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We killed 10 Maute snipers yesterday – Año  

By Francis T. Wakefield
The country’s top military general said on Sunday that soldiers are defeating the Maute Group day by day in Marawi City, reporting that 10 enemy snipers have just been killed over the weekend.

A soldier takes aim at militant positions from a rooftop in Marawi City as fierce combat between government troops and Maute Group terrorists. (AFP/Noel Celis)

A soldier takes aim at militant positions from a rooftop in Marawi City as fierce combat between government troops and Maute Group terrorists continue. (AFP/Noel Celis)

“Just yesterday (Saturday), we killed 10 enemy snipers. Every day, we reduce their numbers but at a cost of really,” said General Eduardo Año, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff.

He said that despite the difficulty of battling pockets of resistance in Marawi, soldiers area painstakingly getting headway with their mission of defeating the enemy.

“There’s a lot of effort of doing this with the safety of the civilians, trapped civilians and minimizing the destruction of properties,” he told The Manila Bulletin.

Año said based on their estimate there are between 120 to 130 Maute fighters still fighting government troops.

In previous interviews, military officials have given a timeline or deadlines in ending the Maute Group’s siege of Marawi City, but this time Año stopped short of doing so.

“Hindi pwedeng mag-impose ng timeline o deadline (We cannot impose any timeline or deadline),” he said.

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  • JustaPassingThought2015

    “…at a cost of really”, what?

    • Clinton Laker

      cost the
      life of our soldiers

      • Wong Fu

        The cost of freedom.

    • leomar101

      bwahahahah kawawa ka naman.

  • Mighty Eagle

    I thought they got 20 snipers with one bullet. tall tales

    • leomar101

      A stupid comment from an idiot like you. Which nobody believed. But the statement of motabato in the senate that he was able to shot the victim 30 times but did not die until duterte finished him off was credible and true according to trillanes. bwahahahaha The LP’s and yellow dogs believed that story. bwahahahaha. morons can be identified with statements like this.

      • Mighty Eagle

        Fk off baboy

        • leomar101

          hehehehe dogs are always like that when they are hit they bark. bwahahahaha

          • Mighty Eagle

            Baboy wisdom is very unenlightening. I would’ve thought dogs cried/whimpered when hit..
            I’m not into abusing animals.

          • leomar101

            and the dog’s wisdom is very loathsome for they know only how tofuckand nothing more. hahahahha. dogs when hit barks unendlessly. hahahaha

          • Mighty Eagle

            For a split micro second I thought..Could it be?? An actual thought outof a baboy?? but no… Just more of the same peenoise

          • leomar101

            asus at siya ay pig head katulad ng mongoloid aquino. har har har. I will give it back to you what you said 10 times more. har har har pig head.

          • Mighty Eagle

            Aquino is your chinoy baboy race. You insult yourself and disgrace own race.

          • leomar101

            asus sa loob ng 6 na taon ay binababoy ng animal na aquino na yan ang mamayan Pilipino.

          • Mighty Eagle

            Chinoys who are turning Philippines into china= the current and former presidents Rodrigo Duterte, Benigno Aquino III, Cory Aquino, Sergio Osmeña, and Ferdinand Marcos, former senators Nikki Coseteng, Alfredo Lim, and Roseller Lim, as well as several governors, congressmen, and mayors throughout the Philippines. Many ambassadors and recent appointees to the presidential cabinet are also Chinoys like Arthur Yap.

          • Wong Fu

            Tanga Ungoy can only fight back with racist slander and foul language.

      • Mighty Eagle

        Good the ignorant baboys finally figured out bullets are for shooting and not tanim-bala/putting in tourists bags at airport.

  • Taong Gubat

    Good Job.

  • Anonymous

    Get ’em all. There is no place for them in the Philippines.

  • jeff

    galing ng pose ng soldier aah, walang telescope yong armalite. going up pa ang sight.

    • Wong Fu

      Jeff, they make a poor choice of photo’s on all the war coverage. Not really the press’s fault because they can’t get into the city to photo and report. That’s not likely a soldier shooting at a sniper. A scope on small arms in inappropriate for city fighting. Scopes are very had to use up close and rarely used in battle on weapons as shown in the photo. AFP’s 50 cal are nicely setup for sniping the sniper :) However, I also wish for better support, arms and equipment for these Pinoy Heros!


    • Renato Richie Neri Jr

      may problema bah pre!?

      • jeff

        ilang kaya sa sampong maute snipers ang tinamaan ng sundalo?

  • Wong Fu

    The Mighty Ungoy strikes back with his hate and racism. I’ll repost the best way to handle his type, the uncivilized, hater racists. In my opinion his hatred toward all Asians, especially Filipinos and his racists comments are clearly against the policies of Disqus. I encourage everyone to determine on their own if they have been harassed or if the comments are racially offensive. I am proud to stand by Filipinos any way I can, and reposting this information it an act of defending you against slanderous remarks post here and all over MB:

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    manila.bulletin@gmail.com as well as visiting the offenders disqus
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    When I looked up the reporting mechanism at disqus, I
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    I do not recommend anyone report another user
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  • Mr Askal

    Magagalit CHR nyan naviolate ng AFP at state ang human right ang mga sniper ng Maute ayon sa presentation nila. Lagot ka Ano demanda ka nila sa ICC dahil di mo sila hinuli ng buhay at binigyan ng pagkakataon mag

    • jolo asil

      bago ka magpost nang kung anu-ano e aralin mo muna ang mandato nang CHR na inaatake mo. Ang maute ay idineklarang terorista…ang ibig sabihin nang tatak na terorista ay otomatikong taga labag nang karapatang pang-tao…dahil ang karahasan na dulot nila ay walang pinipili…hindi na kailangang magsalita nang CHR tungkol sa maute! Ang kamangmangan, kapag pina-iral, galit lang ang dala. Payo ko sa iyo, wag ka magpadala sa kamangmangan mo…magbasa basa ka!

      • Mr Askal

        Di ba galit pinapairal ng nga CHR at mga anti duterards na mga yellowtards. Di bigyan ng pagkakataon ang presidente na makapagatrabaho at ayosin ang mga basora at bulok na iniwan ni Pnoy at kapartido nyang LP na lahat ngayon sinisisi kay Digong.

        • jolo asil

          Ang sabi ko, aralin mo ang mandato nang CHR! Sa komento mo, halatang di mo sinubukan man lang inaral…kasi haka haka mo lang ang mga sinasabi mo…walang basehan dahil di mo alam kung bakit ang pamahalaan ang pinagsasabihan nang CHR…magbasa ka..para di mangmang ang dating mo!

  • part21

    the leas of them, the better


    This is not a sniper he is a foot soldier positioning and may be surrounding the terrorists. to those who comment about this picture please be informed that snipers are never exposed, their personality are always kept secret.