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China to hire 100,000 Filipino household workers – DOLE


by Samuel Medenilla

Amid the country’s improving diplomatic relations with China, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said on Friday that the Asian superpower is now eyeing to hire thousands of Filipino household service workers (HSWs).

Earlier this month, representatives from the Chinese government met with Labor Undersecretary Dominador Say to discuss the possibility of the deployment of Filipino HSWs in five major cities in China, which includes Beijing and Shanghai.

“We talked about their plan to open China for Filipino household service workers…They said they are considering hiring 100,000 (Filipino) HSWs per month,” Say said in an interview.

During the exploratory talk, Say said, the Chinese officials inquired about the country’s recruitment regulations for HSWs.

“They said they decided to approach us only now since there are now many Chinese families who could now afford to hire Filipino HSWs,” Say said.

He said the Chinese officials also considered “the religious and peaceful culture” of Filipinos as well as their proficiency in speaking the English language.

“They said the Filipino may be able to help their children to speak English,” Say said.

Say noted the Chinese government will send delegates to the Philippines in September to formally discuss the specifics of the planned deployment of Filipino HSWs to China.

He said DOLE is seriously considering the proposal since HSWs in China are highly paid.

“Some are paid as much as 1,000 dollars per month,” Say said.

To recall, the Chinese government recently extended several economic assistance to the Philippines following previous pronouncements from President Rodrigo Duterte that he seeks to strengthen the country’s diplomatic ties with China.

Some diplomatic experts have expressed their concern over this development since it may weaken the Philippines’s claims over the prevailing Philippine-China territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea.

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  • Meltdown

    This is a stunning news development where millionhs of China’s overcrowding population will hire domestic helper doesn’t make sense unless this action is in line lifting DuDirty’s chair to come up with Chinese mutual-relationship.

    • Paking

      Be very careful…China is the most cunning country in the world…while they have billion people and certainly have enough internal supply of household help….why hire Filipinos? So, before everybody gets excited and gets carried away, what’s the catch?

      • Meltdown

        Thank you Paking for the heads-up but I have been very careful of what I commented on and I have enough good understanding of Chinese manipulation dominating not only Asia but around the world. Donal Trump was a victim.

        • Paking

          You are right! Small and weak countries like the Philippines is an easy prey to China especially under a president whose mouth works better than his brain.

          • Meltdown

            Good riddance! I surmised Chinese manipulation does not only apply to a weak or small country with a weak president whose mouth works better than brain but also to a world power like US where president mouth works faster than the brain who was made to believe China will address the nuclear problem of NKorea but in fact the main benafactor.

          • Paking

            It will be interesting to see how Trump would react against China after he realizes that he has been taken for a ride.

          • Meltdown

            Trump could have been aware of the consequences as drama expert after meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jin-Ping in White House with lavished dinner with entire families and closed supporters, few days after business products of Trump daughter Ivanka’s were branded (product promotion) by China nationwide.

          • Paking

            If Trump and Xi Jin-Ping will just play their game then the North Korea crisis will remain as-is.

          • Meltdown

            I am sure NKorean crisis will be on a status quo specially when it comes to it lunatic leader and of course thru the full logistic and financial support from China who is responsible for the development of NKorean nuclear and ballistic missiles. There are rumors of ‘First Pre-emptive Strike’ against NKorea from Trump administration but it could be just a psychological warfare considering megalithic destruction of properties and losses of lives specially when China is involved in military confrontation. Recent public statement made by US secretary claiming NKorea is not an enemy and US is willing to talk with ‘pre-condition’ is a sign of weakness from US president where prior US presidents including international communities thru UN have never succumbed to NKorean style of terrorism and hostage taking. Unfortunately here comes the US president appear giving up negotiating to clear international terrorist demand.

          • Paking

            Obviously, not enough effort was exerted to force North Korea to set aside its Nuclear Missile development program. Now that it has Nuclear Missiles, it will be more difficult to negotiate. It is sad that in this modern age of communication, peace is elusive because of people like Kim Jong-Un who remains stubborn even if his people are suffering.

          • Meltdown

            As a matter of fact lots of international efforts were made for the last several years including UN and US/allies tough sanctions but because of Chinese spoon feeding despite of NKorean dying economy and starving population none of international communities efforts has ever affected NKorea and continue developing a nuclear deterrent. However there is no concrete evidence yet that NKorea has the nuclear capability other than ground testing and ballistic missile test. To my understanding Chinese fruition of having a nuclear armed allies in Asia as part of domination is the main intent. China is aware of the fact that its military has no match against US but because of closed military ties with Russia US is in precaurious situation specially when Trump relationship with NATO nuclear armed allies begins to erode. Current sanction imposed by US congress against Russian for meddling in election as signed by US president will have a little effect considering US allies were not involved in the sanction, it is a weak sanction.

          • Paking

            China, cunning as it is, has gone unchecked for the past decades. The US have many problems both internal and external and letting China do as it pleases is going to be a big problem later.

          • Meltdown

            President Obama has kept his nose on Chinese leader including shifting of US naval forces in Asia but yet still in a very limited scope where big chunks of US $13 Trillion debts is owned by China. Chinese leader has amassed great fortunes deposited in offshore bank but not as big as Russian Putin amounting to nearly $250 Billion making him the richest world leader. Whether we like it or not China will enventually enclave the entire Asia under its control and referring to PH president as a classic example including toying of the current US president whose foreign policy is way way out of context.

          • Paking

            China will always have the bait and anyone who gets caught will pay a dear price. At least, the US being strong and capable have the ability to neutralize China’s cunning maneuvers but not Duterte who did not only bit a chunk of the Chinese bait but swallowed it all. At the end of the day, it will be next to impossible to undo the sell-out of the Philippines to China by Duterte.

          • Meltdown

            China is a business shrewed where return of investment is always been expected to be quadrupled or more. The most profitable and beneficial Chinese investment is the acquisition and development of PH shoal along West PH Sea closed to PH Manampalataya hitting three birds in one stone. The first should official ownership of island is obtained, vast energy reserves along the area will generate millions dollars of income on continuing basis including relentless of supply of energy required in running China’s industrial, military and civilians power need. Second, China can officially claim all territories within 200-miles as EEZ and expand transformation of islands into military fortress enough to gain control of the West PH Sea and endagering the national security of Asean countries particularly Japan. But Japan is safe from Chinese intrusion as long as US troops remain stationed. Finally, the ability imposing control on international maritime and airspace passge in South China Sea giving China the total dominance in the region.

            You are right, US as superpower can maintain military check and balance including political influence in Asia but not until Trump is the president unless sooner impeached for collusion with Russia, obstruction of justice and other criminal cases involving unlawful financial transactions.

  • tarikan

    This certifies that the Philippines is the world’s biggest exporter of household help. Careful PH government baka 100,000 potential drug couriers yan tuwing magbabakasyon sa Pinas. Additioal target na naman yan ng tokhang: Oplan DH – China.

  • UngovernablePhil

    Get a slave for 1k a month. Sad state of reality. Smh.

  • Dutertard

    To most of my fellow FIlipino.. this is a trap.. don’t consider this offer by CHina.. I know most OFW working in CHina.. and I tell you.. their stpries are the worst horror stories.. they worked there like slaves for a mere compensation working 18 Hrs a day… then they are not allowed to go outside of their factories.. they were treated like animals.. they were only allowed to buy in the factory owned groceries for a price 3x the price outside and only a simple meal can buy for their very little salary.. dont consider working there.. Chinese are the worst people on Earth..