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BIR likely to order Mighty Corp. closure next month


By Chino Leyco

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) said the government would likely issue a closure order for the manufacturing facilities controlled by embattled cigarette-maker Mighty Corp. next month.

P3.2 –B fake Mighty cigarettes uncovered in Bulacan (MANILA BULLETIN)

P3.2 –B fake Mighty cigarettes uncovered in Bulacan

BIR Commissioner Caesar Dulay said that Mighty Corp. may soon run out of raw materials for its cigarettes following the Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) order suspending the tobacco manufacturer’s importation permit.

Dulay also said that the massive number of fake stamps that were confiscated in Mighty Corp.’s warehouses warrant for the cancellation of its license to operate.

“If you recall the Bureau of Customs cancelled their authority to import the raw materials. You could imagine that within the next two or three months, if you don’t have the license, you [also] don’t have imported raw materials, how do you manufacture your cigarettes?” Dulay said.

Last week, the BOC denied the Mighty Corp’s petition to lift its suspension order against the company, saying the Wongchuking-owned firm failed to provide documents that would identify which shipments should be processed by authorities.


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  • Ros Feliciano

    In this presidency of DU30 no one can bribe government officials because there is no forgiveness in the vocabulary of the President when cheaters are discovered, even his best friend are fired. Is this a kind of good governance or not? The people have the right to know the answer. This is the big difference between Erap and DU30 where the former used to say when he was at the helm of guiding the destiny of our country that for him there is no “kompare” and “Walang mahirap kung walang karapsion”. For DU30 it is all about what he says he does and really he fires even his best friends when corruption is detected.

  • Mhike Marquez

    Kudos to the government fo r really standing firm on issues like this but somehow, the other sides of the story have to be considered also. Prrimarily, This company employs 6,000 people, if this company will be put to closure, how will the fate of these 6,000 people be and the economy in totality? Just saying.


      Thousands of employees were laid off when the great depression in the US happened, even more where laid off in the 2008 crisis, several thousands were laid off in one setting when a call center in Cebu was closed.
      Even more were left without work when the oil crisis hit last year.

      The Filipino people are resilient and we tend to find ways to make a decent living. We can’t afford to enrich a few crooks and make him a billionaire just because a thousand employees were employed by him. And besides these employees are for sure underpaid to the point of modern day slavery. While the crooks are lounging in billions from a product that will slowly kill you and the people around you.

      These employees will find a way, you shouldn’t worry because we Filipinos can live with what we have. But these billionaire crook had enslaved these decent employees for far too long already. They deserved better.