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April 27 declared as Lapu-Lapu Day


By Genalyn Kabiling 

President Duterte has declared April 27 of every year as Lapu-Lapu Day in honor of first Filipino hero who defended the country from Spanish invasion.



Proclamation No. 200 honoring the legendary Mactan ruler was signed by President last Wednesday but released only late Thursday afternoon by the Palace.

“On April 27, 1521, the Battle of Mactan was fought and won by Lapu-Lapu and his men to repulse the Spanish invaders,” the the proclamation read. “It is but fitting and proper that Lapu-Lapu be given the highest honor and that his legacy be remembered by all Filipinos through appropriate ceremonies,” it added.

The proclamation noted that Lapu-Lapu is among the first of the Filipino forefathers who fought against foreign domination. His heroism has been recognized as a representation of the Filipino people’s love of freedom and capability to rise above adversity, according to the Palace.

“Lapu-Lapu left us a legacy of freedom through his leadership, extraordinary bravery, courage and love for his own land,” the proclamation read.

It was President Duterte who broke the news about declaring Lapu-Lapu a hero during an interview with reporters at the Palace on Thursday (April 27). The proclamation was released to the media more than an hour later.

The President has often taken pride of Lapu-Lapu in his public speeches, saying he should be given the proper tribute he rightfully deserves.

Duterte said Lapu-Lapu stood for Filipinos against the Spanish colonizers but has not been given recognition by local historians. His memory has even been demoted to a fish, he lamented.

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  • alas.kador nga

    first non Pinoy hero of this country.

    • DP Brigz

      So sino pala ang first pinoy hero, ha?! Ulol!! Di mo na maibabalik ang happy days ninyo from 2010-16 which consisted nothing but yellow delusions!

    • DP Brigz

      Hala, inom pa ng ihi mula sa sagradong pribadong bukal ng Santa Corykong mo! Gagu!!!

    • kenjigraphics

      There may not be a nation of “Filipinos” back then but it does not mean that Lapu-Lapu cannot be seen as a symbol of early “Filipino” resistance against foreign aggressors. Lapu-Lapu’s identity is more fluid than the current constraints imposed by “national identity”.

      Since there was no “Philippines” back then, Lapu-Lapu’s identity could, therefore, be argued as tribal. But if he was a Muslim, then his identity could be argued as both tribal and “supranational” (just like how many Muslim Arabs see their identity today). For them, tribe and religion are oftentimes more important than national identity). After all, national identity was created for them by “Christian” and non-Arab conquerors (French, Russians, British, Turks, Americans, etc.)

      I remember reading an account of Pigafetta regarding Magellan’s slave, Enrique of Malacca, and he seems to have been able to speak the same language as the Cebuanos. So it is highly likely that Malay or the language spoken today in Malaysia was already spoken in Cebu by the time the Spanish came (probably as a lingua franca). Malay also shares a lot of Filipino vocabulary which suggests that this was indeed the case. This makes Lapu-Lapu’s supranational identity all the more important. He is, therefore, a hero, not only of the Philippines but of the Malay people in general.

  • Edmund Palomares

    Filipinos were discovered and known in the
    western world that we exist being smart for we were able to defeat foreign invaders that equipped with advanced weapon. To those who question his nationality cannot accept that VisMin warriors like Lapu-lapu are smarter than Rizal and Bonifacio who were killed and did not won war against the Spaniards. The Philippines only had freedom from Spaniards during the Spanish-American war in 1890’s where all countries colonized by Spaniards were also invaded by US and gave freedom to its local citizens( like Mexico and Philippines). Pls refer also Raha Humabon. Raha Sulayman, Lakandula, Diego Silang, Leon Kilat, Sikatuna, Dagohoy, etc…

  • Rey Maranan

    He should be and rightfully be the Philippines national hero. Nothing against Rizal, but he was handpicked by another invaders the americans if there should be a national hero of the Philippines that should be Lapu-Lapu!