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OVP caught at the center of an int’l propaganda machine


By The Manila Bulletin Reportorial Team

Social media was going overdrive over the weekend with the leakage of the alleged emails emanating from the Office of the Vice President (OVP) detailing its alleged international propaganda campaign to discredit both President Rodrigo Duterte and former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

The so-called “LeniLeaks” spilled the supposed correspondence in a restricted Yahoo! group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) that seemed to show that the OVP is part of the group’s well-orchestrated strategy to discredit President Duterte in the international scene.

Vice President Leni Robredo. (Mark Balmores) | mb.com.ph

Vice President Leni Robredo.
(Mark Balmores) | mb.com.ph

Thinking Pinoy (TP), a personal political blog of a Filipino citizen journalist, chanced upon the restricted Yahoo! group when it went public, based on a tip.

“One of Sass Rogando Sasot’s Facebook followers informed her about the yahoo group and Sass Sasot relayed that tip to me,” Thinking Pinoy said in an exclusive interview with the Manila Bulletin.

“It took me two days to browse through the contents of the Global Filipino Diaspora Council’s Yahoo! group. I released an article soon thereafter,” TP added.

A quick look at the article showed that it has been shared on Facebook over 49,700 times as of 12:19 a.m. of January 8. Likes are hard to count because the total number of shares comes from different Facebook accounts.

In one of the emails purportedly from a Pete Silva of the OVP Social Media (SocMed) dated January 3, 2017, it was alleged that supporters and influencers of President Duterte (PRRD in the leaks) and Bongbong Marcos (BBM) have launched simultaneous attacks against VP Leni Robredo starting at 12 midnight of the same day and called for immediate action “from our communities.”

It cited Robredo’s belated visit to the victims of Typhoon Nina and her statement that the “rehab is slow” and how she is being attacked for saying it when she was not even there.

The same email listed a series of responses (A to E): she (Robredo) has always been on top of things, she does not have the mandate and financial capacity to do this, she cannot shoulder everything, rehabilitation is different from relief operations, and to compare the visits of Duterte and Robredo, pointing out that Duterte “just gave a speech for the ceremonial giving of donations” and did not go to the far flung areas the way the VP did. “She is on ground zero.”

The second item contained in the email referred to the BBM camp’s release of several memes to have a “show of force”. The email said: Their messaging is to make their memes viral to make it appear like more people voted for BBM as the real VP.

“Our attack: flip the memes and show unflattering pictures with controversies of BBM—cocaine addict, fake diploma, did not graduate college (sic), Sandro is stupid—not even from Oxford as they are claiming,” the email indicated.

The second mode of attack, according to the leaked email, was to call out BBM and ask where he was during Typhoon Nina. The third was to use photos of BBM supporters during the Luneta rally with the message: “they’re numerous online, but they never deliver the real bodies needed when the battle is offline. They are a fake and paid army.”

National secruity adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. said the so-called leaks are serious.

“I have to get deeper into it. It need not be discussed in the Cabinet meeting though as there are more important matters to discuss,” he said.

“First is the authenticity of the leak. I want to give some benefit of the doubt, but there is very high likelihood that the conversations/exchange of notes really transpired,” Esperon added.

Supporters of President Duterte are questioning the rationale of the so-called international propaganda machine being run by those opposed to the current administration.

“PRRD they said failed in his campaign promise to eradicate illegal drugs in three months. I think the electorate voted for him not because of the three-month timeline. They simply wanted their president/leader to forcefully address the illegal drugs, realizing, and perhaps annoyed that the then incumbent president was not concerned about it,” they pointed out.

“The participants in the exchanges are citizens in the Americas. Didn’t they know of the lingering decades-old drug problems in their turf? Are they really after solving problems in a country that is no longer their country? Or they simply cannot come to terms with the reality that the candidate they supported lost resoundingly?” they added.

Esperon said there could be liabilities. “Citizens of other countries destabilizing the Philippines would be violating laws,” he pointed out.

TP, when tipped off about the existence of the Yahoo group, tried to verify the information contained therein. “I back-read posts and I saw messages from as far back as 2012. It’s hard—if not impossible—to make up that kind of material, as that would entail hacking through Yahoo’s servers, and Filipinos are not really famous for high-level hacking skills.”

Known be pro-Duterte, TP, when asked what his end goal is, said: “The truth. That’s it. If they can find even a sliver of falsehood in any of my articles, they are free to point it out and I will issue an erratum. That has been my style since I started ThinkingPinoy and I have issued three errata so far.”

In the web of propaganda being peddled here and abroad, TP said there are more “hair-raising revelations” that will be exposed soon.

“I cannot say for now because I do not want their side to learn what we’re doing until it’s already done. Sun Tzu once said, “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

Asked if he could categorically say that Robredo is part and fully aware of an ouster plot, TP answered: “I wouldn’t categorically say that, but the information from the group, plus Robredo’s ultra-secret US holiday trip, is enough to raise suspicion, and that is why I advise the government to look into it. But then, Leni and Loida are very close: the latter has funded even her 2013 congressional campaign, so it would be difficult for me believe that she has no idea about what’s going on.

TP said the major players in the so-called “#LeniLeaks” are Fil-Am billionaire lobbyist and Liberal Party supporter Loida Nicolas-Lewis, her sister Imelda Nicolas (head of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas), CFO commissioner Jose Molano Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer U.S. Bureau correspondent Ted Liguatan, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau correspondent Gene Alcantara and influential North E.U. civil society leader Filomenita Hogsholm.

Among them, the most active on the message boards is Imelda “Mely” Nicolas, while the most influential is her sister Loida.

There are 5,000 messages, the most damning would be:

  1. Imelda Nicolas’ email showing OVP has a hand in controlling the socmed convo. It was corroborated by a post from the “EDUCATORS FOR LENI ROBREDO” fb group
  2. Lewis’ instructions to a certain Ely N., telling the latter to call her in relation to Leni’s “Legal defense”
  3. GFDC’s active solicitation of support from Private universities, GFDC was proud to claim UP ADMU DLSU agreed to support them, i.e. a GFDC member said the universities can provide warm bodies for the Marcos protest
  4. Loida’s call for members to lobby sa UN mismo for the blocking of Teddy Boy Locsin’s appointment

The vice president has already dismissed the controversy as “purely ridiculous.”

Read more: Robredo: No need for me to explain #LeniLeaks

Prior to the #LeniLeaks controversy, Robredo has been accused of supporting efforts to oust Duterte, which the vice president had repeatedly denied.

The Manila Bulletin, on its Facebook page, asked its followers’ opinion about #LeniLeaks. It has garnered more than 2,600 comments as of this posting.

Read more: What Manila Bulletin followers think about #LeniLeaks

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  • Paking

    ……detailing its alleged international propaganda campaign to discredit both President Rodrigo Duterte and former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

    The author must be on a different planet because he/she doesn’t realize that Digong and BoBong Marcos has been doing their own self-destruction….the international community is aware of the bad mouth and irresponsible pronouncements of Digong and that BoBong Marcos is living a good life thru stolen money….so what is there to discredit?

    • Rimuru Tempest

      A lot. The so called self destruction that you are pointing out is not really affecting us in any way even in our economy. Our economy now is very prosperous and we have increased trade revenues due to new different sources of trade. The farmlands of Hacienda Luisita that rightfully belongs to the farmers have been returned to the farmers. Free irrigation for our farmers and as well as giving them newer technology to use and improve their harvest. The increase in growth in terms of our agriculture industry has been one of the leading factors for our 7% growth last quarter. 45k drug personalities have been arrested while there have been 2.5k drug personalities killed. But the greatest achievement of their administration is the 1 million drug personalities surrendered. Sorry but your argument is invalid. This administration had done more than the previous administrations have. We are living in a safer and much more successful Philippines. Crime rate is down 47% economic growth is up 7%. What is there to hate? Sure his mouth cannot be controlled but that is just his mouth. We cannot control what the President would say but we can affect all the actions that he would take. He is more of a doer than a mouth piece that would say that we are doing very well without producing results. I would rather have a President that would say bad words than a Presidents who does nothing.

      • angel

        7% growth less 1000% living standard of western countries, you must be so proud.
        7% in poverty means 100 years until you can feed yourselves.
        2% growth for the western countries means a continuation of wealth that you will never experience in your lifetime.
        And thats the way we love it, if I want a cheap holiday, I can always rely on our Pinoy heroes to provide cheap pussy.
        Love that poverty, keep up the good work.

        • Avery-23

          better than N0ytard’s!

        • Marshall

          Just enjoy coming here, and f*ck cheap Pinoy pussy. One day, you’ll be lucky to be the first victim of EJK. That time, FOR REAL!

          • angel

            Pinoy Pussy???? LOL
            Men don`t have Pussy.
            FOR REAL!

        • Rimuru Tempest

          Hoo who do you think that was thanks to? Years of Yellow rule. PS they wanna keep their power so that they can turn around the hacienda luisita order. This has been the primary reason that they want to be in power.

      • Paking

        The so called self destruction that you are pointing out is not really affecting us in any way even in our economy.

        Really? So the bad international image created by Digong for himself is not an important factor on how the President of the Philippines should handle himself…. Are you joking or simply nuts like your president?

        • wow_mali

          what bad international image? are you even outside the country?

          • Paking

            You mean, you are not aware of the cursing and bad mouthing of Digong on whoever dis-agree with his methods and policies and you think this create a good identity in international community? Wow_Mali!

          • Jojo Inxs

            Which country (international community) your referring aside from US? So far, Digong is in good terms with TRUMP. If you only get your informations on what they so called “Mainstream Media” then I know how it feels.

          • Paking

            I remember reading an article from France about the allege EJK in the Philippines and the cursing and bad mouthing of Digong concerning US, UN and the European communities because they dis-agree with his method in solving the drug problem. Does that not qualify as international community? You seem to have a very limited interpretation of what is happening around you but pretending to be smart, a typical Digong follower attitude. Digong in good terms with Trump? Really? What business deal or policies have they already agreed? Just because they talked on the phone means they are in good terms…hahahaha!

          • Jojo Inxs

            You didn’t get me do you? How many countries were destroyed because of your what so called “international-community” intervention. And how they intervene? Initially through mainstream media. Maybe I’m not that smart like you and I don’t need to pretend to be one. Alleged EJK? The killings in the Philippines has been there for time immemorial by they just call it “murder.” And now, they change the word to EJK. So what’s the difference?

          • Paking

            Our leaders manage the country so why blame “international community” intervention if we mess up? The media will always be there but it is up to us how we make use and react to the information we get. Murder or EJK has the same result and if the government is perceived to be behind the killings by foreign countries, do we correct the wrong perception or pretend everything is alright and blame it on the media?
            The issue is the VP’s participation to discredit President Duterte in the international scene. Is there credibility left of the president after cursing and bad mouthing foreign identities critical of his method in solving the drug problem? Digong simply self destructs because of his erratic behavior and irresponsible pronouncements. So, there is no need to discredit him because he is voluntarily doing it himself.

          • Jojo Inxs

            Do you think, if Digong shut up his foul mouth, it will change anything? Knowing that there are people who are willing to finance destabilization against the government to oust the president not just because of his mouth but because they just want a power grab? Why not blame the media? They are the one responsible of giving wrong information to the international scene. Remember “MATOBATO?”

          • Paking

            The president shall be sensible in projecting himself to everyone because he carries in his shoulders the identity and dignity of the Filipino people. When the president curse, bad mouth and irresponsibly discredit himself every time he opens his mouth, he invites disaster and gives justification to those who want to oust him. The media will report anything that gives them the potential to make money. The Philippines being a democratic country could hardly control or even blame what the media reports. The senate abruptly stopped the proceedings on EJK and concluded that MATOBATO is unreliable without completing the investigation process and leave behind a shadow of being bias. So, is the Philippines on the right track under Dute(r)te? …..that remains to be seen.

          • Jojo Inxs

            Well, to this I agree except for his foul mouth. It is not normal for a president to curse in public but I don’t think it’s a justification for him to be ousted. Like I said, even if he is not talking as long as he stay in power, still there are people who will do anything just to grab it. We can have a holy president but still if the same people I’m referring to don’t want him into power, then they will do what they can to oust him. For your question are we on the right track? Well, let the people speak to that. With an approval rating of 83%, Iet’s see. Too early to tell.

          • Paking

            How does the cursing and bad mouthing by Digong of the US, UN and EU affect his international image? Do you need to be outside the country to realize this? Wow_Mali!

        • Rimuru Tempest

          I have talked to a lot of friends from the states and other countries and they do not really care. I am a youtuber and a streamer. I talk to these people all the time. Our country’s image is alright and if it is tarnished, why would we have more tourists? why would there be more investors coming especially from sweden?

          • Paking

            More tourist? Hope you’re right because I don’t have figures to confirm your claim. The US and other countries do not care about Digong’s cursing and bad mouth? Again, you are entitled to your opinion and I am not oblige to agree. By the way, who among ALL the presidents did not claim that they did a good job? Marcos, Cory, Ramos, Arroyo, PNOY and even ERAP all claim that they did a good job. So, it’s too early to blow your trumpet about the good job of Digong. Until each Filipino family goes home to a decent house of their own, eat good meals 3X a day, and the Philippines no longer a 3rd world country, any achievement less than this means nothing! Wait until Digong finish his term and if indeed, the Philippines becomes as progressive as he promised, then blow your trumpet as best as you can. For now, let Digong solve his broken promise of increase in salary of police and military personnel including the higher SSS pension which remain hanging in the air. Is it time to blow your trumpet? Not yet Rimuru there are still lots of things to do and hopefully, Digong don’t f_ck up the way he is doing with his mouth.

          • Jocel

            Purely hallucination. Magsipag ka nlng at ng di ka umasa sa lugaw ng gobyerno. Kya hanggang ngayon wLa ka pa rin sariling bahay at lupa kasi batugan ka. Kami laki sa hirap at nakapagaral sa tulong ng tax ng bayan. Sa awa ng Diyos at tiyaga naKaahon din. Ngyon ngbbyad kami nv buwis at di na palaasa. Mahiya ka ka laki mong tao

          • Paking

            Hahaha! Nagyabang at akala mo may ipagmamalaki. Aling ang hallucination? Ikaw ang ayaw umintindi sa sinasabi ko dahil nag-ha-hallucinate ka sa akala mong husay ni Digong. Retirado na ako pagkatapos nagtrabaho ng maraming taon bilang inhinyero ng mga oil companies. Nasubukan kong sumahod ng malaking dolyares kada buwan pero hindi dapat ipagsigawan at ipagyabang ang biyayang nakamtan. Yan ang problema sa mga kagaya mong naka-tungtong sa kalabaw, akala mataas na ang narating. Bumalik ka na sa trabaho at sayang ang oras sa kapiranggot mong sahod.

          • Jocel

            Lolz yan ba pinagyayabang mong sahod? Bat palaasa ka pa rin sa lugaw ng gobyerno? At this point in time sa life mo dapat nkahiga kna sa dolyares… Wala kasi batugan ka, nkakahiya ka walang silbi sa bayan. Puro reklamo kasi ni sarili di mapakain. Lolz.. Recibo nlng ba naipon?. Pathetic

          • Paking

            Ikaw ang nagyayabang sa kapirasong naiangat sa buhay at hindi ako magtataka kung ikaw ang umaasa sa lugaw dahil na rin sa kapirasong sahod mo. Muli, ang problema sa mga kagaya mong naka-tungtong sa kalabaw, akala mataas na ang narating. Bumalik ka na sa trabaho at sayang ang oras sa kapiranggot mong sahod.

          • Jocel

            Lol… Naubusan kna yta ng sasabihin panyera. Punta ka muna sa dutertes kitchen at kakaluto plang ng masarap na lugaw. Pwede rin punta ka ng quiapo marami libre pagkain ngayon. Hajja

          • Paking

            Puro lugaw ang laman ng kokote mo…halatang ganoon din ang pagkatao mo…hanggang lugaw ka lang…hahahaha!

          • Jocel

            Lol cheap mo pla hahahha… Magtiis ka za lugaw kasi batugan ka. Hahahha

          • Jocel

            Correct. Hallucination lng yan ng mga dilaw and utak

      • Bluetiful Cusi

        Can I like this answer a thousand times?

      • Jon

        I agree with you…I want a president who is doing something…than a president who WOULD CLAIM OTHER PROJECTS AND SUCCESS WHILE DOING NOTHING

  • Sensui

    Time to stand up and protect the democracy. Hang these traitors who are involved in this #LeniLeaks controversy. They are ruining this country with their selfish interests!

  • Avery-23

    Lagot na ang pota!

  • Edut

    Protect the nation. Move on with the reforms by our President.

  • milky_whitie

    weeeehhhhhh! #LeniLeaks… ahihihihihi!

  • kintupol

    nagoyo ang mga millenials..lol

    • Ling li

      Millenian yan ng mga Obispo na nag aaral sa Catholic school

  • Rex Smith

    These people who think they own everyone. Karma will judge you.

  • OVP caught at the center of an int’l propaganda machine.
    Fabrications, Lies and more Fabrications and Lies. This is the forte of the Psycho duterte and his zombie cabinet members and administration.
    Psycho duterte is underestimating the intelligence f Filipinos and thinks we are easily fooled by their fabrcations and llies. Any Filipino who believes these lies are being irresponsible and psychos themselves.

    • well, i guess it is easy for a pinoy hacker to go back in time and hack yahoo groups to fake up some kind of consipiracy. he must have a time machine. whats irresponsible are people like you who like to ignore just because you don’t like the president.

      • MarkaDemonyo

        Easy to convince the idiots and the gullibles that it is easy to hack into yahoo’s mail servers and for Loida Lewis to announce her destab plot for everyone to see. Thinking Pinoy is good for nothing but making up absurd conspiracy theories not even plausible considering the seriousness of the accusation. Parang si Aguirre lang star witness daw pero puro drug lords pala. Deputang kabobohan at mas estupido yung naniniwala.

  • Kestrel

    Hang LeKnee together with her Yellow army.

  • kilawon

    hahahah! who would have thought the “PAWNS” of stupidity and gullibility are the students from “desinti konyo” schools!…not so smart hahahahha

  • Jojo Inxs

    Nakakabahala ang mga galaw ni VP Leni… Paano nga kung siya ang maging sunod na presidente ng PILIPINAS? Ibig sabihin, kapag may kontrobersya, tatahimik na lang at magkikibit-balikat, imbes na linawin ang mga issue na ibinabato sa kanya. LENILEAKS pa lang, di na malaman ang gagawin. Ano pa kaya kung yung malalaking problema na ng bansa ang kakaharapin? Iisa talaga ang galawan nila, “ang tumakas sa “RESPONSIBILIDAD at ang MANISI ng iba.”

    • Ling li

      Tatayo daw siya sa pagtulog sa malakanyang at tatawag sa AFP… Presidente lang siya sa picture pero si pnoyat the backstage ang overdrive sa malakanyang kung siya ang papalit

  • bluestar777

    OVP – has now a new meaning.
    Aside from the usual Office of the Vice President.
    The other new meaning now https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/50d04cd1a0a7c61c997e39c9cb6fdb405744cdc2294313d1610b5a074d37ae59.jpg is:
    Office of or ministry the Vicious Propagandas
    Is this correct?

  • bumbleyeahs

    Tapos lalapit sila sa mga padrino nila sa gobyerno na palampasin na lang sila. Dating gawi palakasan system ang lusot ng mga ito. I hope Duterte ignores his fellow cabinet members when they start asking him to let this pass under the bridge because they are friends with so and so.

  • Cindy

    The plotters are nipped in the bud. VP Leni should be investigated ASAP.

  • James O Sullivan

    And now opposition is labelled as “black propaganda”. Next step will be press censorship.
    The question should be asked why on earth anyone would try to give a bad name to the president abroad? He does that very successfully himself every time he opens his mouth.

    • Yongyong Villanueva

      Only if words can burn a country. But Actions can Actions!

      • PinoyAko

        Words can starts war. and words alone can make or break alliance. Word is sharper than a sword and faster than a bullet.

    • FOX

      Press censorship? Ask the people and i bet 80% of them will agree to close down ABS-CBN, GMA7, INQUIRER, PHILSTAR and RAPPLER. In fact, maybe majority of them are in favor of closing all mainstream media and just allow facebook and twitter.

      If you do not agree with me then i guess you are as clueless, naive and detached from the reality as the LP’s tuwad na daan. The same reason why Mar lost miserably last elections.

    • Trolly

      Next step wil be troll supremacy! We will rule the world..

  • marx perfecto garcia

    it is but proper and the duty of any existing government to protect itself from threats whether percieved or is actually present.

  • Jocel

    While everyone in the administration is busy serving the country and the citizen are busy in nation building, ang VP ay busy rin sa kanyang mga masasamang balak. Totoo ang aral ni apostol pablo:. an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. WE ABHORE YOU VP LENI! Nkakawala ka ng respeto, nagpagamit ka sa dilaw pati dugo mo nadilaw na rin. Pinapahiya mo Si Sec. Jess

  • Disenteng Drug lord
  • Nino

    Non-issue that VP should just ignore. There were calls against Aquino and Gloria to step down (there was even ‘EDSA 3’ against the latter where people died) yet no sedition charges was proven. Why raise a howl on people exercising their constitutionally-guaranteed freedom? Know the meaning of ‘treason’ and ‘sedition’ in Ph jurisprudence before you start throwing accusation… And there’s no such crime as ‘attempted sedition’ or ‘attempted treason’ like what that tricky lawyer want you to believe.

    • FOX

      Plotting to oust a duly elected president just because you do not agree with his policies are not part of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom.

      • Nino

        I challenge you to file a case to prove your claim. Like what I said above, read on what ‘sedition’ and ‘treason’ means in Ph jurisprudence as that would (I hope) free you from herd mentality.

        • FOX

          Are you nuts? You are in the Philippines! There is no such thing as justice system in the Philippines. Case in hand: Ampatuan massacre. It’s already almost 8 years and still no justice. 50+ people died there and still no court decision. That is how dysfunctional our justice system and you want me to file a case?

          Again, for the sake of argument, did i get you right? That plotting to oust a duly elected president just because you do not agree with his policies are part of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom??? I just want to be clear on that first before i demolished your argument.

          • Nino

            and how do you suppose to resolve it, kill those involved together to add the mounting body count of state sanctioned killings?

            the conversation in the email is nowhere close to ‘plotting’. it’s only the government propaganda team that’s blowing it out of proportion as a squid tactic to shift the focus of the people from more pressing issues.

    • Jessiah

      Like sabotaging the economy? I don’t think so. There’s a big difference between a well funded, well planned execution to ruin our country just to oust the president.

      • Nino

        Dugong’s mouth is doing more damage to the economy than any of those alleged plotters. And he has a well-funded propaganda team both at social media and at the grassroots to sanitize his stink.

        • Jessiah

          LoL, speaks for itself. Kaya pala maraming investors ang dumadating no? Despite his mouth. I don’t support his mouth, it’s just that his actions speaks louder now.

          • Nino

            maraming investors ayon sa fake new site ???????????? bumaba ang fdi ng 2016 kumpara sa 2015 simula nung pag upo ni dugong. resulta muna bago magmayabang.

          • Jessiah
          • Nino

            Ayon sa binigay mo:
            “The investment bank said FDI inflow in the Philippines is now at a multi-decade high of $8 billion as of end-April, up from $6 billion in 2015 and $1 billion just five years ago.”

            Sino ang presidente as of April?

            FDI down in Semptember: http://www.philstar.com/business/2016/12/13/1652817/fdi-inflow-plummets-69-september

            Borrowing up in November:

            Hindi sapat ang pagbasa mo, hanggang title ka lang kasi. Dapat marunong ka rin umintindi! ????????????

          • Jessiah

            Year on year ang batayan dito, hindi yung buwan kung sino ang presidente.

            Edi sinabi mo sana hindi “mas mababa ang 2016 sa 2015” without factual evidence, kundi “mas mababa ang April 2016 kaysa September 2016”

            Contradict mo pa sarili mo.

          • Nino

            Magbasa ka pa ng iba. Hindi dahil binigyan kita ng hint ng news na di hamak na mas bago at taliwas sa sinasabi mo aasa ka ng i-spoonfeed kita ng info. Sinong nagcontradict? Hindi ba’t pinagmamalaki mo ang bilis ng paglaki kuno ng FDI dahil kay dutae pgkatapos ipapabasa mo sakin yung bilis ng paglaki ng FDI noong April?

            Ang balita, noong Semptember, noong si dutae na presidente, ang pasok ng FDI ay mas mabagal kung ikukumpara sa nakaraang taon. Ano ba ang mahirap intindihin dun?

          • Jessiah

            Hindi po presidente ang factor (tulad ng pilit mong pinaniniwalaan) kundi ang pagbaba ng Oil, US election, Brexit, paghina ng Asian Currencies, Pagbagal ng growth ng China atbp. Langgam lang ang factor ni Duterte kumpara sa ibang mga issue.

            Learn to separate Politics from Economics, kasi mukhang napaghahalo mo na to prove your point that Duterte is a bad president when in fact Year-On-Year mas tumaas pa nga ang FDI.

            All investors care about is a stable government, and we have one.

          • Nino

            Year on year talagang tumataas ang FDI at matagal ng nangyayari ‘yon. Yung pnu-point out ng mga article ay yung bilis ng paglago ng FDI at hindi kung gaano na kalaki.
            Kapag sinabing bumaba ang FDI growth ibig sabihin bumagal ang pagpasok ng FDI at hindi ‘lumiit’ ang FDI.

            ‘Langgam lang ang factor ni Duterte’ yet ang laki ng tingin mo sa alleged ‘sabotage’ na ginagawa ni Lewis? Ano ba katungkulan ni Lewis sa Pilipinas? Sino ba sa kanila ni Dutae ang namumuno at may kapangyarihan sa Pilipinas? Maihihiwalay mo ba kay Dutae ang pagreconsider ng EU sa Pilipinas as GSP dahil sa human rights issues na ayaw harapin ng iyong poon?

            Obviously your last sentence is a joke. It deserves a laugh, not a reply.

            As for the rest of your statement; excuses, excuses…

          • Jessiah

            Hay naku, kailangan ko pa ba i-spoon feed sayo info?

            Tama nga sabi nila, hindi ka mananalo kung tang@ kausap mo. Haay.

        • Jayce Legarde Cross

          You know I agree with you with regards to his mouth, but… false dichotomy. You can’t wash the face of Loida by painting Digong black.

          Loida is a scheming loser that should just sink in her own quicksand.



  • Wigman Matrix

    Dyan nanalo si Digong sa propaganda.

    • Hirospy

      at may resulta nman…hahaha


      • PinoyAko

        nasan yung resulta na sinasabi mo? hanggang ngayon hindi pa napakulong si Delima.

        • BienB

          may batas na sinusunod. Hindi si Noynoy ang presidente ngayon.

          • PinoyAko

            alin bang batas yung EJK? alin ang batas dun. babarilin ka na lang walang litis litis. nung panahon nin PNoy kinasuhan muna nila yung mga kurap bago kinulong.

          • marx perfecto garcia

            pag walang drug lord walang pusher walang kriminal either walang ejk or malaking bawas ito.

          • PinoyAko

            so san ngayon yung due process na sinasabi mo? nung pananhon ni PNoy pinapakulong lang yung mga may kaso hindi pinapatay.

          • marx perfecto garcia

            ano naman ang ginawa ni pinoy kay gma. ilang taon nakulong sa veterans wala namang sapat na ebidensiya. ayon nanalo sa supreme court si gma.

          • PinoyAko

            mali reply mo bro di para sayo yun.’ “may batas na sinusunod”. Hindi si Noynoy ang presidente ngayon’galing kay BienB yan yung batas na sinusunod na sinasabi nya ang tinutukoy kung Due Process.

        • Hirospy

          wait ka lang, killing her softly nga…hahaha

          • PinoyAko

            Killing her softly? san banda? sinisira nyo lang ang katauhan nya pero walang malakas na ebidensya. pustahan tayo matatapos na Termino ni PDU30 hindi pa masasampahan ng kaso yan.

          • Hirospy

            tahimik na nga ang lola mo di ba, so killing her softly nga, huli ka ata sa balita kasi patong2 na kaso na nkabinbin sa lola mo at b4 you know it magala angelo na si lie-la…hahaha

          • PinoyAko

            tahimik dahil hindi na nila tinitira. pero subukan nyaong tirahin ulit at sigurado gagati yan. patong patong na kaso san naka file? huli kong balita nasa DOJ pa hanggang ngayon wala pa sa korte. ang alam ko lang na naka patong e yung peluka ni aguirre.

          • Hirospy

            hahaha di tinitira, eh araw2 nga, tahimik kamo dahil yung “babae po ako at desente” na rason niya isang pagbabalatkayo lang pala dahil kabit pala ang puta at cougar pa sa bawat driver bodyguard niya, ewan ko lang kung pati yung napatay na driver niya ay kinagigiliwan din niya noon…hahahaa

            Sorry ka na lang at kanta ka na rin nang killing her softly para matauhan ka…hahaha

          • PinoyAko

            bakit sa tingin mo Disente si PDU30? ang kasalanan lang ni Delima ay umibig sya sa isang may asawa. hearsay, hearsay, isang Body guard lang ang inibig nya yun ay si Dayan. may ebidensya ka ba sa ibang Driver? kung wala wag mo ng sabihin. walang kwenta ang information na walang ebidensya.

          • Hirospy

            hahha may sinabi ako? ang sabi ko di inutil ang gobyernong ito di tulad nung nakaraang admin, yun lang…hahaha gusto mo maging morality police? magmonghe ka muna…hahaha

          • PinoyAko

            pano naging inutil yung previous administration internationally nga recornize sya as the one who piloted the Philippines from sick man of asia to Asia’s rising star. pano naging inutil yun. wala ka ngang sinabi pero bato ka naman ng bato ng paninira kay delima. bago mo tignan ang baho ng iba tignan mo muna basura sa bakuran mo.

          • Hirospy

            hello tanim bala, yolanda? nakalimutan mo? socmed group ba itong kausap ko? no wonder kung anu-anong topic na lang pinagsasabi…hahaha
            hoy, ugok sa papel lang yang ‘Asia’s rising star’ mo, may ‘Asia’s rising star’ ba na may number 1 worst airport in the world for 2 consecutive years in a row? hahha inutil ka rin ano?

          • PinoyAko

            sa papel pala kaya pala kahit si Duterte eh aminado sa kasalukuyang lagay ng economiya natin. tama lang na mag name calling ka dyan ka lang naman magaling. hindi na number 1 worst airport in the world ang pilipinas umangat na sa sa number 5 galing sa number 1 nuong panahon ni gloria panahon ni Pnoy tumaas na. sang kweba ka ba galing at pre historic pa info mo.

          • Hirospy

            hahaha yah panahon ni pnoy tumaas yung standing natin as the worst airport in the world…hahaha from 5 to number 1 at proud ka pa ungas….hahha

          • PinoyAko

            Kaw ang ungas, nagbabasa ka ba ng balita? Hellooooo!

          • Hirospy

            ugok yung balita maraming uri, depende kung ano gusto mo mabasa at marinig…hahaha

          • Ling li

            May katibayan ka ba na di siya sabit, tumayo ka as a witness na di sabit si balyena,,kailangan ng mga dilaw ng patriot sa cult nila…tapakan mo sa mukha ang mga tunay na pinoy

          • PinoyAko

            The burden of proof is in the accuser. Dapat bago ka mag comnent alamin mo muna yung peocesso sa korte. Hirap sa inyong mga panatiko pag kalaban nyo dilawan agad. Di ba pwedeng gusto lanf itinatama ang maling info. Tapak agad sa mukha? Siguro tignan mo muna sarili mo baka ikaw gumagawa nun.

        • Jon

          Hnd kagaya yan ni PNOY at LP na basta ka lang ikukulong pag walang enough evidence…tingnan mo ang nanyari kina GMA at senators na kinulong at kinasuhan dhl sa katangahan at pag mamadali nakalusot tuloy sila…dapat ang kaso masampahan ay yung sobrang daming evidence na wala na talagang kawala

          • PinoyAko

            study your history? its the ombudsman that file cases against those corrupt personality and according to the ombudsman those are airtight cases. research pa more.

          • PinoyAko

            walang enough evidence. sabihin mo yan sa ombudsman para ipakita nya sa iyo yung truvk truck na evidensya. alam mo ba reason kung bakit hinayaang mag bail si Enrile ng Korte Suprema? dahil dawa matanda naya at hindi naman sya flight risk. sa tinging mo san base yung decision nila na yun. meron bang ganun sa Constitution natin.

          • Ling li

            Pinoy ako’
            Tigas talaga ng kara mo..Hindi nga Philippine republic ang nagpapatakbo sa gobyerno kundi yellow cult,Tignan mo ang bawat Liberal member,yellow ribbon ang naka pin sa kanila..hindi phil flag..Binawi lahat ang proyekto ni Gloria at ginamit ang pera apng bribe sa mga magnanakaw,yan ba ang gusto mong gobyerno..putang ina mo..Hindi ka pinoy kupal

          • PinoyAko

            Akala ko ba nanalo si duterte bakit dilawan pa rin ang nagpapatakbo? Tsaka may ebidensya ka ba na sila nga nagpapatakbo? Sya nga pala mga dilawan din ang nagsusulong na kasuhan yung nga taong nagpapakalat ng maling balita kaya malilimitahan na yung mfa balita na kayo lang na mga panatiko ang nakaka alam gaya ng akusasyun mo.

          • Ling li

            totoo yan ,katibayan ay imbes na philippine flag ay yellow ribbon ang naka pin sa mga miyembro ng LP o HEPA cult….

        • Ling li

          Pinoy Ako
          Wag mong iparis si DOJ kay delima na binunot si Pandak sa Airport kahit may SC TRO at ikinulong ng walang warrant..Sa panahon lang ni Abnoy ang ganyang patakaran kasi ay gobyerno yun ng dilawan at hindi ng republic

          • PinoyAko

            Yes tama binunot sa airport. Kaso yung SC n sinasabi mo e s GMA ang nagtalaga dyan kaya nga minadali yung processo. FYI may warrant na si GMA kaya sya kinulong. At kaya rin naudlot yung pag biyahe ni gloria sa tate e may sinampa ng kaso sa kanya. Mas mabilis kasi yung ginawa ng SC kaysa sa na file nilang kaso. Dumaan kasi sa processo yung kaso nya kaya medyo natagalan.

    • Ling li

      Wigman Matrix
      Nasaan ang propaganda ni DU30..yung FOI ni abnoy?
      Magsaliat ka ay bigay mo ang detalya,baka taga ABS ka siguro ,mahilig sa edit

  • dee

    Those with non-Filipino citizenship, dual or full foreign citizenship should be held liable. As ordinary citizen, this GFDC has been in existence, but in earlier messages or post are more in a lighter or neutral mode. This Atty. Rodis, Ted Liguatan are LA based and you or everybody knew Ms. Lewis. Off course, VP Leni knew all these since day one. Those Smartmatic guys are somewhat have commonality/connection with Ms. Lewis. The bad things about this…why there are still Filipinos (since time immemorial) that were are as divided as 7,107 islands? Why there are always two faces on the issues? Why there are still “contrabida”? Why there are still Filipino cannot let go their own agenda at the face of real picture hounding the nation? Why can’t Filipino unite and be one voice? Why can’t Filipinos stand a common ground in addressing the multiple problems besetting the nation? Why can’t we Filipinos avoid that crab-mentality which is prevalent until this days in US and Europe. In US alone every Filipinos barangays/town have their own associations and tsismis ditto, tsismis down–negatively! Sometimes I was even thinking, are we a “cursed race”. In this modern day technologies, Filipinos mind set are 50 years behind and still behaving like in stone age. What a waste!

    • FOX

      Why history keep repeating itself? Because we do not punish them. I mean punish them like killing them for good. If i have my way, and i only speak for myself, i would give Ms. Loida 2 choices. 1. Stop destabilizing the Philippines. 2. If she will not stop, order the ISAFP to execute her (mossad style) in NY. While we are at it, include Trilala and de5 and the rest of the yellow minions. Give them 2 choices, leave the country or death. We need to be punitive. Enough of these destabilizers. Our country has suffered far too long already.

  • MarkaDemonyo

    Easy to convince the idiots and the gullibles that it is easy to hack into yahoo’s mail servers and for Loida Lewis to announce her destab plot for everyone to see. Thinking Pinoy is good for nothing but making up absurd conspiracy theories not even plausible considering the seriousness of the accusation. Parang si Aguirre lang star witness daw pero puro drug lords pala. Deputang kabobohan at mas estupido yung naniniwala.