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World-class shooters eyed for PNP gun training

Training aimed at improving marksmanship in the ongoing drug and crime crackdown


By Aaron Recuenco

The PNP mulls enlisting top and world-class Filipino marksmen to train cops in improving their shooting skills amid complaints of civilian collateral damage in the government’s ongoing war on illegal drugs and criminality.

The training will especially help anti-narcotics police in the second phase of the police’s anti-drugs war dubbed Project Double Barrel Alpha, said Chief Supt. Oscar Albayalde, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) director.

MB FILE - Top and world-class Filipino shooters of the country would be tapped by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to improve the shooting skills of policemen. (MANILA BULLETIN)

MB FILE – Top and world-class Filipino shooters of the country would be tapped by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to improve the shooting skills of policemen. (MANILA BULLETIN)

Among the big guns being considered is Jethro Dionisio, a top-caliber shooter with multiple awards in domestic and international competitions.

“I’m particularly in awe of Filipino shooters who continue to bring honors with their remarkable performance in shooting competitions in foreign nations,” Albayalde said during the opening of the 24th Defense and Sporting Arms Show (DSAS). “They are indeed the models of discipline, precision in shooting and commitment to the sport.”

“These are the qualities that we continue to instill in our police personnel, especially now that we are in the midst of the war against illegal drugs,” he added.

Albayalde also bared plans to recruit as many groups in marksmanship training as possible, such as the Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers (AFAD), particularly for those taking part in sensitive missions.

“I hope the PNP and AFAD will have more opportunities of cooperation along this line,” said Albayalde.

Last December, AFAD sponsored the first session of the Basic Efficiency Shooting Training (BEST) for PNP Headquarters Support Service (HSS) personnel under the supervision of Dionisio.

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  • Freedom-of-Expression

    Proposed millions of dollars proposed allocation for PNP training is a huge mistake should the resources will be used in extra-judicial killing.

    • Von Merced Villafranca

      magbigay ka sir ng proof. Wala kang proof. Asa lang sa #bias #reporting

      • Freedom-of-Expression

        I didn’t make it up it was officially announced by US in public before DU30 vulgar insult to president Obama. You are not following the trend.

        • Von Merced Villafranca

          sus, yes didn’t made it up. But you relied your statement from a “reliable media outlet” You of all the smart people, didn’t even dared to review further articles about this hahaha, your one funny stock.

          here’s one proof for you, you funny kid :

          And to quote: He cited TV5’s Ed Lingao’s apology as proof that the media made a mistake in claiming that he called Obama a son of a whore. After Lingao found out that his breaking news about Duterte’s alleged insult against Obama was based on wrong information fed by his Davao correspondent, the President said the reporter quickly apologized for the mistake because he realized that “I never made any reference to Obama.”

          Read more:
          Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook
          Show me your PROOF.
          Come on KID.

          • Von Merced Villafranca

            I get your drift regarding this article. Your fear of civilians being part of the collateral damage, does not affect the whole system being introduced by this new admin.
            I acknowledge your idea about this training being used against those are not even part of the drug menace but is victimized either directly(executed or what not) or indirectly. Yes you are right at some point. But the question is, what extensive actions did the last government took, to fight this ill?
            I’ll be posting later some researches about the rates, numbers or fatalities of victims regarding illegal drugs from the previous government to the current government.
            The only thing we can do now, is be part of this continuous struggle, lest not forgot the mistakes of past presidency.

          • Freedom-of-Expression

            Here is the proof.


            How much money does the U.S. give to Philippines?

            According to our research engine:
            The U.S. Government gave a total of $197,036,510 to Philippines in 2012:

            The aid was broken down in the following manner:

            Child Survival and Health: $-420
            Department of Defense Security Assistance: $75,490
            Development Assistance: $79,721,515
            Economic Support Fund/Security Support Assistance: $456,217
            Global Health and Child Survival: $34,153,032
            Millennium Challenge Corporation: $4,439,091
            Narcotics Control: $4,286,840
            Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related: $9,549,582
            Other Active Grant Programs: $6,403,834
            Other Food Aid Programs: $11,824,000
            Other State Assistance: $2,746,441
            Other USAID Assistance: $8,619,065
            Peace Corps: $3,388,723


            Military Assistance, Total: $31,373,100

          • Von Merced Villafranca

            Girl, your proof is not that accurate, if your pertaining to these funds which are “being used for enforcing EJK(extrajuicekilig)” these were given back in 2012.
            No substance again. I will consider this as “shallow proof” . Girl, Have you also considered checking out USAIDS to the Gerry Roxas Foundation?
            More research puhleazzzz

          • Freedom-of-Expression

            You are playing dumb you can extract the information yourself. The aid has been released to PH. If you can’t read ask DU30 to translate it to you.


          • Von Merced Villafranca

            Here’s something you might want to ponder onto:
            “Pakistan received $25.91B AID from the US since 9/11”
            This article is from a Pakistani newspaper.
            If your pointing to how much the US is giving the Philippines AID, you got it all wrong girl. Barya lang sa atin. #friends #partners #allies
            You of all girls here, will have an active mindset that the Philippines has a corrupt country. In your line of thinking that the said aids weren’t used by the Aquino gov’t on questionable shit. Then your in wonderland.
            Come on girl.

          • Freedom-of-Expression

            You stick to your Pakitstan and I remain in PH. Good luck.

          • Von Merced Villafranca

            So now this statement huh. When given a rebuttal about USAIDs comparison. Funny girl. Very Funny ha ha ha.
            You don’t get the whole picture eh.

          • Freedom-of-Expression

            You are the only Dutarts minions that is unaware of latest US aid in PNP police training. Sleep as it may help you recall the next day you wake-up.