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What Manila Bulletin followers think about #LeniLeaks


By MB Online

Allegations of a plot to denigrate and eventually unseat the president surfaced anew on social media with the trending hashtag “#LeniLeaks.”

This refers to the discovery of supposed correspondence in a “restricted” Yahoo group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) that seemed to show that the Office of the Vice President is part of the group’s well-orchestrated strategy to discredit President Rodrigo Duterte and former senator Bongbong Marcos in the international scene. Marcos is challenging the electoral victory of incumbent vice president Leni Robredo.

Read more: OVP caught at the center of an int’l propaganda machine

The vice president has already dismissed the controversy as “purely ridiculous.”

Read more: Robredo: No need for me to explain #LeniLeaks

Prior to the #LeniLeaks controversy, Robredo has been accused of supporting efforts to oust Duterte, which the vice president had repeatedly denied.

The Manila Bulletin, on its Facebook page, asked its followers’ opinion about #LeniLeaks. It has garnered more than 2,600 comments as of this posting. We selected the most sensible comments.

An overwhelming majority of the respondents opined that the government should look into the #LeniLeaks controversy, seeing that the allegations merit an act of treason.








Some, on the other hand, do not believe the statements are seditious or that Robredo could do this. One even believe it’s a plot of Marcos to discredit the vice president.





Others, though, are ambivalent. One commenter gives both camps the benefit of the doubt.


The post continues to elicit comments from MB followers. To post a reaction, click here.

A word of caution: Keep language clean and no spamming or posts will be moderated accordingly. (Comments collated by Ronnie Punzalan and Pam Rances, MB Social Media)

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  • milky_whitie

    MB is the first mainstream newspaper or media wrote about #LeniLeaks

    • John_Stalker

      Manila Times and The Daily Tribune were the first.

      • Ling li

        Akala ko ay ABS o GMA7..di ba sila ang defender ng kultong dilaw

        • TickVoie

          pag kaiba po ba sa inyo ang opinyon kultong dilaw po kaagad? wala na po bang kalayaang pumili at maglahad ng sariling opinyon ngayon? kayo naman po ano naman po ang tawag sa inyo? kultong fentanyl?, kultong fentanyl?, kultong fentanyl?, kultong fentanyl?, kultong fentanyl?, kultong fentanyl?, kultong fentanyl?…………….

  • totnuckers

    MB got the balls to cover this. well done.

    • Wolf

      Manila times did it first though.

    • John_Stalker

      The Daily Tribune was also among the first.

  • Em Ail

    The group started years ago. I wonder what they’d been doing the past few years, lol

  • Rain X

    As President said: Oust Duterte? I will give you a good fight. A bloody nose. hahah

  • Rey Smith

    Good job for MB, at least there is an opportunity to verify the documents presented.

    It has been known in the social media and people are reacting so wild. What I am concerned is that the parties should explained or their side be heard also. Otherwise it will be unfair with the other party.

    Fair and honest journalism should be presented by our mainstream medias.

    Kudos MB.

    • John_Stalker

      Several IT experts already posted in the FB the evidence showing the authenticity of the e-mail exchanges in the said Yahoo Group. One of them even offered a challenge to those who would doubt the authenticity, to freely engage him or her in an intelligent discussion.

      • concepab

        The email is authentic and the conversation really happened, no one is questioning that. BUT WHO IS THE REAL SOURCE? nai-connect ba nila kung sino or saan ang original source? gaya ng sinabi ko sa mga naniniwala agad, the controversial Yahoo! Group is real and the conversation is real, but my question is “sino ang totoong nagpapadala ng mga messages?” Yun ang dapat nating malaman.

        Even my 10 y/o son can create a group in Yahoo! and multiple email accounts.

        The “whistle-blower” wants the people to focus on the message and the existence of the group. They don’t want someone asking them WHO IS THE SOURCE OF THE MESSAGE.

        We should view this matter seriously and carefully, we cannot immediately jump into conclusion simply because we are pro or against Duterte. The stability of our country is at stake.

        Can you please share their findings just in case I missed their reply to my question.

        And Google cache can the existence of the page, nothing more.

      • Ling li

        Parang related yata ang lenileak email na ito sa kaso ni Hillary sa private server niya para gamiting issue as propaganda..Gayahan blues lang talaga at dito magaling ang mga pinoy

  • couchkamatis

    this is true, i took a screncapture of the page before it was set to private


    • John Puruntong

      What was that video about?

  • MB featuring this social media hot topic is very much like-able. I personally commend this publication. I think this is the first mainstream feature of the issue.

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    those of the people here commenting what sass and tp exposed is just fake dw…well if we would look naman sa profiles ng mga defenders na to e obvious na kagagawa lng ng mga account nila.. the group also changed their status to private,so anu ibig sabihin nun kung gawa-gawa nga lang nila tp at sass yon? eexposed mo ang pinaghirapan mong gawing emails niyo tas ipaprivate mo rin pala para di makita ng mga viewers? besides pinagaralan din ni tp ang mga detalye at information at email ad ng mga taong involve din don,, #howtobeyellowtrolls? #lenileaks #leniresign

  • JLB

    The very important thing that should be done here by the government is to INVESTIGATE and check ASAP whether the so-called leaked information are true. Regardless if it will be found as a hoax, this clearly poses a threat to our Constitution, to the duly-elected President of the Republic of the Philippines, and to the Filipino people. If this will be set aside or ignored by the so called pro-Philippines, neutral, ordinary citizens, then it only means you support the possibility of plot to ouster him.

  • Bogs

    It would be interesting to see/know what other plots/agendas these group (GFDC) were involved in the past few years.

  • angelhero

    Thanks #ManilaBulletin for posting this important issue on #LeniLeaks

  • Sentinel

    These accusers of plotting DuDirty ouster are nothing but members of 37% bobotantes who walks on the street blind and deaf or pretending to be. MB following the freedom of press and expression posted this article which simply a hearsay until such accusation can be proven in the court. Otherwise these accusers have no idea that false allegation and demation is punishable by law which constitute jail time or loose of assets.

    • Orange

      It is not hearsay when info was from a restricted yahoo group who apparently forgot to turn their conversation ‘private’.

      • Sentinel

        It wasn’t hearsay when it was hear (hearsay) from restricted yahoo group. Would you kindly give a link to this so call restricted yahoo group, or unless you are making-up.

        • Hirospy

          Hahaha are you living under the rock all this time? Better update your account on fb and other social media, if still in doubt ask an IT friend how to confirm if a restricted yahoo group is legit or fake…hahaha

          • Sentinel

            Fake news about Yahoo secret society users. I am an IT and what ever you are saying is above you head. You can laught at ignorance.

          • Hirospy

            Hahaha an ‘it’ who can’t understand computer language? Or express algorithm to double check a data? yah sure I believe you… hahaha

          • Sentinel

            Using mathetimatical word you don’t have a clue comparing it to Yahoo private messengers. Check the data hacking Yahoo’s database? I don’t deal with hacker and a person with personal interest as part of DuDirty damage control. Next time don’t tell me you understand extracting database from yahoo domain security.

          • Hirospy

            sure sure, as i said before i believe you(sarcasm)…hahaha

    • Joshua Tre

      To dismiss something so serious makes one look so prejudiced. Real or not an ouster plot is something worth investigating.

      • Sentinel

        Should accusation against VP-elect Robredo be taken into consideration, what do you think Fil-Am can do to ouster DuDirty while in US. These people are objecting and so furious how DuDirty govern the country undermining the rule of law and constitution. I gues previous rumors Ms. Robredo posted in the new that DuDirty is planning to replace her with Bongbong Marcos could be true. Plot of ouster against Robredo has something to do with confiscated high power firearm by police at airport custom allegedly coming from US meant to use against DuDirty sounds like a low level covert operation. So stupid for the US plotter sending arms thru custom whereas high power weapons are available in PH similar to those sold by PNP officials to muslim rebels and NPAs.

        • Black Heaven

          What can a fil am do to oust duterte while in the us? A lot actually, especially if she is a multi millionaire lobbyist who is highly supportive of Hillary Clinton there as well as the liberal party here.

          • Sentinel

            What a rumor mongerer Robredo is a multi-millionaire. You are in US small and have no clue. Just stay in boys town you are better off.

          • Black Heaven

            I am not referring to robredo. I am referring to Loida Lewis, a very vocal supporter of Democrats in America and the Liberal Party here. The one who is worth 600 million in assets and recently called for duterte resignation.

          • Sentinel

            Your scenario of person against the lunatic and narcissism president who is carrying out summary extra-judicial killing withou due process is what you call rebellion or just personal opinion. Majority of Filipinos in the country as well as Filipinos abroad except DP are not the only people who wanted DuDirty out of presidential post as well as international communities including UN CHR who is conducting investigation. Some Filipinos expressing beliefs to a person whose discharging duties as president beyond the rule of law and constitution can simply understand or ignoramus his personal motive. and ideology.

          • Black Heaven

            Are those the same “international” communities as the ones mentioned in the leaks? The people who are actually part of LP’s political machinery to make noise about their dissatisfaction towards whatever Duterte’s actions are? Now do tell me how big of a community are those? But I do have to admit, they do have multi-millionaires and influential lobbyists in those communities so they are still a force to be reckoned with. They have enough money and influence to affect international opinions.

            Most people approve of the president’s actions because they believe it’s necessary for the country’s change. We have already been stagnant for 30 years and the people can no longer tolerate the actions and corruption of the Cojuangco family and their allies. The mere reason Duterte is not part of their political circle is enough for many to vote for him.

            I can say the same to you as well, if we are stooping down to insults. Are you really that ignorant and blind to the Liberal Party’s true intentions or in Leni Robredo’s plastic personality she is showing to the public?

          • Sentinel

            Did you say changes for the better? Is better if the country is being led by a psychopath who only understood merciless killing since he was a mayor running Davao Death Squad and now using the entire PNP force including all rebels including muslims and christian alike, cursing and loathing and vendetaa to anyone crossing his path pursuing personal agenda and ideology of communism? Look at yourself in the mirror is you can see your identity, a minion who despised democracy but communism.

          • Black Heaven

            A democracy run by idiots and greedy pigs like in the past 30 years? A democracy that is influenced by media who are the mouthpiece of those greedy pigs? No thank you.

            And we still have democracy now, you have the right to vote right? It just so happened that your vote has been overwhelmed by others, and as part of a democratic country you ought to respect that.

            Fortunately, part of our democracy is our right to free speech, which is why we random anonymous people can talk and chat here without being prosecuted by the government. Has Duterte taken that freedom away from you right now?

          • Sentinel

            How do you differentiate democracy with a country leader advocating one man rule and disregarding the rule of law and the constitution? Unless you are unfamiliar or simply pretenting blind and deaf. How do you spell those poor ‘suspected’ drug users being killed without due process, without search or arrest warrant, are they sign of democracy from narssistic president? Under the rule of law ‘ a person is considered innocent unless otherwise proven guilty’. You have poor logic and compassion.

          • Black Heaven

            Those “killed without due process” is actually done under the law. It’s standard operating procedure for policemen to fight back against assailants. People being visited under Oplan Tokhang are innocent until they decided to resist and open fire at the police, which gives the police reason (under the “rule of law” you so love to use) to take down the assailant however necessary.

            2,000 drug users have been killed by the police because they resisted arrest, but hundreds of thousands more surrendered peacefully and are living in rehab. 4,000 drug related deaths which are being investigated under EJK cannot be immediately attributed to police.

            You prefer letting these criminals freely roam our streets, sell drugs and ruin more lives?

          • Sentinel

            You better off talking to marines for nonsense rhetoric claiming summary killing of ‘SUSPECTED’ innocent civilians is within the bounce of the law. I don’t have time talking to real damage control person. Good luck to your nonsense rebuttal.

          • Black Heaven

            You’re the one with the nonsense rebuttal. You can’t accept that resisting arrest is unlawful and police have the right to retaliate if the suspects fought back, and possibly kill the suspect if he had a gun and fired it.

          • Sentinel

            What a twisted mind. Did you just come out of solitary confinement or menta hospital and you can’t distinguish people killed without any question ask or reading miranda rights. Did mayor Espinosa resisted arrest? He was killed without mercy by CIDG officer and cohort policemen inside prison and under police custody. CIDG officer and policemen were charged for murder but your idol DuDirty just released and reinstated them. Your idiotic mentality has anology to the person you were defending. If he has narcissism so do you.

          • Black Heaven

            Resorting to insults? Is that the limit of what your intellect can achieve?

            Yeah sure, attribute Espinosa’s death immediately to the president without proper investigation. You spout “rule of law” every time only when it’s convenient to you.

            Unlike you, I keep my mind open to possibilities and among them the chance that Espinosa was silenced by the drug lords he is trying to rat out. I won’t say that the possibility of Duterte himself ordering his death is improbable, but unlike you I won’t convince myself that it’s the one and only explanation.

          • Sentinel

            Since you admitted Espinosa’s death without due process but don’t make assumption silenced by drug lords, far from reality. Should mayor Espinosa was killed like a dog what is more to thousands of poor drug users/addicts and small time drug pushers in the country. Again I am advising you just to talk to marines who deserves your twisted argument. I am not going to respond to you. Goodbye.

          • Sentinel

            I have nothing to say to a militant and leftist person. Good luck to your communism.

          • Black Heaven

            Aww, given up already? Ran out of “arguments” to say?

            Good luck in your destabilization efforts along with the rest of the yellow army.

          • Sentinel

            What did you say destabilization efforts where the facts of unlawful governance is clear as crystal. Talk to the marines as they may believe your nonsense logic.

          • Black Heaven

            Oplan Tokhang is a legitimate police operation, and the suspects killed fought back as stated in the police reports. It’s up to you and the yellow army to prove them wrong since you’re the ones making the accusations.

            It’s only “crystal clear” for your yellow-tinted glasses. You have to prove more than that if you want to call out for “unlawfulness”.

          • Sentinel

            You can tell everyone in this forum of all police operation, tokhang, Tokwang, Bawang but there is no way for you to bend straight and straight into crooked. You sounds like a lawyer or a liar. You bet when UN CHR conducted the investigation against your insured he will blame you instead. Talk to the marines and you will be understood but if you are a lawyer talk to Gordon and Alvarez and not to mention Koko Pimentel. I know your idol is used to be a lawyer but used the capacity of being a prosecutor planting evidence against suspects (public information) before being charged perhaps killed by his DDS. I can recommend group marines you can talk to or you should go back to mental hospital you came from.

          • Black Heaven

            This is not even a counter argument anymore. Your statement is mostly peppered with juvenile insults and these group of marines that you so seem to be very proud of.

          • Sentinel

            Good thinking, the same thing with me. Again your are claiming my rebuttal is peppered with juvenile critics but not insult. I know forum participants in this article are watching but can’t profess their freedom of expression and they seems to be scared by your legal argument. You have to admit the fact that your are working for DuDirty as a damage control. Goodbye.

          • Black Heaven

            Same goes for you, if you’re accusing me of working for Duterte then I’ll call you out for working for those Liberal Party pigs headed by your useless Vice President. Have you checked your To-do list today? What’s next, defend VP’s absence during the Nina?

            Goodbye to you as well.

          • Sentinel

            I know we have to depart but let me tell you the difference between you and me. Your argument is partisan talking about VP-elect Robredo and supporting DuDirty in his drug wars leading to EJK but forme me I don’t sided with any of these politicians party system but I am so concern of diminishing practice of democracy and emphasis on human rights. I am not sure if you were born yesterday but these traditional politicians (TRAPOS) personal self-interest is consonant to deep root viruses of graft and corruption in the country, the problem of peace and order and economic degradation. Just think about this, there is no nation in the world even the most advance countries with unlimited funds, monitoring technology, strict legislation and highly trained law enforcers can’t stop drug crimes but can only slow down operation contradicting the DuDirty’s claim hecan stop drug crimes in the countries once and for all. Those recent country side bombings nearly identical to dictatory Marcos strategy bombing Plaza Miranda before declaring martial law. All I know is that his war on drug crimes in the country is a pretext of a threat to national security justifying his declaration of ‘state of lawlessness’ which is similar to ‘state of emergency’ where declaration of martial law is imminent.

          • Black Heaven

            You really fancy yourself with parting words? Allow me to do that as well.

            Despite your beliefs that I am a dog of Duterte, I don’t think I can say anything to convince you otherwise. In case you still insist I talk to these marines or go to a mental, don’t get offended if I will call out you as sheep of Liberal Party’s machinations whether you are willing or not. Blindness and deafness make for a perfect sheep, after all.

            But moving on, ever since I became an adult, I had little trust of politicians. I have grown to filter out whatever bullsh*t their press conferences have to say, and that includes Duterte. I have little trust of the promises he made during elections, and I did not even vote for him. I am not naive enough that he or any of these political pigs of whatever party do not have an ulterior motive or two. But so far I am satisfied with his actions, not words. This country is long overdue of house cleaning, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

            Fortunately for me, his current actions align with my personal interests in the eradication of corruption and the oligarch traditions. Should he also stray from his obligations and succumb to greed and power, I don’t think I’m the only one who currently supports him that will stand up against him.

            Cruel? Yes I am aware, but morality is not black and white. I do not concern myself with “human rights” and “rule of law” only when it’s convenient for me. To people who over-concern themselves with a squeaky clean “all-good” reputation I will call them hypocrites. One such hypocrite is Robredo, She spends too much time with personal image of modesty and goodness yet her actions (or lack thereof) state otherwise.

            Should we ever descend to Martial Law to get rid of every single rat in the Senate then so be it, that perhaps would be better than a democracy run by idiots.

            Okay, we have said our bits. Can we move on now?

          • Sentinel

            I guess I owe you an apology after hearing your side of the story. My bad.

          • Black Heaven

            All is well that ends well.

          • .
            U$ 600 million in assets x PHP 50
            pingi :-}

          • Black Heaven

            According to what I’ve heard about Loida Lewis she doesn’t have actual money, but instead she has it mostly in investments, and money gained from selling (??) her husband’s foundation. So no, we can’t get a piece o’ that money, unless you’re Hillary Clinton that is.

  • Sentinel

    It appears this MB Online public expose’ of hearsay accusation has posted this unproven accusation without merit and evidence professing freedom of press and rights of expression but unfair and unjust reporting and such public posting is construed as public trial without due process of law which can be construed of defamation and false accusation. Who knows if this online accusation is part of DuDirty deliberate act of covert operation replacing VP-elect Robredo with corrupt and plundered Bongbong Marcos?

    • Denzel Washtington

      yeh right. whatever your smoking, i also want it. and by the way, you might want to use a period or comma..

    • John Puruntong

      You cannot deny the fact that Smartmatic dubiously tweaked the server while Marcos was leading by a high margin on the night of May 9, 2016 in the midst of election returns being turned in. The reason was a minor cosmetic error which can be left as is, yet they went ahead in tweaking the server without informing the Comelec en banc.
      Hence, whatever the reason to that cosmetic change, Leni will always be branded as THE TWEAKED VICE PRESIDENT.

      • Sentinel

        I don’t dismiss your sentiment and belief of supporting DuDirty but it looks you could be part of 36% ignoramus bobotantes. Good luck.

        • John Puruntong

          Whatever percentage you may coin on election results, at the end of the day, Digong is the President and therefore is the VOICE and WILL of the people. That mandate is within the Constitution.
          You want to know the hard fact? Digong has an 83% approval and trust rating this January 2017, 13% undecided and 3% who disapproved.
          Now, the real TRUTH? You belong to the insignificant and irrelevant 3%. Go ahead and swallow that truth

          • Sentinel

            You are one of the believer of well paid survey, live up to it. You want the truth, you are idolizing a person with hidden agenda and ideology. The whole election is rig with manipulation from the side of Grace Poe as the blood of Marcoses and the rest of political power player. You want the truth, just pray for those thousands of those innocent souls he killed as DDS leader and thousands more from his EJK summary killing and on continuing basis.

          • John Puruntong

            Ohh, the social scientific surveys are wrong and you are correct?
            You claim the majority of Filipino people are wrong and you are the only one speaking the right thing?
            Your BLEEDING HEART scars even your innermost soul LOL
            Better shut up bcoz your bet is a presidential LOSER and your bitterness won’t make him a President no more.
            Live with that reality and move on LOL

          • Sentinel

            Move on with a lunatic and narssistic president sowing terror and fear among Filipinos with personal agenda and motive undermining the rule of law and constitution. Use your conscience and common sense determining what is wrong and right, unless you are somehow part of DuDirty damage control. You can continue moving on to the darkside but never tell patriotic Filipinos how to defend their civil rights and the constitution.

          • John Puruntong

            You are alone with your opinion. As I said, you belong to the 3% of the population. So whatever skewed sentiments you got and whatever you do in maligning the President, will always be irrelevant making you a worthless person

  • sr

    Indeed this is serious and must not be trivialized. #LeniLeaks must be managed now before it becomes a catastrophe. We have laws, let’s use them.

  • Lightpowered

    This propaganda is spit out by Bong-bong kalabong anak ng one of the top ten corrupt and mandarambong leaders of the world, FERDINAND MARCOS! Du-dirt madugo is in partnership with anak ng mandarambong to oust VP Leni Robredo!

    • Arnel

      leni who? she’s inept, dumb and just a puppet. it’s not about leni but a fight against sinister LP and the oligarchs.

      • Lightpowered

        People like you can’t see the big picture because they do not have the Spirit of God [and Truth].

        • Arnel

          Isali mo na rin ang 90% . So kayong 3% lang ang may spirit of God.?Nagpapatawa ka hindi ka naman kalbo.

    • delimawmaw.dayanyan

      top ten corrupt and mandarambong leaders of the world?? thats media teach us! but the fact is! all of thousand cases file against them is failed and never been proven!…

      fact is fact,,…..

  • Yongyong Villanueva

    Kudos to MB! woot2x!


  • John Puruntong

    We cannot deny the fact that Smartmatic dubiously tweaked the server while Marcos was leading by a high margin on the night of May 9, 2016 in the midst of election returns being turned in. The reason was a minor cosmetic error which can be left as is, yet they went ahead in tweaking the server without informing the Comelec en banc.
    Hence, tweaking was a fact that actually happened and whatever the reason to that cosmetic change, Leni will always be branded as THE TWEAKED VICE PRESIDENT.

    • Ling li

      Kaya nga dahil walang sekuridad ang mga PCOS ay na hacked at di ma control ni pinsan Bautista, ngayon ay hugas kamay at baket di raw yung hacker ang hulihin,,Tarantado pala si andy,,hindi na si abnoy ang presidente na puwede siyang depensahan paris ni Abaya o Honrado sa laglag bala

  • Marmee

    Hahaha! MB legitimizing theses so-called leaks.

    • John Puruntong

      It seems you are not capable of understanding the article written above. MB is just reporting the social media trend created by exchanges of correspondence from a “restricted” Yahoo group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) and reporting as well the sentiments of the people. These reports are FACTS, and your allegation is purely a skewed opinion.

      • Marmee

        When you print something as obviously as spurious as that, you are legitimizing it, understand?

        • John Puruntong

          What was spurious? If I may ask
          Social media trend was a fact
          LeniLeaks hashtag is a fact
          Email exchanges in a “restricted” Yahoo group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) is a fact
          Concerned citizens sentiments and postings are facts

    • Joshua Tre

      Misdirection, eh?

  • Cindy

    Fair enough MB.

  • charles rivera

    Political maneuverings are not new, but this is still shocking although not surprising. Bakit shocking? Kasi nangako si VP Leni Robreado na hindi siya partisan, yun pala main actor siya ng potentially treasonous moves at ang alleged backer niya ay si Loida Nicolas Lewis, a respected philanthropist multi-billionaire at pati na rin an kapatid nito who heads an OFW council position. OFWs were a strong group of Duterte supporters. Irony much.

  • minorca heather lace

    I wonder why is Loida lewis so desperate to manipulate, maneuver and monopolize the sitting govt of the Philippines???? This is serious , look what greed can do??? and you think Leni is really for the laylayan????

    • FOX


    • kismaytami

      Siya kasi ang nag-pondo sa kampanya ni leni lugaw.

      • Ling li

        tutal ay pinayagan ni Andy Bautista na puwedeng pondohan ng foreigner ang mga local na kandidato.kahit hindi na pa na ammended ang batas [ LP member exempted only] Puwede ring gamitin ng mga LP ang govt propert ybasta ba isa kang LP. Puwede ring tumakbo sa politika kahit hindi pilipino basta LP defender ka paris ni Grace Poe

    • Sant115

      oo… ang laking talo ni Loida sa pinuhunan nyang talunang Mar Roxas… talo si Mar… Walang ROI sa investment… tskk.. tskk.. tapos talo pa si Clinton… di nya kaya si trump.. sa ang pilipinas na lang pinagbalingan nya… ganyan sila ka desperate..

    • Ling li

      Baka si Lewis ay CIA ni Obama

      • minorca heather lace

        true. lewis did not only get rich because of eating a black hotdog. she is sustained by the cia, for sure. And being used by the yellows to their own advantage. Tagal na panahon hilang minamanipulate ang pilipinas umpisa kay fake saint cory

  • Jenny

    Slow news day to be covering a made-up “leak”.

  • tatay

    Kudos MB! This is a grave threat to the government and our national interest. We are gaining momentum against corruption, illegal drugs and criminality. Peace with rebels is on the works. Nationalism is awakened. Keep going to feret the truth of this issue.

  • angel

    MB FB

    Rag reporting a Rag.

    • seanst

      leave. plain and simple :)

      • angel

        make it happen : )

  • Joshua Tre

    Kudos to both Manila Times and Manila Bulletin (Jojo Robles of Manila Standard will also pick it up on Monday), but we all know which publication will NOT bring this out since some of the parties involved in this #lenileaks email thread works for them.

    I think it should be investigated. Real or not having the OVP a part of this clearly makes it a serious matter that makes it worth looking into.
    One good thing that comes out of this, our President now knows his enemies and likewise, we the people now know who they are.

  • Joshua Tre

    It kind of makes one think where the Catholic Church’s interests lie. If this is real, they are definitely not for the people.

    • Ling li

      Yung putang inang pari ay namumulitika sa sunday mass at yung mga deboto ay nagmumukhang mga zombies..Kung ako ang nandoon ay makakarinig siya ng middle finger ko

  • kobe_beef2424

    MB lang nag publish nito hush hush eto sa mainstream media protectado si Leni. Dami pang mga planong nabisto dito naka archive http://philippinenewsupdatenow.blogspot.com/2017/01/lenileaks-sabwatan-nina-loida-lewis.html

    • Ling li

      Sa tingin ko ay may koneksyon ang local TV media sa FOX at CNN sa state..Propaganda machine ng CIA to defend US business interest..Ang mga dilaw ay poon lang nila sa larong chess

  • Rodel Samonte

    This is from Walden Bello FB page.
    Dry run for the Big Shit?
    There is no ouster plot except in the imagination of Duterte fanatics. As Inday Espina-Varona puts it, it’s silly to claim Leni Robredo’s begging for support from different sectors to hang on to the vice presidency constitutes a plot against the president. But the fact that the plot is fiction is irrelevant because Malacanang needs a conspiracy. This is the reality that drives fiction. Alleging an ouster plot led by the vice president has important political functions: 1) It paves the way for a fascist-type mobilization of the president’s base, perhaps even leading to a preemptive “counter EDSA.” 2) It keeps the opposition off balance and fragmented. 3) It keeps the president’s allies in the elite in line, the message being “I’m watching you.” 4) It keeps the minds of citizens away from the extra-judicial killings and the regime’s inability to deliver on its promised social reforms and battle against corruption. Keep the pot boiling at white heat–that’s the technique Malacanang is trying to master and the current moves are probably only a dry run–meant to iron out the kinks in the process–for the Big Push, when Big Daddy decides it’s time for the Big Shit.

  • Rodel Samonte

    This is Cyber Warfare.

    The followers of Mocha, Riyoh and Sassot alone have reached 5 Million! If everyone of them share the lies they post 10 times, it will reach 50 Million already! Look at the hates in the net. Compared to the pro democracy FB pages like that of Madam Claudia, nakaka 50k pa lang taken down na sa FB.

    After the alleged P300k payout to Mocha they simultaneously spread Lenileaks once again insinuating a plot to oust Duterte. What I notice is that they keep on doing this again and again and again in spite of the fact that LP is already out!

    They attack Leni, together with the Church, the Mainstream Media and the CHR, ALL defenders of Democracy! (mind conditioning before the imposition of Martial Law?)

    I am FRIGHTENED of the thought that they want to provoke President Duterte to declare Martial Law so that they can take over later on.

    Do you think of other motives on why there is so much misinformation and discrediting of the mainstream media going on?

    They are riding in the popularity of PDuterte in bashing Leni and cyberbullying other netizens who believes in democracy.

    • sr

      if you are frightened, then you better hide under your bed. This is not for you. You are spewing falsehoods because your candidate lost badly during the elections.

  • Joseph de Mesa

    From now on, I am dumping Inquirer.net for MB and Manila Times.

    • Grace Hija Delgado

      Bravo. I did that long, long ago.

    • Joshua Tre

      Try Manila Standard. They are same as Manila Times.

    • kismaytami

      Kaya pala hindi ka na masyadong napagkikita doon. Nakakaumay na nga mga balita nila ngayon.

    • Noemi Barroga

      I unsubscribed tothem about the same time I unsubscribed to Rappler during the campaign season for President. I saw how their coverages were always slanted towards the LP

    • rebecca keberstein

      I am also giving up the Inquirer (a trash bin, IMHO)

      • Ling li

        Dutae needs a critic, like what pnoy nga nga did, para di makalimutan..para din yan si KrisTD,habang binabanatan ay lalong minamahal ng mga followers niya at defenders…We need critics for du30 kahit hersay lang ang binabanat..libre advertisement din yun..paris ng ginawa ni Mar Ke du30..

    • Ling li

      Joseph de mesa..boring doon sa sinabi mo na site,walang kalaban doon..Dito sa Rapples at philstar ,nandidito ang mga defenders ng lugawan blues nag reregroup

    • Felix Servidad

      I admire you, Inquirer is the most biased newspaper use by the jaundice for black propaganda.
      To discredit Duterte.


    si JOHN NERI ANG YAMAN NA NIYAN……gintot pilak almusal niyan…

  • seanst

    Kudos MB… what’s interesting is, “mainstream media” can easily publish things, hoax or true as long as it is against the president..
    If They can make Trillanes a headliner with his malicious pronouncements, why can’t they at least SAY SOMETHING about this?

  • Avery-23

    Then it is time for Duterte to arrest these plotters for what they are doing is illegal according to PH laws!

    • Ling li

      hindi ganyan kadali yan.May involvement na naman diyan ang CIA. Kaya nga humahanap ng ka backup si Dutae sa iba dahil ayaw niyang maparis ke Kadaffi… Independent Foreign Policy,yan ang nag trigger sa Pinas VS Obama..Binigyan tayo ng Independence ng kano pero hindi kasali ang foreign policy.
      Lahat ng foreign policy natin ay dadaan sa US congress bago matupad.Kaya semi Independent nation lang tayo, pinagkaiba natin sa GUam at ibang teritoryo ay kailangan natin ng US visa punta sa State

      • Avery-23

        Eh bat ka galit kay Duterte?

  • grapesofwrath

    “We selected the most sensible comments.”

    How did that one by “Kimat Amianan” get included? It makes no sense! LOL.

  • Ah_lex

    I saw/read about this from TP, and according to him, his source is Sass. I was surprised that it was picked up by a mainstream media (this paper) which gives it (so called #lenileaks) some kind of credibility. I googled, and yahooed, after I read the post, GFDC and indeed, there were headers but cannot open the contents. TP says he has some screenshots and will post it later.
    Hopefully, TP and Sass will not be a subject for a manhunt and summary execution by people they shamed/hurt/exposed.
    For some people who thought that this is only for show to mind condition people into the declaration of Martial law, please read the constitution so you can be enlightened on how difficult it is for the President to declare martial law, unless of course, the constitution will be changed – which is a long and tedious process.

  • Lucas Isaiah

    #GoMB .. #GoMT . Please Support Manila Bulletin and Manila Times

  • Harper

    Bull shit Media. They will print anything the palace tells them too. With some knowledge I’m sure someone in the government knows how to manufacture this “LeniLeaks” site.

    • isang lahi

      Agree. Any decent website programmer paid handsomely should be able to come up with this ‘leak’ site. System dates/times will have to be analyzed in tandem with the posts/emails to verify site integrity and deliberate ‘info seeding’ instances And with Yahoo’s system security having been breached repeatedly in quite a few years already, a rich hacker’s client can easily ‘plant’ a yahoo site modelled after wikileaks but with adulterated contents designed purely for consumption of gullible online followers.

  • Marriane Masonia

    MORE UPDATES ON MANILA TIMES. Read the whole article on its website.

    “‘Leni’s Fil-Am backers plotting vs Duterte’
    By LLANESCA T. PANTI, TMT on January 8, 2017

    FILIPINO-American supporters of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo are allegedly behind efforts to undermine President Rodrigo Duterte, leaked emails posted online by bloggers showed.

    The leaked emails, first posted by the “Thinking Pinoy” blog on Friday, showed exchanges between members of the “Global Filipino Diaspora Council” (GFDC) including billionaire philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis and her sister, former Commission on Filipinos Overseas chairwoman Imelda “Mely” Nicolas, both Robredo supporters.

    In one of the emails, dated December 4 or the day Robredo announced her resignation from the Duterte Cabinet, Lewis supposedly told GFDC members: “The only way to fight this evil plot to unseat VP Leni is to ask Duterte to resign. After all, he promised to resign in six months if he has not solved the drug epidemic in the Philippines.”

    “He asked for an extension of another six months. Extension denied! Join Duterte Resign Movement,” the email said. It provided a link to a change.org petition calling on the President to quit…..”

  • Sensui

    Loida Nicholas Lewis and her cohorts should be hanged already! It’s long overdue. We cannot live like this for so long where these traitors always plotting to destabilize the current government while constantly getting away with it. We’ve had enough already why we can’t develop because of this type of people always hampering our progress.
    Again these traitors should already hanged and in public beginning with Lewis sisters, Robredo, Trillanes, de Lima, Drilon, Inquirer’s Randy David, Rina David and Ted Laguatan and all the YELLOW forces a.k.a destabilizers!

    No less than hanging these maggots in public can make this country progress and prosper!

    • Ling li

      Let’s see what Donald trump will do to Lewis arrogant

  • climaco

    When elephants fight the people suffer.
    1. Elephant MARCOS and LOOT.
    2. Elephant INK and ROBOTs/
    3. Elephant Cojuanco, others Corrupt Politicians.
    4. Elephant Newspapers for and against MARCOS.
    What is important?
    1. Lower Taxes. Less Laws, Less Corruption.
    2. Return the Marcos LOOT.
    3. Leni cannot depose DU 30.
    4. SC can depose LENI. MARCOS and INK wins.
    5. Can the SC be bought ? No way jose? Is MARCOS LOOT big enough?
    6. DU 30 admits he has health problems (due to Gluten?)

    • sr

      …you know, there are days when you gotta lay off the weed, coz it really mess’s up the brain cells.

      • climaco

        All you have to do is get more of the Marcos Loot for your efforts.

  • climaco

    What is worse for the Country?
    Robotic voting by the INK?
    Marcos as President thanks to the Marcos LOOT and the INK.
    Leni cannot take over the Government.
    What is worse for the Country MARCOS AND LOOT VS LENI?
    Du 30 wants Marcos.

  • kismaytami

    Looks like these plotters are gonna get a bloody nose soon.

  • cavitenorth19

    I feel sad na nagagamit ang alma mater school ko ng mga oligarchy…Pashet talaga.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Good job! Manila bulletin for kissing fanatics asses! Giving some kind of credence to a bunch of hearsays ! Ym? Come on! Nobody uses that at this era of video calling

    • Hirospy

      Hahaha it ka ungas? Kung di ka it magtanong ka kung totoo yung #lenileaks…hahaha

  • Hirospy

    Buti pa ang mb binalita itong #lenileaks yung pdi may umamin na nga na sangkot at nkatanggap todo tangi pa rin at nanisi pa sa pangulo..hahaha

  • Hirospy

    Hahaha bloody nose agad di pa nga nangalahati sa 2017…hahaha

  • Hirospy

    Sa bandang huli DuCay pa rin pala, kung mawala ang vp ngayon prerogative nang pangulo pumili sa kongreso at senado nang ipapalit niya bilang vp…good news pa rin…hahaha

    • Ling li

      Nakalimutan mo na may imbestigasyon sa PET, si BBM ang tunay na VP..Galing sa bunganga ni abnoy ito” Stop BBM at all cost” meaning hindi totoo na maraming galit ke marcos. Kung ang may hawak sa colmelec ang nagsabi na Stop BBM at all cost..anu ang tsansa mong manalo lalo na at pinsan ng Presidente ang nasa comelec

      • Hirospy

        matagal pa yan kung matutuloy at ikakaso na baka abutin nang 4 yrs bago matapos so kung walang vp na position prerogative nang pangulo pumili nang kanyang vp ayon sa saligang batas pwede galing sa senado o kongreso, at si cayetano yun kung papalarin, kahit sino nman sa dalawa kina marcos o cayetano ay magiging productive ang bansa lalo na kung para sa bayan yung paglilingkod nila

  • ewankosaiyo

    MB is a admin newspaper since the time of marcos.. no one really reads the news on that newspaper only the classified ads are very much wanted on that.

  • John Carlo Torres Borromeo

    Great Job MB!

  • noyp pnoy

    Declare martial law now na – Don Vito duterte

  • JF


  • Rex Smith

    I’d say exciting times ahead for the yellowdusches.

  • Cody

    Itong #lenileaks na news na to, di mo talaga makikita to sa SEPTIC TANK ng Inquirer kung saan nag kumpulan ang mga nabubulok na dilaw na ta3.

  • Fox

    It used to be OK to call for Pnoy resignation over Mamasapano clash. But organizing protests against Duterte or calling for his resignation. No! That’s sedition and treason!

    Only in despotic countries dissent is equated to treason. The real scandal is the mindset of Duterte supporters.

  • Jun Punzalan

    Bakit “LENILEAKS”, may STD ba si Leni?

  • Lightpowered

    THE DISPLAYED COMMENTS LOOK MADE-UP BY SPECIAL INTEREST–A CABAL BY DU-DIRT AND MARCOS MANGDARAMBONG FAMILY. They are FAKE NEWS. The ill-gotten looted money of Marcos are being used to bring back the PLUNDERER MARCOS FAMILY INTO POWER: Marcos funded Dugo-Dirt presidential campaign; secondly, intimidated and bought the Court of IN-Justice to justify the dictator, murderer Marcos in burying his remains in the LBNMB; thirdly, bribed and harassed many Congress members to materialize the Du-Dirty and Bong-bong Mandarambong alliance, to achieve their agenda, which include Marcos Mandarambong back in power by claiming the VP, then, into the Presidency, and change the Constitution to rule the country for life by the House of Maros Demons. Rev. 21:8:

    REV. 21:8 But to the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and sexually
    immoral and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with
    fire and sulfur. This is the second death.”____________________________

  • disqus_DBn3lKJbci

    Well unta indi sila mag malampuson sang ila nga plano sa kay Tatay Digong.

  • Nate

    Lenileaks-another fabrication of the sick minds of the worst president and his minions this country ever had. Yup the du30 trolls can’t handle anymore the increasing number of people in the PDI commenting against this evil administration. The opposition is getting closer to the critical mass. In the end whether soon or much later the good prevails over evil so just make sure you’ve switched to the winning side before your time is up otherwise you’ll have literally HELL to pay. Just sayin’.