up to 3 trillion hinahanap ko nga article na yan sa sinasabi mo

      • angpilipinongayon

        Sino nag print ng pera natin?

    • Man_e

      It came from FAKE NEWS!

  • Josemakabayan

    We as citizens of the Phl. Also support the war on drugs, but it should b

    • Varbs Malliance

      When the cory and panot were in the presidents…. WHERE WAS THE RULE OF LAW? What was the result of their rule of law? CHAOS! What are you fighting for? Is it DRUG ADDICTION and PUSHING ADVOCACY?—- Go and join them.

  • Josemakabayan

    We as citizens of the PH l l support the government

  • James O Sullivan

    Does Roy C. Mabasa also work for the Duterte Public relations department? The heading here is a blatant lie and the author is responsible.

    • general problem

      bitter yellowish…your lies campaign never paid off so far…your tribe is now becoming irrelevant…LOL,,,,

      • James O Sullivan

        I am European you moron. If you were educated a bit you might realise that.

        • JovicEspanol

          Then shutup. If you were educated enough then you would’ve realise that you should not meddle with our internal affairs

        • john

          European mo mukha mo, grammar mo plang halatang work at home ka lang at hindi European. Kung nasaan ka man dyan ka na lang. You made 3000 comments in 3 years. Ano quota mo 10 comment kada araw?

    • ursa

      so, if the headline is a lie, are you saying EU does not support the war on drugs?

  • Ros Feliciano

    While the best minded people on earth recognize our war on drug, our own people’s mind reasons out the opposite. Strange, isn’t it? This clearly shows that there are those who want to overthrow this incumbent government. They don’t recognize the power of the election results.

    • Ros Feliciano


  • D P

    We can expect to see more of Pimp Daddy Obama’s “raiders” from the CIA in our media for the next few weeks spreading their gospel of the wonders of drugs. Let’s be intelligent enough to CLEARLY identify anyone like Jack Doe so the others know that they are only Pimp Daddy Obama’s druggie thugs and then IGNORE THEM. These kano intruders are NOT here to do our nation good, as is usual with that bunch!

  • wally

    The dilawan’s effort to exploit EJK against Duterte is fast becoming irrelevant. Many international leaders now realize and understand Duterte’s war on drugs.

    The burial of Marcos is now insignificant and a lost opportunity for these dilawans to exploit and use it against Duterte for their selfish motives..

    That is how karma works naturally.

    You can never go wrong if your intentions are for the good of your countrymen.

  • Severo L. Brillantes

    With the offer of assistance by the European Union, particularly for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, it is hoped that a consensus will be arrived at acknowledging drug addiction as a medical problem and thus that the drug addict needs to be healed and not killed; rehabilitated and not exterminated; that they too need protection of the State from the unknown assailants who have been killing them with impunity and without let up every day that passes.

  • Dominic Trillanes

    Atlast EU already woke up from a deep sleep. Thank MB. Nice article.

    • Jack Doe

      Yes, they did.

      They are considering cancellation of GSP privileges to the PH due to reintroduction of death penalty. You can be dead sure they will be far less tolerant on murder endorsed by the president.

      These comments were made by ambassador Jessen in the very same interview this article is based on, however the author for some reason chose not to include any of it in his article.

      Most likely because it would not fit well at all with the impression he wanted to create, that being EU now suddenly having changed it’s stance on how Duterte conducts his war on drugs.

      • Dominic Trillanes

        What is important there is now they believe on Government War On Drugs. And its a big achievement for Dutertes camp. Death Penalty is another issue to resolve. In a better side this death penalty will be a better stance to inject fear on criminals.

        • Jack Doe


          That is precisely what the author is trying to make people believe.

          The EU stance has never been against the war on drugs. It is and always has been about he WAY Duterte conducts his campaign.

          Encouraging PNP to shoot to kill with impunity.

          The results are for everyone to see now. Korean killed INSIDE the PNP HQ.

          THINK ABOUT IT – killing such a high profile person right inside the PNP HQ.

          THE place where you are most likely to run into the highest ranking PNP officers.

          How corrupt must the whole PNP top brass be for these cops to consider the HQ a safe place to commit murder ?

          The typical excuse of a “few rogue cops” will NOT fly this time. Heads need to roll at top PNP levels.

          Imagine what they can, will and have done to God knows how many insignificants like you and me that we never get to hear anything about.

          How did they get the body out of the HQ without anybody noticing ?

          There must be a LOT more officers involved than just those mentioned. Does Camp Crame not have CCTV, security guards, check points ?

          Is carrying dead bodies out of Camp Crame so commonplace that nobody there even bats an eyelid ?

          This story stinks to high heaven and the silence from both Duterte and Bato is deafening. I guess it’s REALLY difficult to come up with a plausible excuse this time. They are not saying anything because they simply don’t know what to say.

          This is a direct result of Duterte giving PNP free reign to kill with impunity. Promising no police will go to jail and even blatantly ignoring evidence as we saw in the Espinosa case.

  • aer

    whoever said the title is misleading is complete idiot. it does not say it is backing up EJK, it simply says backing up war on drugs, and is not literal war.. use your head sometimes please.

    • Jack Doe

      I said that and the headline has since been changed by the author. The article further down still implies what the headline originally claimed.

  • Victorino Villaflor

    The knowledge, information and eyes of the EU Ambassador Franz Jessen is far more accurate than those far away EU countries. The yellows are quick to discount and give credibility to the Ambassador and prefers to give importance to the unofficial tsismiss and gossip from European countries which are surely coming from their sources here in the Philippines. Of course the sources are coming from the Yellow paid media and propagandist PLUS the fools around us who keeps on dreaming the yellow regime will be back. Sorry folks, the Filipinos are much more attentive now that 6 years ago.

  • Richard Ochotorena

    Thank you EU for understanding, the Philippines and most of the Filipinos does not like killing without any reason at all. But we do believe on handing harsh punishment to those who made grave mistakes in harming or destroying the Filipino society/community as a whole. Like all other countries, we thrive to achieve ideals that are common to the global community provided that the ideals are applicable to PH conditions and situations. The global community (especially EU) should understand, the Philippines has been around for many years and had been colonized (and ravaged) by several super powers yet we did not pursue on any of those powers unless they still continue on their attitude toward us. Our ideals from then still stood the test of time and so it will be, for the next many more years to come.