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Kerwin Espinosa: ‘I gave P8M to De Lima to help fund senatorial campaign’


By Hannah L. Torregoza

High-profile drug suspect Kerwin Espinosa surfaced on Wednesday at the Senate investigation on the killing of his father, Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. where he pinned down Senator Leila de Lima, saying he gave a total of P8 milion to the former Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary to help finance her senatorial campaign in  the May 2016 elections.

Screen Grabbed from DZMM | MANILA BULLETIN

Video grab from DZMM | MANILA BULLETIN

At the joint hearing of the Senate committees on public order and dangerous drugs and justice and human rights, Espinosa confirmed he gave the money in several tranches through her former bodyguard and driver, Ronnie Dayan.

De Lima, in a televised interview, earlier admitted her relationship with Dayan. This was confirmed by Dayan, himself, in a press conference on Tuesday, Nov. 22, after authorities arrested him in La Union.

Espinosa said his meeting took place in Burnham Park, Baguio City sometime in November 19 to 22, 2015, after Dayan agreed he can meet De Lima personally, “but not in Manila” where many people can see them.

He said it was Dayan who first contacted him and asked for his help, saying the former Justice secretary needed funds to finance her senatorial campaign. When he sought the opinion of Peter Co and Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz—two major traders of illegal drugs—both said it was safe to make transactions with De Lima.

“When I called Jaguar, to confirm if it was really true that De Lima was transacting with businessmen into illegal trade, and if they would protect us, he said its true,” Espinosa told senators during the proceedings.

“I also asked Peter Co because he was already my boss, and he told me they have no problem with that as long as we keep the transaction hidden,” he added.

According to Espinosa, Dayan originally asked P2 million as “goodwill money” but he haggled, saying he cannot afford it. They eventually settled to a P700,000 monthly (allowance), but Dayan reportedly keeps on insisting this amount be increased to P2 million.

Espinosa said he first handed the first two batches of the money over to Dayan inside the parking lot of a mall in Pasay City and then inside a restaurant in Dampa near Macapagal Avenue, before he went up to Baguio City to meet the senator.

Espinosa said it was Dayan who arranged the meeting between him and De Lima, and was introduced as “Batman,” his codename in drug transactions.

After handing over to Dayan the money at a parking lot in Burnham Park, he was allowed to pose for a picture with the senator together with his family.

Espinosa, however, said there was no conversation between him and de Lima. Dayan had warned him that de Lima won’t be able to talk to him as there are many people around.

He said he gave the last tranche of the money in February inside a parking lot of of a mall in Pasay City. He returned to Leyte afterwards.

Prior to his transaction with de Lima, Espinosa said he was vacationing in Batangas and was diving at the Anilao Beach Resort when he received a call from Albuera Police Chief Juvie Espenido.

He said it was Espenido who tipped him off about Dayan’s offer.

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  • Amirsan

    Sabi ni Dayan 2014 siya nakatanggap ng pera, sabi ni Mayor Espinosa March 2016 nagkita si Delima at Kerwin, sabi ni Kerwin November 2015….tama ba?

    • dvco0

      Magulo ang Pinoy!

      • Amirsan

        madami kasi script writer

    • Jorge

      Ang mas importante talagang may tinanggap na pera si De Lima. Huwag na natin isama ang mga testimonia ng mga preso sa Bilibid. Kina Kerwin at Dayan na lang bagsak na si De Lima. Di niyo ba napansin na paikot-ikot sa kanyang upuan at di mapakali si De Lima habang tinuturo siya ni Kerwin na tumanggap. Bakit hindi itinanggi ni De Lima na may litrato sila ni Kerwin at kanyang asawa sa Baguio tapos sasabihin niya na hindi niya kilala at nakita kahit minsan si Kerwin? Kailangan pa bang maging magaling na abogado na makita ang katotohanan?

      • Amirsan

        Hindi din po kailangan maging abogado na inconsistent po ang mga pinagsasabi nila Dayan at Kerwin. Paano nila i-establish ngayon na nakatanggap talaga ng pera si Delima kung petsa at ilang beses pa lang d na sila magkatugma?

  • johnny wang

    Now be generous and give some more to our guy from Davao so you can get away from the Police

    • dvco0


  • Ray

    hanggat walang hard evidence talagang stone-walling ang gagawin ni delima. deny to the max talaga iyan. shameless… :)

    • Inigo Montoya

      Kerwin, just paid through his nose!!

  • Chitoboy


  • Gisingbayanko

    They are masters of Photoshop; manipulation, innuendos and intrigue. An administration founded on lies, coercion, EJK, fabrication of evidence, hyperbole, extremism will fall as soon as the law of karma is fulfilled. Nobody will escape this law; no matter how anyone defies or denies it.
    He himself predicted a self fulfilling prophecy that he won’t complete his own 6 year presidential term.

  • Jorge

    Here are my observations: Even though Kerwin was reading his own affidavit, he had difficulty with Tagalog; but that did not affect his narration of actual facts and events that were quite detailed. While he was narrating the drug money given to De Lima complete with dates, places and even times, De Lima was shown on TV restless and uneasy. Her body language showed she was nervous. I thought she was there to defend herself and confront her accuser. No, she as usual simply denied. Why should she attend the hearing only to deny Kerwin’s testimony? It was her opportunity to rebuke and destroy Kerwin’s credibility. She simply said Kerwin was lying. If I were Kerwin, I would respond saying there was a picture taken together with his wife so she could not claim she did not know him. Take note of what De Lima said, “I don’t remember meeting Kerwin.” Not remembering is different from not meeting. If she never met him she would have said so never and not “don’t remember”. She’s a lawyer so that’s the best response because of the existence of photo and more evidences that might come out later. Kerwin’s testimony was confirmed by her lover Dayan who also admitted that drug money was given to her. Deny, deny, deny….Denial is the easiest and weakest defense…De Lima knows this but what can she do at the moment? All evidences pointed to her.

    Another interesting or disgusting seeing CIDG Col. Marcos and Maj. Lagara laughing and whispering to one another when Kerwin was narrating the SOP or bribe money given to them. When Kerwin left for a break, Col. Marcos was seen on TV reacting madly pointing to Kerwin as he was stepping out and my lip reading of what he said included “papatain o dapat patayin…” The two together with those PNP officers implicated are as usual being placed on freezer but continue to receive their pay. The evidences including killing Mayor Espinosa was so strong that they should have already been given more severe discipline and punishment. Did they do it with the blessing of Gen. Bato and even up to Duterte that’s why they’re being treated with kid’s glove?

    So far, I’m very impressed with Manny Pacquiao. Despite lacking in education and experience, he’s better than other veteran legislators and lawmakers. He asked many good questions including that of suspected drug lord Peter Lim that other senators and even solons don’t talk about. Peter Lim’s name came up again in Kerwin’s testimony. Why is Lim still roaming free without any investigation? Just because he personally met his compadre Duterte does not mean he’s innocent. During their meeting, Duterte was heard telling Lim: “Kung mapatunayan na sangkot ka papatayin kita.” Well, what now Mr. President?