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Senate to seek China’s help on P6.4-B shabu smuggled through BOC


by Mario Casayuran and Hannah Torregoza

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee will try to dig deeper into the entry of 605 kilos of “shabu” (methamphetamine hydrochloride) valued at P6.4 billion into the country last May, with the Senate leadership to formally ask China for more information on the arrest of several Chinese linked to shabu smuggling from Xiamen, China.

Senator Richard J. Gordon, committee chairman, said he would ask Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III to send the letter to China, probably through the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), in accordance with agreements between the Philippines and China.

A Chinese official had earlier assured the Philippine government that his government would try to help in preventing the export of shabu to the Philippines where President Duterte has been carrying on an anti-drugs campaign since assuming office last July, 2016.

Gordon said he and his fellow senators are not satisfied with the reaction of President Duterte – which he described as a “whimper” – to reports that he was allowing Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon to continue holding on to his post.

This contrasts with his “hue and cry” against many found involved in corruption and in illegal drug shipments, he said.

As his committee resumes tomorrow its public hearing on the huge shabu smuggling incident, Gordon said he is ready to recommend to the President a full revamp at the BOC involving not only people but also procedures. “There ought to be a school for Customs personnel to learn honesty and be strict in their work,” he said.”

“I will be strongly disappointed (with the President) if he gives Faeldon a free pass like all others,” Gordon said, in reference to the President’s “kid gloves” treatment of Police Supt. Marvin Marcos who was involved in the killing of Albuera, Leyte, Rolando Espinosa, father of alleged drug lord Kerwin Espinosa, in his Leyte jail cell last year.

Gordon, however, said the President deserves the benefit of the doubt as he might have information that he and other senators are not privy to.”

The focus of the public hearing on Tuesday is still on the alleged corruption and incompetence at the BOC, he said.

Gordon said the committee will seek to determine why and who among the Customs personnel allowed the shipment to be given preferential treatment by assigning it to the “green lane” instead of the “red lane.”

Under a standing Customs circular, all shipments from China are supposed to undergo strict inspection in the “red lane.”

What assurance can customs bureau leadership give that future shipments will be inspected thoroughly by honest and dedicated personnel so that illegal or dangerous drugs do not flow into the country, he added.

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  • lando

    why would you seek support from the country that is producing and exporting shabu to PI….maybe that is the plan all along and it is working and will work – to conquer the country and its people by flooding it with drugs…i have not seen drug-sniffing dogs pictured at BOC…maybe it is planned not to use drug sniffing dogs to allow drug shipments to get thru and into public use…so Duterte can kill 50 million alleged drug addicts/users but turns blind eyes on the agencies and officials allowing drugs to get into the country….it requires very little IQ to know that there is 100% chance large shipments of drugs will come from other Asian countries or other foreign countries (re-routed shipments) and they are automatic suspects…it’s common sense and you do not require a senate to get help from anywhere…just employ hundreds of drug sniffing dogs and terminate all filipino BOC workers who are allowing shipments to go thru…I tell you, the over population of the philippines have made money from whatever source (especially drugs) rule over justice and everything good this country should be following…the fillipino credo in PI- POLITICIANS AND GOVT. WORKERS ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL

  • guest

    Gordon said the committee will seek to determine why and who among the Customs personnel allowed the shipment to be given preferential treatment by assigning it to the “green lane” instead of the “red lane.”

    I think there should be someone who signed this.

  • Paking

    Despite Idioterte’s supposed intense drive against illegal drug, those at BOC ignore him and continue with their corrupt practice. Therefore, immediate revamp from top to bottom of BOC is a must. Otherwise, Idioterte’s fight against drug is merely “Lip Service”.

    • maverich

      great. and who do you think will qualify to be next BOC officials? hehehe

  • bogli_anakdami

    Imburnal flipland senatongs to tsekwas: BITIN ANG KOTONG/LAGAY… DAGDAGAN, WAKANGA!!!!

  • tarikan

    Dig deeper? Comm. Faeldon might spill the beans! Davao Group, Davao Group this is Manila Group do you hear me, over? Davao Group, Davao Group this is Manila Group DO YOU EAR ME, OVER??? Answer me Davao Group..pick up the foooking phone! We are in deep shayt, over and out!

  • Ros Feliciano

    Put behind bars ALL those who are corrupt BOC officials and confiscate all their illegal possessions.

  • Felipe Torres

    Gordon is grandstanding. His job is legislative not executive. Pumapapel lang yan.

  • Meltdown

    Never in PH history someone with powerful connection was allowed to bring in P6.4 Billion shabu directly in BOC. Son of DuDirty, Paolo, was identified as the person behind the smuggling of illegal drugs. DuDirty and DOJ secretary Peluka Boy Aguirre should recuse themselves from the case and should allow an independent investigation from congress and NBI as fact finder in one of the biggest drug smuggling in PH history.

  • James O Sullivan

    Why should China give any help? The plot was already exposed thanks ONLY to China. They have probably already arrested many on the Chinese side. How many have been arrested in the Philippines? As usual the drug Lords will walk free while the poor victims are slaughtered by the Duterte Gestapo. Any talk about drug war here is a mere sham to eliminate opposition and make way for one really big drug-lord.