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‘Tama na po. May test pa ako bukas’


by Jel Santos

 “Gusto namin ng hustiya (We want justice)!”

This was the cry of Lorenza Delos Santos, 43, mother of 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos who was killed by cops during an anti-illegal drugs operation in Caloocan City Wednesday.

The police claimed Kian, a Grade 11 student, was a drug runner and was killed after he allegedly resisted arrest. But Barangay 160 officials said Kian was not on their drug watch list.

Lorenza, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia, said she begged her employers on her knees to allow her to go home after learning about her son’s death. She arrived at 3 a.m. Friday.

“I cried so hard when I learned what happened to Kian. I kneeled in front of my boss, and begged her to allow me  to return to the Philippines,” she narrated in between sobs.

“I work hard as a maid abroad just to send my children to school, because they have dreams. And this is what the police have done to one of my children,” Lorenza lamented.

Kian, she said, dreamed of becoming a cop.

“He wanted to be a cop. He has a dream. But little did he know that cops would end his life,” Lorenza added.


A 13-year-old witness interviewed by The Manila Bulletin said she saw Kian being punched and slapped by four policemen who were not in uniform that night but were all armed with guns.

“I saw them slap and punch Kian after frisking him. They found nothing on him that is why they were angry,” the witness said.

Kian reportedly pleaded with the cops: “Tama na po! Tama na po! May test pa ako bukas!”

The witness said the policemen grabbed and pulled him. The story was confirmed by a closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of Barangay 160.

On CCTV, Kian was being manhandled by policemen as they passed by a basketball court.

But a police spot report released by the Caloocan Police stated that Kian resisted arrest by pulling out a gun and firing at policemen.

The witness said she followed where Kian was brought and heard of the policemen tell Kian to fire the gun. He was brought in a dead end lot where there was no light, she added.

“‘Ito ang baril. Iputok mo tapos tumakbo ka’ (Take this gun, fire it and run),” the witness recalled what the cops told Kian to do.

But Kian did not follow the order.  He ran away.

“Doon po nakita ko na si Kian na tumatakbo. Pinagbabaril na po siya nun. Nanginginig po ako sa takot (I saw Kian ran and he was being shot at by the police.  I was trembling with fear,” the witness narrated.


The grieving mother aired an appeal: “President Duterte, please make sure that the police do not kill innocent persons.  They killed my son like a pig.”

“We, too, do not want drugs. We support your campaign against illegal drugs but why is it that even the innocent are being killed?”

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Director Oscar Albayalde said the four policemen who accosted Kian –  Police Chief Insp. Amor Cerilo, PCP-7 commander, PO3 Arnel Oares, PO1 Jeremiah Pereda, and PO1 Jerwin  Cruz – were relieved from their posts yesterday and placed under restrictive custody pending investigation.

Caloocan Police chief Senior Supt Chito Bersaluna said the Delos Santos family can file a case in court if they feel there is injustice in Kian’s death.

The National Police Commission and the Commission on Human Right went to the crime scene yesterday and conducted separate investigations.

Philippine Natonal Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa has already ordered a probe over the Kian’s death and vowed not to leave no stone unturned.

“There will be an investigation. We will investigate those kinds of things and we will not let that go by. Imagine you will kill a young one?,” Dela Rosa said.

“I don’t want any abuses.  That I want to make sure. I want police to be ruthless when it comes to operation when it comes to drugs but they should not abuse, they should not involved innocent persons. That’s what I want to happen,” Dela Rosa added.


Calling it shocking and worrisome, senators are seeing red and questioning why minors are getting killed in President Duterte’s war on drugs.

Senators Richard Gordon and Paolo “Bam” Aquino IV said they would push for a Senate probe into Kian’s death.

“I plan to file a resolution kasi nakababahala talaga iyong news reports. Hindi lang iyan, may lumalabas pa na may paglilinlang sa pagpaslang,” said Aquino in a statement.

Sen. Juan Edgardo Angara also supported the call for a Senate probe into the spate of killings.

“The body count is reaching alarming levels. We need to ensure that we are not creating killing machines. We need speedy justice machines, and ensure that we are strengthening our institutions like the courts, the police, the prosecutors,” Angara said.

“We need our people to believe in the justice system.  Vigilante justice is not a systemic and  long-term solution,” he added.

Gordon reminded the President that Filipinos voted for him because of his promise to resolve illegal drugs.

 “But there’s such a thing as overkill. Everything must be done in balance,” Gordon said in an interview.

“Yang kaso ng 17- year-old iimbestigahan ko yan, may mga ebidensya eh.  We must be fair. You cannot fight the drug menace by just killing. You must go to the source,” Gordon said.

“Instead of killing, you arrest the street pusher, and then ask: ‘Who’s your supplier?’, and when your arrest the supplier, ask: ‘who’s your source? So when you have these thousands (of suspects), you can create a tapestry…you can go on a voyage, even to the people who are abroad,”


“It’s worrisome, to say the least, coming even from somebody who in his previous lifetime as a law enforcer was a natural suspect in violating human rights of crime suspects that we used to pursue. Much as I do not want to preempt the investigations being conducted by PNP IAS and the DOJ, I want to remind them to be very fair and objective in conducting their probe to save whatever credibility is left in them brought about by the PSupt. (Marvin) Marcos et al controversy,” Sen. Panfilo Lacson stressed.

Lacson said it’s puzzling that the President’s passion in fighting illegal drugs is only aimed at demand reduction by killing drug pushers but evidently wanting in the supply constriction effort.

“Having said that, I wonder why he’s not hitting hard on the Customs people responsible, directly or indirectly for the apparent free flow into the country of tons of high grade meth coming from China? That, for the life of me, I can’t understand,” he said. (With reports from Kate Louise Javier, Francis T. Wakefield, and Hannah L. Torregoza)

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  • tarikan

    The four policemen involved in Kian’s death were relieved of their posts and were placed in preventive custody. That’s the usual refrain from PNP bosses. Then silence. The Big Nose boss breaks the silence by announcing that the policemen are free of legal responsibility. Who needs martial law…this is more than foooking martial law.

    • sinamar55

      I am afraid this type of oppression will lead people to a revolt against the state — or to a civil war between those who think killing suspects without due process is okay AND those who believe human rights is sacred.

  • Avery-23

    No. No one’s outraged. And how do we know that those rogue cops were paid off by the anglo-zionazi drug overlords who want to overthrow Duterte?..

    • Darl Chinchilla

      Because we don’t wear a dozen layers of tinfoil hats?

      • Avery-23

        You just wear 1, right?

    • sinamar55

      Twisted thinking. I just hope this murderous regime does not do the same thing it is doing to the mostly poor population. That would wake you up.

      • Avery-23

        Murderous because it is killing the pawns of the anglo-zionazis?

      • jack hawkins

        “Poor population”? Do you think that too when the extremely powerful and rich Parojinogs and Espinosas fell?

        As a step to address your “concern” for the “mostly poor population”, stop voting and supporting the politicians that is part of the oligarchy that protects and are beneficiaries of the Biggies of the Illegal Drug Trade Industry, and let the Gov’t mow the latter down one by one! 😉

    • wilms1963

      sino ba nag utos na mag tanim ng ebidensya?
      sino ba may anak na big time smuggler at drug lord?

      • Avery-23

        Sino ba ang nagproprotecta ng mga drug lords, diba ang mga drug overlords? Sino ba yung mga drug overlords na nakipagguerra sa ibang bansa para lang makabenta ng drogas?

  • Tinee Go

    Philippine Natonal Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa has already ordered a probe over the Kian’s death and vowed not to leave no stone unturned.

    Need an editor?? Hire me! That’s why you are FAKE NEWS.

    • Tee Nam Pai

      tapos pag may reklamo idaan kay duterte at he will pardon the police,. . .. yeah right, and justice was served. . .

      • jern dion

        Sino ang gusto mong maging Presidente kung galit na galit ka sa mabuting Pangulong Duterte?

  • Nestor Gabriel

    – REVAMP BOC in order to PUT A STOP on questionable releasing of such contraband.
    – ITOKHANG ang mga CORRUPT na officials as PROTECTORS and CONSPIRATORS of illegals drugs.
    – Majority of the target of the campaign are those drug pushers and drug users. Why SELECTIVE?

    • Paolo Alexis Falcone

      The BOC is corrupt to the core. People either walked away as they can’t stand the corruption, or got absorbed by the system, or attempt to fight and lose (or get killed). Fighting the corrupt people without the use of extra powers will end in failure as they have money and resources to fight those who want to do good. Being goody two shoes will not work with monsters.

    • Ako Pinoy

      Yes, Faeldon is on the way out. Whether or not he’s involved is no longer the issue. The bigger issue is competence and lack of control of his people in BOC.

  • jack hawkins

    Kian’s loss is a very tragic one. The subsequent media backlash, the call for another Senate circus,etc., reminds me of Jee Ick Joo. Somebody should investigate these 4 Policemen, we felt they were hired to discredit the Drugwar and shame the Du30 Government. I predict another suspension of Double Barrel would soon be reinstated. Then business as usual for the Drug trade and their politician and Establishment beneficiaries! Ika nga, tuloy ang ligaya.

    As to why the Big Time drug personalities aren’t falling instead of the more accessible street peddler? Doesn’t take rocket science to see those are immune and had been acting with impunity as they are well-entrenched and protected by the system and have traditional backers in high places: the Legislature, the judiciary and the local executives who were long under payroll to the druglords. The fall of the Parojinog cartel alone would give you glaring clues as to who’s serving which in these increasingly hopeless scenario.

    Unless systemic reforms are made, the noble but dangerous Drug War is not gonna succeed. Re-establish the Death Penalty (who needs to fear the Law when you can do even greater business even in Bilibid?), reform the judiciary to effect a more efficient transmittal of justice esp on drug-related cases (radically halt TROs), purge the Police/armed forces of well-entrenched scalawags, and censure/aggressively prosecute obstructionist politicians who had known direct/indirect links to the trade even at the Cabinet and Senate levels, reform the CHR to become more inclined to the masses than to agendas–are some of the MUCH-NEEDED and EMERGENCY REFORMS that the Gov’t could begin doing now if Duterte is serious in winning this one (no doubt he is, now that he had started this war that no one wanted to wage)!

    Difficult all but start with declaring MARTIAL LAW, and establishing a revolutionary government to weed out the almost un-uprootable poisonous tares within the sick system of this warped oligarchic “democracy” that the country was used to for 30+ years!

    Do it Digong, while you have the popular mandate still as your rabid enemies are gaining ground chipping away into your popularity every passing minute! That is your destiny, and you might as well do it…

    • james roxas

      Discredit? Duterte even suggested to put drugs and guns to those they killed to make it appear na nanlaban… your a true bloodied dutertards…. sino pala ang source ng drugs na nasabat sa BOC? At kaibigan pa ng anak ng demonyong presdiente…. yun ang dapat imbestigahan..

      • jack hawkins

        And Digong said that in the context of those known drug personalities. Again you were not listening.. now i noticed why the obvious air of bitterness–you are a friggin’ “Roxas”, a retarded loser we’ve known drinking tap water from a f’n plate! lmfao! Typical.

        As for your botched BOC inquiry staged by your lapdog putschist Senatroll Trililing (who was caught trolling, yet again! 😉 ), insinuatory name-dropping by a fake Customs broker doesn’t fly! Well except for the irredeemably dumb Roxas clan that is… 😉

        • Tee Nam Pai

          only non-thinking filipinos believe that those so-called insinuations at BOC are mere insinuations. . . who do you think has the power strong enough to allow the entry of 6.4 billion shabu through the expresslane against the order of this current administration which is bent on killing all drug personalities?. . . only those people who are immune and has the protection of the people in power. . . you were saying that drugs proliferated during aquino’s time because people close to him are engaged in it. . . now pray tell me, why did that 22 billion shabu entered our country undetected under this administration?. . . .

  • 10G_Internet

    The problem with our police is not on shooting the person being arrested loaded with dangerous weapons specially guns … but shooting first and making them look as if they had resisted and had fired their guns first… IF EVER THEY HAD ACTUALLY .38 revolver guns.

    else they (the Poice) should have been using body camera long time ago, the cheapest one in the market with 8GB drive is even less than 2000 pesos.

    The problem with our police is not on incurring collateral damage (ACCIDENTALLY) in every raid but by assuming that innocent people murdered or killed in the raid will JUST BE AN EMINENT COLLATERAL DAMAGE AND ISOLATED CASE… right from the very beginning.

    If you don’t want to risk your lives doing the right SOP of serving warrant or raid, YOU DON’T WANT YOUR LIVES to be endangered, THEN DO NOT BE A POLICEMAN AT ALL, ever!. Gasgas na ang alibi nyo that you fired back dahil naunang nagpaputok ang mga huhulihin nyo.

    If you are going to serve warrant or arrest somebody but SHOOTING and KILLING them first dahil takot kayong maunahan, HWAG NA LANG kayong MAG-POLICE.

    The role and responsibility of the police is TO PROTECT and UPHOLD the LAW …. not to protect his own life, pre-emptively. The police is not the law. Hindi sila ang batas. Sila ay tagapagpatupad ng batas.

    THE MIRANDA RIGHTS, and the right for an attorney is one of the basic SOP in democratic countries. In the Philippines, the police will read the Miranda Rights once you are already dead and permanently SILENT. 0r… they will say to the relatives/family of the victim, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT FOR AN ATTORNEY to SUE US in COURT but Pres Prsycho will GIVE US PARDON once the final verdict is handed down.

    The right, actually, the ONLY RIGHT the police will give you is the INFORMATION which FUNERAL PARLOR your body was sent after the arrest. (It is 50/50 that while being transported back to the police station, the handcuffed fellows allegedly tried to GRAB the GUN of the two or 3 escort police officers).

    • james roxas

      Dutertards will not acknowledge that…. masaya pa nga sila at isisi dahil daw pagala gala sa gabi… akala ko safe ng lumakad kung gabi dahil parang singapore na

  • kidlot

    PA DRUG TEST YUNG PULIS at I-post ang result… Pag Drug Positive… Produce a chamber with multiple switch. Give a switch to members of the Family they victimized. count 1-2-3 everybody will switch one … a poison gas will be activated in the chamber – Nobody will know who really trigger it… DEAD! Instant justice!!!!

    • james roxas

      Gandang ideya yan… unahin anak ng demonyong duterte

      • Romer deveyra

        Suggestion lang tanggalin na ang operation pagdating sa drugs sa PNP kse ganito bakit pag PDEA at NBI ang nag ooperate walang may nanlalaban bakit pag PNP may nanlalaban paltik pa mga baril … mas maganda siguro instead of PNP eh mas maganda pa ang AFP nalang taz Ang PNP ipadala sa bundok…

  • 10G_Internet

    80% of those killed in the so-called RAID were MURDERED.

    Eto ang PNP STANDARD manual or Procedure on how to conduct or SERVE WARRANT or RAID.
    1. midnight up to 5:00AM

    2. Walang sabi-sabi or megaphone announcing that they are cops and serving a WARRANT. or walalng katok katok sa gate, diretso sa may gate or bakod na pedeng talunin.
    Habang may BUHAY na GWARDIA or tao sa labas ng gate or bahay, hwag munang i-aanounce or ipapakita ang WARRANT. No need to SHOUT that you are cops serving the warrant.

    3. Kung may guardia with or without baril, raratratin muna. saka na lang lalagyan ng baril sa tabi ng bangkay.

    4. From the gate, with lightning speed to house, room to room. Ang madatnan na gumagalaw ay raratratin.

    5. Yung mga sumuko or nagtaas ng kamay ay ilalagay sa isang kwarto or isang sulok at tatapunan ng granada. or PATAKBUHIN at barilin sa likod, then ipapatihaya para barilin from the front para ang trajectory ng bala ay mukhang harap-harapang armed encounter.

    6. ANG PINAKA-IMPORTANTE. …. habang naghihingalo ang target na tao…. saka pa lang kukunin sa bag yung WARRANT OF ARREST or SEARCH WARRANT at babasahin at ipapakita. Bago malagot ang hininga ng suspect or victima ay babasahan ng MIRANDA RIGHTS ====> YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT….. blah blah blah. ANYTHING YOU SAY MAYBE THROW AGAINST YOU… YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY or COUNSEL blah-blah-blah

    7. Kapag humihinga pa ay bibigyan ng last shot in the head…. to REMAIN SILENT FOREVER. Your immediate family IS NOW THE ONE WHO has the right to an attorney or counsel…. but we assure you that PRESIDENTIAL PARDON is waiting once those raiders are charged in the court.

    8. Then pahahawakin ng baril lalo na ng revolver at papuputukin para magkaroon ng gun powder RESIDUE ang CcADAVER para pag-autopsy later ay positive sa POWDER BURNS….. sasabihin sa press-release na you see … tingnan nyo, may powder burn sila ibig sabihin nakipagpallitan sila ng putok sa amin.

    • sinamar55

      Very sad.

  • 10G_Internet

    There is a sudden OUTBREAK of STUPIDITY VIRUS in the Philippines.

    Naka-posas ka na, at nakapaligid sa yo ang mga police na may training sa pakikipaglaban ay manlalaban ka pa at tatakas ka? Ang police raiding team ay armed with Full-Auto M16 or burst-firing M4 (with at least 6 Banana-type magazine) ay makikipaglaban ka pa ng sabayan sa armas mong paltik or teka-teka sumpak? Ang ibang police ay may armas na P90 armor-piercing submachine gun at Israel-made TAVOR Assault Rifles.

    KUNG IKAW ay maykaya na drug reseller or peddler, with few thousand pesos ay pede kang makalaya (by bail), you can hire a lawyer, BAKIT KA MANLALABAN sa POLICE. All you have to do is raise your two hands then the lawyer will move on. Kaya mali ang sabi ng police na nanlaban yung maykaya or mayaman na alleged Chinese Drug Lord.


    Many of those who died in the so-called buy-bust operation were KILLED by merely being a suspect. Most of them were never been convicted by the JUDICIARY. Some have pending case but the verdict was never been handed-down. Most of them were peddlers of small-value-sachet only but not yet even charged yet in the court.

    Ang tawag sa official word na fake BUY-BUST ay “SIKWAT (hooked-up ng KARIT ni KAMATAYAN) or DALHIN SA BINONDO”. Wala naman talagang BUY-BUST na nangyayari most of the time.


    Minsan, hindi police ang dumadale kundi mga VIGILANTE. Ang masama ay parang walang pakialam ang mga police na invistagahan ang killing or murder basta related sa drugs. The constitution does not allow police functions to be outsourced to vigilantes.

    Todate, more than 9,000 ang napatay ng UNKNOWN KILLERS samantala yung killed by police operations (kasama na ang SIKWAT) ay about 3,200+ lang.

    Sometimes, Walang BUY-BUST na nangyayari talaga. Lalo na sa mga provincia. The police and the family of the alleged pushers know each other… for a long
    time. Most of the tambay, kahit yung hindi nakapag-aral, ipakita mo ang litrato ng mga police sa bayan nila ay kilalala lahat pati na yung familia ng police.

    Ang mga suki lang ang pinagbebentahan ng mga top drug peddlers. Hindi sila nagbebenta sa mga bagong mukha. So HINDI MAGBEBENTA ang mga drug peddlers sa POLICE ASSETS (UNDERCOVER COPS KUNO) kasi kilalala nila ang pinagbebentahan nila.

    BLITZKRIEG HUNTING, SEARCH and KILL ang nangyayari ngayon. Particularly yung mga di sumuko. Dahil hindi ka sumuko, whether you are still on the act of selling shabu or not, verdict was already handed-down. You are going to die in a staged (fake) BUY-BUST operation.

    May mga instances na tinamaan na ng bala ang suspect at LALAPITAN PA NG MGA POLICE na nang-RAID at babarilin pa point-blank-range,,,,,, A CLEAR VIOLATION of RULES OF ENGAGEMENT and in GENEVA CONVENTION and International Law on HUMAN RIGHTS.

    • sinamar55

      Criminal minds — even among cops and politicians — would do anything to advance or save themselves.

  • james roxas

    Yan ang resulta kung dine deny nyo (gordon et al) noon na me EJK….. dahil sinampal kayo ng pera ni duterte… puro lang kayo dada… para na ring kayo pumatay sa bata… you have blood in ur hands

    • Ako Pinoy

      Duterte’s order to police and the soldiers are legitimate orders. Unless you are of the opposition or ignorant of police work.

  • Dumb gullible people cheered and praised Duterte’s death administration creating a maniacal murderous monster out of the police force and yet the public outrage is not enough to discouraged the madman of a president to stop the killing spree. What makes it even more appalling is the pronouncement of this wacko president that we need at least 35 kills a day will solve the drug problem when we all know that you can’t right a wrong with another wrong……

    • jack hawkins

      You and your ilk would have been believable if y’all voiced the same indignation when salvagings, riding-in-tandem crime sprees, SAF44 massacre, the heinous killings and rapes done by the drug-crazed were perpetrated before and even now.

      Where there was none before, the obvious conclusion is crass hypocrisy fueled that is purely politics-driven.

      • Darl Chinchilla

        We were in fact also screaming in indignation during those instances… it is simply that they did not happen as often as they do now. Frequency grants more attention.

        Really what can you say to protect the president when his attainment of office increased the occurrence of such tragedies?

        • jack hawkins

          Care to add a footnote or reference as to that “screaming indignation” before? 😉 Otherwise, in these age of the interwebz, charlatans can call all sorts of things without being fact-checked, seemingly emboldened by a false sense of anonymity.

          As for the “frequency” now and before, you could blame the increasingly-moribund mainstream media (msm). They had been overwhelmingly xanthous that today’s criminal excesses is reported more now than before. In short, your sense of ‘frequency’ is not hinged on realities on the ground, but the intensivity of anti-government propagandeering by most msm monoliths, now than during inept Aquino’s time (i.e. PDI, ABS, etc)>

          • jern dion

            Very well said, you should not mind those paid garbage minions because they are working overtime to put a nonsense blamed to this good Duterte Administration. Pro-Duterte, we should protect our precious President Duterte!

          • Tee Nam Pai

            no sirs, it is not the minions who are working overtime. . . it is this administration that is working overtime to put itself at the limelight of all the wrongs that are happening in our midst. . . imagine not being able to say anything against the 6.4 billion shabu that passed through the expressway in BOC?. . . . if you see nothing wrong wrong about that, then I know why you can’t see anything wrong with police killing a 17 year old begging that he still has a test the next day. . . .

          • jern dion

            Many film stories will come out, as new books can be republished again and again, bias Media can choose who can be their lead actors or actresses to make the stories more believable to the viewers and readers. Anything can be possible to do by the garbage people to oust the good President Duterte. As Trillanes said, “Many things could be happened and it is gonna be unstoppable. ” If the garbage people are working overtime now then let’s see how this good Duterte Administration shocked those garbage by many Duterte’s surprises. Bye!

          • Darl Chinchilla

            Check any news on similarly horrifying killings and you will see people screaming in indignation, See the killings of farmers in Mindanao and notice the rallies that have been organized for them. It is not that the cries are not there, but that you did not care to listen. Not until your poorly thought out loyalty to our pathetic disgrace of a president came into question.

            Also, have you ever heard of an obituary? The PSA? There have been more killings now than ever in the past couple of decades, this is an indisputable fact no matter how your perverted fuhrer would like to attempt to twist reality.

        • Ako Pinoy

          You fully believe that? Media and the elite are were protecting each other during Aquino’s deceitful regime. Inquirer and ABS-CBN had business interests to protect. If you are just honest you will agree that the media was to create Aquino is incorruptible and infallible being the son of a hero and a saint. It is the elite’s interest to protect someone who comes from their ranks.

          • Darl Chinchilla

            Aquino wasn’t the only president in the past couple of decades you know? And I’m not a fan of him either. Even with the whole corruption scandal with Gloria, there was still less killings during her time.

        • Ako Pinoy

          Wait until another elite is elected as president and lo and behold the crime index is down. The drug problem is manageable. Can you imagine generals that are close aide to Aquino are involved into drugs. Either Aquino is so incompetent or he’s also into drugs himself.

          • Darl Chinchilla

            Duterte is also an elite from an elite family though.

          • Tee Nam Pai

            yeah, and how many of those generals close to aquino are in jail for drugs now?. . . . nada, zero. . why?. . . .

          • Tee Nam Pai

            yeah, and duterte is not a member of the elite, his father being a governor during his time and all. . .. besides, it took marcos a little less than 10 years as congressman of ilocos to become a member of the elite, and duterte was governor and congressman of davao for how many years? more or less 20 years?. . . who gave you the idea that he is not a member of the elite?. . because he told you so?. . . .

      • Truman

        ‘Tama na po. May test pa ako bukas’

      • wilms1963

        kakabwusit din yung dati…lalo na dahil sa noynoying..eto naman..dahil naman sa kademonyohan na…sinasadya ng patayin ng mga awtoridad yung mga inosente at walang kalaban-laban….
        libre ng libre nmn mga bigtime tulad ni peter…richard dong at POLONG…

      • Raymond Menesses

        Isa lang masabi ko sa yo..G/A/G/O KA!

        • sinverguenza

          Ma lalo ka… UGOK!

        • jack hawkins

          Care to add something to the discussion that doesn’t betray your fecal personality even more? 😉

      • Typical ignorant pathetic highly partisan take of people assuming things accusing people of hypocrisy when he knows squat, LOL.

        I am not the issue nor the issue here is not about hypocrisy but the death administration going haywire creating a murderous monster out of the police force when their job is to protect the people not slaughter them…….

    • Ako Pinoy

      There is nothing wrong for legitimate deaths. Even civilians can kill drug peddlers if the former’s life is threatened. How much more if it is done by police officers during police operation.

      • Hope you don’t suffer the same fate of Kian, unfortunately if that happens you will not even have a chance to regret your faulty thinking that there is nothing wrong with killings, LOL……

  • jern dion

    This is crazy how come many fake witnesses now are very proud and very vocal to express what they saw…? Then they pretend that they were very afraid blah, blah, blah… Death penalty should be applied to all fake witnesses in the Philippines!

    • Darl Chinchilla

      Obvious troll is obvious. You are a disgrace to our country.

      • jern dion

        Am I a disgrace or you are the disgrace to this country? Do not make a statement which represent your own personalities. Am I wrong to say that being a fake witness should be in a death penalty row? For your narrow head to make it wide, what is the use of fake witnesses in the country or in any countries?

        • Darl Chinchilla

          What you, and many others like you, fail to realize is that a man is not defined by an instant. A man is not just a fake witness, he is a worker, a son, a father, he is someone who has a place in society. Capital punishment is an inefficient and ineffective way of dealing with criminality, and should never be reinstated

          There’s also the fact that you’re claiming that they are fake witnesses without any goddamn proof.

          • jern dion

            Okay, let see… A piece of advice, do not make your statement a mellow dramatic one because it will not apply to all garbage like you in this country. As far as the good knowledge of majority of good Filipinos here in the Philippines all of the garbage like you had no emotions and dignity. Why you hate this good Duterte Administration and you love the useless Vice President Leni “Lugaw” Robredo?

          • Darl Chinchilla

            Your overflowing emotions for your dear president belies your hypocrisy. Unlike you my comment is substantiated by facts, countries that try to reform their prisoners do far better than the Philippines.

          • jern dion

            Which countries were succeeded in reforming their prisoners who had multiple crimes then cure their criminal minds? Do you have facts about it? I’m asking you again, why you hate this good Duterte Administration who are fixing this country and you love the useless Vice President Leni “Lugaw” Robredo?

          • Tee Nam Pai

            its because of people like you that we hate this administration. . . . . killing 17 year old kids is a sign of a good administration?. . since when?. . . the vietnam war?. . .

          • jern dion

            No, not me is the reason, the true reason why you hate this good Administration is just because all of your illegal money earnings are all gone. How can you explain the good processing and releasing of government papers without corruption? How can you explain that the houses of yolanda victims were finished by Duterte Administration within months only? How can you explain the good philheatlh for heath insurance are now usable? How can you explain that the FOI bill was approved immediately? How can you explain the free tuition fees now? How can you explain the free internet now in the public places? There are many more good things that the good Duterte Administration were done in a 1 year in the office and the media are still hiding all of these? Why? You got a small spot twisting good reason to this drug runner kid (used by his parents for so long to sell illegal drugs) to made him an innocent? Oh, c’mon!

          • Darl Chinchilla

            The Scandinavian countries have “open prisons” were criminals are treated as human beings and allowed to work,earning money which they can use to buy daily necessities and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While I would of course not expect a prison such high quality from our country, we had already been taking positive steps with the handicraft-making inmates of Bulacan and the dancing inmates of Cebu. It is simply sad that due to our failure of a president that we are currently taking steps backwards.

          • jern dion

            I said multiple crimes?… You did your research for 2 days and yet it is not accurate? My goodness, do again your research garbage minion.

          • jern dion

            I said multiple crimes?… You did your research for so long and yet it is not accurate? My goodness, do again your research garbage minion.

          • Darl Chinchilla

            Dude, my “research” took like 10 minutes. It would do you good to read up on things for at least that long each day. And no, the crap that comes out off Mocha doesn’t count.

            In any case, yes, some of the criminals in open prisons are repeat offenders… of course there are less of them than first offenders…. wanna know why? Because the prisons actually make an effort to reform people, and as such they do not resort back to crime when they get out.

          • jern dion

            Mocha? Is she our topic for this conversation or you like her? Criminals with multiple crimes done in the country, then you said you should reform them? Like what all the garbage like you said, that the Philippines should legalized illegal drugs like Shabu? If you want to reform the addicts here in the Philippines then why your favorite Aquino Admin did not include any Rehabilitation Center on their projects Noynoy Aquino’s term to rehabilitate those addicts who committed multiple crimes? By the way, who do you want to be the President of the Philippines?

          • Darl Chinchilla

            1. I never said that I liked the P-Noy administration.
            2. I never said that I wanted to legalize drugs. Instead they should be decriminalized, drug users are victims, the true criminals are the pushers and suppliers. (And before you make your next comment, please look up what “decriminalization” means)
            3. Yes, I want multiple offenders to be reformed. You know why? Because it has been shown to work, unlike whatever crap our fentanyl-addicted President is trying to push.

          • jern dion

            Who is your President then?

          • jern dion

            What is the name of your President?

  • Yuko Takei

    An apology from the NCRPO Regional Director is useless. We cry justice for this boy!!!

  • Xylana Aulfem

    Explains why so many people leave the philippines… Too much stupidity

  • niuginicebeer2009

    Kung wala ng shabu ..hindi na maaabot yong kagustuhan ni Du30 na sa termino niya may pinatay na 4 na million..hindi niya malalampasan si Hitler..isa lang naman ang gusto ni Du30..mailagay siya sa word history..sa dami ng pinapatay…

  • niuginicebeer2009

    Bakit ibang iba ang ginagawang tokhang sa mga gated subdivision kumpara sa tokhang na ginagawa sa mga slum area…..sa mga gated subdivision hindi nga magawa ng pulis na pumasok sa loob ng bahay..pero sa slum area na puro mahihirap ang nakatira halos parang hayop kung ituring ng mga pulis…kala ko ba malapit sa puso ni du30 ang mga mahihirap…

  • Bonga Go

    Puntangginaa mo inspector cerilo. PNPA ka pa man. Ako nalang barilin mo. Animal ka. Kala mo wala kang kamatayan ha.

    • Ako Pinoy

      At itong taong ito pagmagsalita e parang pusa na may siyam na buhay.

  • Joyce

    Those policemen should be kicked out of the service if what the witness said is true and pay up for their crime. Justice should be given to the 17yo, Kian.

    • Ako Pinoy

      Both father and Kian’s look like drug users if not sellers also. S wait until all facts are gathered before making a conclusion.

      • Joyce

        You’re opinion is their physical outlook “looking like drug users if not sellers”….
        A lot of facts have been gathered already.

      • Tee Nam Pai

        yeah??? and by the way, duterte also looks like a drug user. . . . and he admitted to using that drug F. . . . . there are facts already, so does it mean we are free to conclude?. . . . .

  • wilms1963

    mga g(*&(^%& at )(*)^(&) ……
    at least yung adik…alam mo kung bakit gumagawa ng krimen…
    etong mga pulis na mga ito…mas matindi..kahit hindi naka droga..pumapatay ng walang kalaban laban at wala naman kasalanan…,,,,
    mga salot…..kahit sino na lang basta na lang papatayin….
    dapat sa mga ito katayin…

    • Ako Pinoy

      Hey, you jump into conclusions already. But assuming your conclusions are correct, there is nothing with police campaign against drugs and criminalities. Any police that abuses their authority is subject to the full force of the law. However, politicizing it like what LP and the Catholic Church and their media allies are hypocritical. They don’t care for any Kian. They only care is get politically strong again and replace the people’s chocie with an elite choice – the Bautista – Aquino candidate: Leni.

      • wilms1963

        im talking about the police who are abusive…with criminal minds…
        hangga ngayon ba hindi ka nananiwalang NAGTATANIM SILA NG MGA EBIDENSYA? yan sabi ni digong diba? remember..kung walang makitang ebidensya tamnan nyo?
        at yun nga …ano ba sabi ni digong..kahit mali yung mga pulis kakampihan nya at bibigyan ng pardon..
        .. masyadong kang tutok sa mga LP ,catholic church…
        marami rin na hindi LP o mga kaparian ang against na sa nangyayari dito..
        at isa pa…sino magrereklamo kung hindi sila..
        e masyado ng bulag at uhaw sa dugo yung 16M….
        kahit nga suspect palang at wala pang matibay na ebidesya..GUSTO SALVAGE AGAD…THEY DONTBELEIVE ANYMORE SA DUE PROCESS…

  • Mil Ecila

    This stupid president insists on killing small time pushers & users but is very quiet when the billions worth of smuggled shabu from china was intercepted. Why doesn’t this psychopath go after the big time drug syndicates? Is it because his son is allegedly a friend of one of the suspects? Or is his son is allegedly involved in the smuggling of shabu from china? How much had been smuggled into the country that were not intercepted?

    • Mike Respall


    • Ako Pinoy

      He did. Unless you are a yellow hypocrite, you won’t recognize his achievements over drug campaign.

      • Tee Nam Pai

        yeah like killing a 17 year old kid begging for his life?., , ,o yes killing a prisoner inside the jail because he shoot it out with authorities, buti pa dati, at least pinapalabas pa ng presohan at doon babarilin. . ngayon dun na talaga sa loob ng selda titirahin, at gusto natin maganda tingin sa atin ng ibang bansa sa mga nangyayaring yan?. . . . hehehe

  • Manuela Zuniga

    Where are now the trolls, who praises Duterte from what he’s doing?Watch out you may also be the next target. PNP should be changed to patay n patay. They are like the ISIS, who kill for Duterte. Wake up and repent.

  • This is what we call The Tipping Point. Imagine that, a Duterte supporter, who is not into drugs, being murdered by his idol.

    • jack hawkins

      Or one could theorized that a “Dutz supporter, who is NOT INTO DRUGS (lol) being murdered by”….Dutz’s enemies, as a sacrificial lamb (ala Ninoy the media-fabricated “hero”) to make the Gov’t look bad.

      You see, malicious insinuations work both ways too! ;P

    • Ako Pinoy

      Tipping point??? Hahaha. The tipping point is Aquino and all his generals are behind bars including senators who are involved into drugs.

      • Tee Nam Pai

        may kaso po ba about drugs sa kanila?. . kahit yata si loot wala silang isinampang kaso eh. . . . papano mapupunta yan sa preso?. . .

  • HarrisMD

    It is so mind boggling that Du30 has never expressed anger over the 6 billion worth of meth that slipped into the country. Everybody should ask the same question, why is that? His fake war on drugs is just a facade showing that he is fighting against drugs to cover the truth that he is a protector of druglords, and one of them is his son.

  • jern dion

    So many of stupid Liberal party minions are seeing a small spot to put a blamed to this good Duterte administration without any good proofs all? How many of you here are from idiot daily inquirer news? How hard for you to live in a normal wages without the good lifestyle come from illegal drugs money? To all garbage in the Philippines, you should all live in a proper way, be fair and learned how to be equal!


    Sen.Ping Lacson” I wonder why he’s not hitting hard on the Customs people responsible, directly or indirectly for the apparent free flow into the country of tons of high grade meth coming from China? Because the alleged principal importer is his son the vice mayor of Davao City. Sino sira ulo magpapasok ng P6.4B worth ng Shabu sa BoC kung hindi ka powerful na anak ng sira ulong presidente na parati naka FENTANYL..Aber?

  • Alex

    All these killings are attributed to the war on drugs that this killer president wants to do – kill, plant evidence, promote abusive policemen, and give rewards to those he wanted out (dead or alive) no questions asked. History has some of these madmen who led their country to perdition. One day, karma will catch up with this wannabe Hitler.