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Eight arrested after US tourist beaten to death in Greece


By Agence France-Presse

Greek police said Saturday that they had made eight arrests, including six Serbian nationals, after an American tourist was beaten to death in a bar on the island of Zante.

Greece Map credit: Google Maps|Manila Bulletin

Greece Map credit: Google Maps|Manila Bulletin

Police said they detained the Serbians after viewing CCTV footage, having already arrested a Greek barman and a British bouncer of Serbian origin after a violent altercation Thursday night in the popular resort of Lagana.

The eight are suspected of fatally battering Bakari Henderson, a 22-year-old Afro-American who was with a group of friends, following an argument.

A police source told AFP that both groups had been drinking heavily.

Greek media reported that the parents of the victim, who suffered serious head injuries and was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital, were expected to arrive on Zante later Saturday.

Alcohol-related violence also led to the 2011 death in Lagana of a 19-year-old British tourist following a fight with two Greek taxi drivers.

Three years earlier, two bar workers fatally beat an Australian tourist on the island of Mykonos.

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  • Draintheswamps

    Stupid punks. Im so surprised it was afro americans. Cant handle their alcohol. Then get themselves killed. Did obama pay for this trip too?

    • S A S

      Are you stupid? It was the savage serbs that started the brawl by walking up to the Americans and breaking a bottle on their table. You need a lesson on reading comprehension.

      • Draintheswamps

        Ahhh ok. So now youre Starting a fight with me?
        Learn a lesson moron. When you are in another country you need to learn the customs. Many places share tables with multiple people using. A bunch of american blacks which in many countries blacks are not liked should not be trying to dictate the customs of another country. Yea, it went too far but the way you act in the usa will not be tolerated in other countries. These millenials are just another example of the false obama culture which has doomed many millenials.

        • S A S

          No there is no fight started here just a reply based on statements made out of ignorance. Ignorance such as stating that only Black Americans create problems when going to bars and clubs. As for learning lessons and customs when in someone else’s country there is a plethora of Eurotrash and illegals from Central and South America and Asia that you can have that conversation with. There are a great many of them here in the U.S. Knowing Serbs and their culture 9 chances out of 10 they started it. Serbs aren’t Greek by the way, in regards to your statement about going to another’s country and dictating the rules.

          • Draintheswamps

            Lol. As if you havent noticed the usa has its share of many truckloads of trash.
            Your liberal monkey on your back keeps nagging you to be defiant and not accept blame where it is due.
            If you have 1 ounce of common sense you know the entire situation could have been avoided. The point is not if the serbians were greek or whatever who cares. Again you lie stating I said black americans go around making problems. I did not say that.Last time, I said many countries and cultures do not like black people. Its a fact. The usa again is one of few places that gives attention to this. These millenial blacks americans and appearant servbians clashed, either could have walked away.
            Case in point as I said when in another country learn the culture, know who is around you and in todays world know what is happening around and where are the people from. Some of these people would kill you just as look at you. Again, they had many social issues against them and they played them out to their demise.
            Im done talking with you. Thanks for your liberal death spiral advice.

          • S A S

            If you have one ounce of sense you know it wasn’t going to be avoided if both parties were heavily drunk as stated. And if I’m a liberal as you state then you must be a card carrying communist. So who should be accepting the blame from this?

          • Draintheswamps

            Couldnt resist responding to your liberalized stupidity in the name of letting other
            morons see the truth.
            You have just stated that because someone is inebriated they cannot control themselves. I dont know what mental hospital or cave or jail you are chatting from but you are completely out of your mind.

          • NewYorkJohn

            No one is bigger trash than you and your mother.

          • Draintheswamps

            Here we go people either american or euro trash hard at work. Look at this comment and study it carefully this is what you are dealing with. Oh , forgot to reply , question scumbag I know who my mother is, Do you? Father also for that matter? Lol

          • NewYorkJohn

            Like I said…youre mother is trash. Got that sbag.

        • S A S

          But I definitely agree on the millennial issue.

      • cg 98366

        YHA! because the media never lies and you were there!

      • jj

        No, it says they had been arguing before the fight, and a Greek barman was involved too, so it is not just the Serbs who were angry at him.

      • Marg

        Wasn’t it because the American was gay and he and his friends were acting like typical pajama boy American gay boys thinking they could taunt and flirt with bruts? That is the most hated by Serbians!

    • Warren Jackson Jackson

      Peace brother !

    • Javier Gonzalez

      Dude” Don’t know nor care what hole you crawled from, but do us all a favor and crawl back! We don’t need your foul mouth spewing racist bigotry ignorance jumbo mambo. Must take a lot of guts for you to talk smack….no cojones”

      • Draintheswamps

        Face reality amigo. Go over there and lets see what happens to your hispanic ass. Lol. GTF outta here. Hispanics are a failed race without the usa and white americans who let them in . Shut up.

    • SomeTingWicked

      Where do I mail the troll t-shirt? We wanna drop you off there so they can kick you in the head for saying something so stupid. Couple of kicks should get you going like a tired old truck in WI during the winter.

    • NewYorkJohn

      Youre a coward but you already knew that.

  • OrangeCountyCA4

    Serbians are savage beasts, just like Russians.

    • Draintheswamps

      They are all animals. The blacks from the usa had
      no business being in that place.

  • Marg

    I’m eagarly awaiting the #BlackLivesMatter morons to announce they are going to Greece to march! Oh wait….my bad….that only happens when one of their same skin color is killed by police!

    • NewYorkJohn

      Yes you got that right. Thats what BLM advocateS for. Just like the KKK advocates for what they advocate for. See how that works.Im thinking of stating a group myself. Im going to call it MIAC. Marg is a Coward. And we will advocate that all people named Marg are cowards.