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Gov’t rolls out national ID system


by Genalyn Kabiling

A national identification (ID) system will soon be established after President Duterte gave the green light to the project aimed at improving the delivery of government services.

In the proposed 2018 national budget, the President has allocated P2 billion for the Philippine Statistics Authority to roll out the “biometrics-based national ID system.”

Duterte said the national ID project would help ease the delivery of social services, particularly to ensure that only rightful recipients of the government’s P89.4-billion conditional cash transfer program would enjoy such benefits.


“With built-in Europe, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) chips containing an individual’s personal information and biometric, the national ID will ensure the effective implementation of government services, more specifically social benefits and transfers to entitled individuals,” Duterte said in his budget message to Congress.

He said the national ID system could also be used for applications for passport, driver’s license, and other services from agencies such as Social Security System, Government Service Insurance System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Home Development Mutual Fund, and the National Bureau of Investigation.


The government has allocated some P89.4 billion for the CCT program to benefit 4.4 million poor households next year. The poverty alleviation program includes educational grants, livelihood aid, and health services for the beneficiaries.

The President said the government would be strict when it comes to the eligibility requirements of the CCT and in monitoring whether or not the beneficiaries are moving out of the poverty line.

For 2018, the government also proposed P7.1 billion to help jobless Filipinos with technical-vocational skills training and financial assistance.

Around P25.7 billion from the proceeds of the tax reform package will cover the “unconditional cash transfer” of P200 per month or P2,400 for a year for the country’s 10 million poorest households.

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  • Constitutional_Rights

    Lucrative business for ID producers, this is what all about this project. How ludicrous using ID system as leverage in improving social services in the where government services and relief can’t even reach people from rural areas ever since. Creating a national ID system is an effective tools for political gain instead of benefits to Filipinos specially to those bobotantes and those with no permanent address.

    • lance ceellot

      suggest ka na naman kung ano mabuti.. dada ng dada, kapital ang bunganga

  • da

    A no-nonsense ID system can be an effective deterrent for corruption, crimes, red-tape and security.

    While some freedom is lost, among those lost is the ability to plunder freely, make billions of shady deals and smuggling, economic sabotage. All bank transactions, communications, and activities can be tracked and verified quickly, accurately for instance. The plunderers, smugglers, launders and bribers will have to carry their loots in huge sacks.

    This will be a nightmare for all kind of shady chinese and local businessmen, extortionist politicians, government enforcers and all sorts of government and private sector crooks. An full automated, 100% monitoring, recording, tracking of all transactions, activities with flags and alarms, search and data mining cap., is enough to detect, track and neutralize the crooks.

    But it can never be entrusted dishonest government agencies and officials – and that means absolutely all agencies, but to a third party.

    Just look at the DFA, LTO, NBI, SSS, GSIS, COA, LTFRB, DepEd, AFP, etc – bantay-salakay, fixers, payroll padders, etc, the whole government machineries.

    This is one problem – how to make it incorruptible, precise in implementation and execution. A

    Of course the politicians, senate and congress, the lawyers/liars/unproductive-parasites will never allow it – they will lose their constitutional rights to help themselves and their partners…

    But for just being a bunch of mostly undisciplined, lazy, immoral, thieves and beggars of a race, peanut-size-brained and unfit for anything worthwhile, we need it more than anyone else in the world.

    mostly we don’t have conscience and morality, weak and lazy, so easy to fall into wicked deeds and traps, what else will deter us?