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Duterte bares plans to assert ownership of PH territories in South China Sea


By Genalyn Kabiling

The Philippines must “act fast” in occupying its islands in the South China Sea before it loses them to other claimants, President Duterte declared last Saturday, April 15.

President Duterte speaks to a crowd during a gathering at Lusail Sports Arena in Lusail, 20km north of the Qatari capital on April 15, 2017. (AFP PHOTO / KARIM JAAFAR / MANILA BULLETIN)

President Duterte speaks to a crowd during a gathering at Lusail Sports Arena in Lusail, 20km north of the Qatari capital on April 15, 2017.

The President shared his government’s plans to assert ownership of Philippine territories in the disputed sea during the Philippine-Qatar business forum in Doha, Qatar.

“With the movement of people there occupying the lands, I ordered my military to occupy the remaining 10 islands which are not inhabited, place our flag there, and put some structures,” Duterte said in his remarks.

“I claim these islands as property of the Philippines. It’s because everybody is grabbing every land there in the South China Sea so if we do not act fast, we will end up with nothing,” he added.

The President earlier ordered government troops to occupy and fortify the islands in the Kalayaan Group of Islands to further cement the country’s ownership.

After China expressed concern over the latest move, Duterte assured that no weapon system will be installed in its planned occupation of the islands. “We are just there to claim the island for us because that is really ours,” he said.

The President, meantime, warned other nations against intruding into Philippine-owned Benham Rise, which he has renamed as the “Philippine Ridge.”

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  • sikatuna

    just do it. you don’t need to broadcast. actually these are confidential so the adversaries will not act ahead of us. so pls mr president have some confidentiality or shut your mouth. lol

    • leonsayanib

      He really has no idea what to do… and he is doing this noisy useless bravado for show to the Pinoys that he has an “incredibly stupid” plan… and for the Chinese to hear so that should they just as whimper dislike… he will just as soon retract and blame the Yellow army for bunggling again!!! Pathetic!!!

  • Manuel Alcazarenito

    Sira ulo ka talaga Duterte.

  • Paul Parenas

    No balls against China! But to poor Filipinos – an ayatollah with no hesitation to kill……..

    • Benjunne Narciso

      Ur comment is as shallow as ur head, prakticaly speaking what can u sugest against china? Say at least one doable action against them?

      • Paul Parenas

        1) One doable action is for (Du30) the Philippines to stop buying Chinese products. If all SE Asian countries stop trading with the Chings, the Chinese economy will be greatly affected. 2) Deport all illegal Chinese. These Chings are controlling the economy, and controlling the lives of Filipinos.

        • mencioalba

          The best!

      • Manuel Alcazarenito

        Benjunne Narciso you are the shallow one, you are a Duterte supporter so you are an idiot because only idiots support a lunatic psychopath. The best that Duterte can do in the WPS is to ride his jetski to Panatag shoal and plant our flag there. I hope the Chinese will kill him and feed his stinky body to the sharks.

      • JoseRaul

        You are the shallow one and a scattered brain.

      • VJDO

        One doable action against them? Just shut up! Don’t say I will do this, I will do that and then later backtrack. In short, wag sobra yabang.

        • leubas

          Agree,,,, shut up,,,and do your job as the president,,,instead of talking and promoting yourself as a macho man,,,,,GROW UP!

    • ramon

      you are genius next election go for president and make good to our country asshole

  • Fred

    Lolz! After a few days babawiin din niya yan. Remember all of his actions pertaining to the West Philippine Sea are subject to China’s approval!

  • cRossMinDer

    hindi mangyayari yan sa tenure nya nya kasi una, hindi reliable ang mga pinagsasabi, pangalawa, pag sinabi ng China na wag gawin, ginagawa nya. kaya NGANGA..! magbigay ka ng ilang araw or a week lang at magbabago na ang statement na yan…

  • Civil_Rights

    Nonsense bared plans of taking ownership of PH territory occupied by stinking Chinese for a long time, another lies and deceit. He should have taken immediate steps of reclaiming the island the moment he assumed presidency but instead he started getting closer to China for protectionism. Filipinos are aware of his coy and pretext. I wonder why DuDirty is changing the course of his personal agenda and ideology when his impeachment in congress for treason and being a traitor to the country is shaping.

  • VJDO

    Plan no. 1: I will go to Scarborough shoal on a jet ski and plant our flag there.
    Plan no. 2: I will go to one of the islands occupied by Philippines and plant our flag.
    Plan no. 3: I will not do plans no. 1 and 2 because China will get angry.

    • leubas

      hahahhahah BAYOT !

    • Edgar Dignadice

      Nagawa na ba ang jetski? Aba. Ang tagal naman matapos?!

  • opinyonlangpo

    The Filipinos do not even know the existence of these territories until China reclaimed and occupied several islands. These South China Sea disputed territories were neglected by the Philippines and were never inhabited nor developed. It looks like all will be taken away by China without a single bullet fired. China is even dictating what Duterte can or can not do in regards to this issue. Better to wait for a response from China on whatever Duterte is planning to do. As usual, the final word will be from China.

  • angrycitizen

    Just stop talking about it and do it! Some things are better done first before being said.

  • leubas

    SHUT UP,,, do your job, instead of concentrating too much how to be a macho man,,,,na hahalata lalo ang mga insecurities mo!