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‘Why don’t you mind your own business’

Duterte slams European solons


by AFP and Genalyn D. Kabiling

Naypyidaw, Myanmar – President Duterte has described European lawmakers as “crazies” in a salty-tongued rebuttal to criticism of his deadly drug war, while vowing again that all traffickers will be killed.

Duterte fired his broadside in a late-night speech Sunday in Myanmar after the European Parliament issued a resolution last week condemning “the high number of extrajudicial killings (EJKs)” in Duterte’s drug war.

“I don’t get these crazies. Why are you trying to impose on us? Why don’t you mind your own business,” said Duterte, who frequently uses swear words and other abusive language against his critics.

MYANMAR WELCOME – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (left) talks with Myanmar President Htin Kyaw at the Presidential Palace in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, Monday. Duterte arrived in Naypyidaw Sunday for an official visit to the Southeast Asian country. (AP | Manila Bulletin)

MYANMAR WELCOME – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (left) talks with Myanmar President Htin Kyaw at the Presidential Palace in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, Monday. Duterte arrived in Naypyidaw Sunday for an official visit to the Southeast Asian country. (AP | Manila Bulletin)

“Why do you have to f–k with us, God damn it.”

Duterte, who took office in the middle of last year, has overseen a ruthless campaign to eradicate illegal drugs that he says are threatening to turn the Philippines into a narco-state.

Police have reported killing more than 2,500 people, while rights groups say there have been more than 5,000 other deaths linked to the drug war.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have warned Duterte may be overseeing crimes against humanity, with police allegedly running anonymous death squads.


While President Duterte may have issued death threats against criminals out of rage, he emphasized that he will not go far as tolerating extrajudicial killings in the country.

The President said he knows that he will be the first to be killed if he issues “illegal orders” to policemen to murder crime suspects.

“There will never be a time that I will condone killing with a criminal or a person arrested with up straight arms begging for his life or what would popularly known as extrajudicial killing,” the President said in his remarks in Davao City last Sunday.

“Because the police are not allowed to follow illegal orders. Papatayin ako niyang mga ‘yan especially the officers,” he said.

“Maniwala kaya sa akin patayin mo ‘yung mga tao na nakahiga, nakatalikod? Ako ang babarilin niyan,” he added.

The President, however, defended the country’s policemen and soldiers, especially those who graduated from the Philippine Military Academy and the Philippine National Police Academy, saying they have been well-trained not to follow illegal orders from their superiors such as killing suspects with their hands up.

He said it was unfair that some people doubt the honorable policemen who perform their duty.

The President, however, conceded that police scalawags may not be as honorable as other men in uniform.

“We do not discount the possibility of them killing each other or scalawags in government who are into drugs and trying to silence the guys that I [am] dealing with. That is a possibility which I must accept,” he said.


Duterte explained that some drug suspects were shot by policemen because they violently resisted arrest and put the lawmen’s lives in danger.

He advised crime suspects not to fight with lawmen and just surrender peacefully.

“If you are a criminal and you are caught in the act, do not fight because if you place the guy’s life – place it in jeopardy of losing it, my order is to shoot you,” he said. “I do not want to see military men on my side killed. I’d rather that the criminals, however, thousands or billions they are, they should be the first to go,” he added.

Reacting to criticism that his drug war targeted the poor, Duterte said he had to “destroy” small-time street peddlers as well as the big-time drug lords.

In its resolution, the European lawmakers also called for the UN Human Rights Council to launch a probe into Duterte’s drug war, and expressed “deep alarm” at Duterte’s plans to bring back the death penalty.

To highlight his portrayal of a clash of cultures, Duterte referred to a recent Time magazine cover article on gender and sexuality to highlight what he insisted was blanket Filipino opposition to same-sex marriage.

“That’s their culture. It does not apply to us. We are Catholics and there is the civil code which says that you can only marry a woman for me (and) for a woman to marry a man,” he said.

“You stay where God assigned you. Do not mix us all up.”

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  • Ros Feliciano

    {“That’s their culture. It does not apply to us. We are Catholics and there is the civil code which says that you can only marry a woman for me (and) for a woman to marry a man,” he said.] This is what President DU30 said so. The question is: Can we find this statement of the President being printed on other news paper? I doubt if someone comes over and tells me yes. SOME newspapers are publishing all negative things about the President of our country. Who is brave enough to mention at least one newspaper; I don’t want to be involved anyway.

    • Gene Green

      a typical DUtertard

      • Juan Bayani

        You are the worst yellowturd…

        • Gene Green

          FYI, I never patronized the Yellow Administration… but I’m particularly critical with anything that I deem wrong… just like what ‘s happening in this friggin’ incompetent administration…

    • Harper

      I find it amazing he claims to be catholic odd even the pope claims not to believe. Well Marriage is between man and women yet you condone and even praise gays. They arte even on TV every day as an example to our children. Gays are like a wild fire in this country. I assume it is because the women have something wrong with them. Marriage … that does not seem to stop the adulterous men from sleeping around or abandoning their families. The men here would screw anything with a C….The whole country are hypocrites.
      I frankly do not care if every drug dealer is terminated but i do think it should not be just the poor.
      Go to the big nightclubs where the celebrities go and see the drugs there….Money talks so the police do not go there. That is not justice.

      • Piping Dilat

        is it also a catholic trait to encourage the international community to oust the duly elected leader of a sovereign state simply because you don’t agree with his style of governance? And who said that your SET of MORALS and ETHICS is FAR superior than the other MAN? God?

        • Harper

          Actually YES! God did in the bible. try reading it. I see you did not mention the adultery specifically. In case you dont know the catholic church has been hiding a great deal from the people for centuries. There are at least 20 books not included in the bible because the church did not want you to know everything. Keep you dumb and trained to obey. The pope even said that those who followed the commandment limited themselves.

          • Piping Dilat

            Harper, I did tell you that the Bible are also full of CONTRADICTIONS !
            You mentioned ADULTERY? I put back that question to you, then… DOES GOD approve of ADULTERY based on the Bible?

            Actually it’s not Catholicism only that is the problem … it’s Christianity ! IT was used to subjugate people by the colonial powers … that includes Spain, Portugal, UK, France …..

            It was used to grab lands and brought miseries to the land that they invaded !

          • Harper

            Try digging up copies of Apocrypha and the Gnostic books of the bible. It is interesting reading. there is one called “the life of Adam and Eve. ”
            and The Book of Mary. The other books shows god as being very merciful and not all fire and brimstone. He is revealed as a loving god. That is not what the church wanted so those books were dropped so people would fear god and the priests.

            My Well simple response is Thous shalt not commit adultery.

            Your very correct when you say the church used religion as a tool to subjugate peoples even the Philippines. The problem as i see it they have not relinquished all the control. The Church here wants a say in the way the elected government behaves. I believe there must be a distinct separation of church and state.

            Thanks interesting conversation.


          • Piping Dilat

            Read those , too….

            that is why I am NOT a fan of quoting verses from the Bible since I could do the very same thing of cherry picking verses that will suit what I want to say !

          • Harper

            I would hardly call it cherry picking verses. I quoted one of the 10 commandments. That was the only quote but I see you view our conversation differently. Thanks

  • Zel Zerimar


  • Gene Green

    DUgong – the most incompetent president on Earth who loves gossip and immorality… pathetic!

    • Piping Dilat

      ….so says the ILLEGAL DRUG/GAMBLING loving anti-Duterte group who lost big time in the current anti-illegal drug operations of the government !

      • Gene Green

        just like you, perhaps… hahaha! 😉

    • general problem

      lugi na siguro negosyo neto…drug trading…

      • Gene Green

        hahaha! I’m an educated man who’s very analytical – unlike you, I don’t fall for ‘idol worship’ 😉

      • Gene Green

        mas lug negosyo mo – negosyo sa pagkabobo, general problem… hehehe! 😉

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    “Why do you have to f–k with us, God damn it.”

    I know, why can’t a duly elected leader of a country, kill his erring citizens if they do not do what he wants them to do…

    Duterte needs to rack up the numbers before the EU, in all of their hypocrisy, orders his arrest!

  • Gisingbayanko

    The EU lawmakers have the high moral ground to criticize the President; especially Germany.
    Germany doesn’t want to repeat their murderous history under Hitler but instead, would like to cajole and share with other countries what they’ve learned from history that totalitarian govt under a tyrant or dictator like the Fuhrer would eventually lead to persecuting and murdering their own citizens under every conceivable reason for being disloyal to a tyrant like, Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, the fentaddict.
    Germany is the richest, most democratic country in the EU who’s now the global human rights activist after millions of Germans were murdered by Hitler.

    • Gisingbayanko

      We can expect more democratic countries to join the global condemnation of this murderous fentaddict in persecuting and murdering its own citizens.

      • general problem

        murdering citizens???…a usual yellowish propaganda…and why your still alive?

        • Gisingbayanko

          Spin pa more, truth is always hidden by smokescreen and diversionary tactics which is the core political, media strategy of this administration.

    • Iesil me

      how about including EU, German people in particular as voters in the next presidential election to save the dying liberal party.

      • Gisingbayanko

        Your sarcasm is as good as the fentaddict’s.

    • Piping Dilat

      Is there any similarities between the victims of the Holocaust by Nazi Germany and the criminals who were killed in the Anti-Illegal Drug Campaign? Why are you comparing APPLES and ORANGES ?

      • Gisingbayanko

        Of course, any du terte worshipper is in self denial, immune and blind in seeing the similarities.

        • Piping Dilat

          are you saying that the victims of the Holocaust are DRUG USERS or DRUG PEDDLERS or common CRIMINALS who fought back the NAZI security police?

          • Gisingbayanko

            Spin pa more; what about the hundreds of innocent children killed considered as collateral damage by the fentaddict?

          • Piping Dilat

            Hundreds? CAn you at least give the names of the first 100 children you knew were killed by the police operations? Or at least the locations and dates where the first 100 INNOCENT children fell ?

            That wouldn’t be so hard if there are HUNDREDS as you claim, right?

          • Gisingbayanko

            Read my text carefully, “hundreds of innocent children, adults killed”; of course we can’t expect the corrupt ridden PNP to keep any accurate records that could be used against them. Sooner than later, these data will come out for everyone to see for everything hidden will be exposed; you can count on this divine promise.

          • Piping Dilat

            Hand waving statements pala ang alam mo…. but NO data to back them up ….

            Oh well… that is not a surprise from any DISCREDITED anti-Duterte MINORITY group devoid of logic and reason…. ( and that is also a hand waving statement … )

        • Roy Lightman

          Are you here just to comment without even a clear comparision?
          The ones who holocaust are innocents.
          The ones who died in legit police operations are criminals resisting arrest.
          The one’s you call “EJK” are not EJK they are killed by riding in tandem.
          Please do your research and be in touch with reality.
          Oh i forget. you are funded by the OVP which in turn came from our taxes, arent you ashamed a little bit, maybe if the people know your name I wont be surprised if you will be mobbed.

          wag pabigat.

          • Gisingbayanko

            Spin pa more, the taumbayan know especially the victims and their relatives who belong to the poorest of the poor who are defenseless. You can accuse everyone opposed to EJK of being funded by the opposition but it’s a lame excuse for we’re doing it for Free for humanity sake; unlike you who’re blinded by an unachievable, false promises to protect your children from illegal drugs which is a lie because the PNP will never stop recycling the confiscated drugs through their pushers.

          • Roy Lightman

            OHhhhhh reallly? How so? And by the way you tell it it looks like you are one who is being funded by the so called “opposition” .

            I accuse you you incriminated yourself.

            Ang hirap kasi sayo naka script kana ang nagpabulagbulagan ka pa.

            Bat di ka kaya magkakita sa totoo mong identity?

            What is unachievable are the words that come out of your boss’s mouth which is LP. Magaling sa salita wala sa gawa. Mga bobo hindi marunong magbigay nang solusyon.

            At anong EJK ang pinagsasabi mo? EJK na ngayon kasi di na sila PANoy o ung bruha na de lima?.

            FYI may pinirmahan si panot na nag define nang EJK. at ngayon na wala na si panot e pati mga walang kinalaman sa drugs eh EJK na?

            Sinong niloloko mo? Anyway di kita ma kukumbinsi. Nakikinabang ka kasi sa tax namin tang ina ka.

          • Gisingbayanko

            Enjoy your delusion like your fentaddict, father of fake news, lies and deception. Like Lucifer, we all know what will be his final destiny.

          • Roy Lightman

            Yeah. enjoy retyping your script. have a nice day. `Oppositions` na bobo at walang alam kundi kutya at puro nalang destabilization ang alam.

          • Gisingbayanko

            Your paranoia is truly outstanding as your fentaddict leader; ma criticize lamang, destabilization na. Be more intelligent, rational, a dedicated truth seeker; instead of being one of the 16 million de mon possessed zombie.

  • Covert Operation Screening

    The US, EU another should mind their own business. The US especially should stop the covert operations in the Philippines flooding the media with stories and picture of these reefs getting built,

    President Duterte is a great President with a lot of domestic and international challenges. VP Robredo is hampering the President goal to eradicate poverty in the Philippines before 2040.

    President Duterte’s war on drugs has been a success with more than one million drug addicts enrolled in rehabilitation programs and 55.000 drug dealers arrested. Well done. President Duterte has powerfully handled the South China Sea issue. Philippines and China agree to disagree. The Philippines fisherman is back fishing around the reefs and China has increased trade, tourism, and investments in the Philippines!, LP should stop the fundraising in the US for a regime change.

    • Piping Dilat

      LP will not stop back stabbing Duterte when they are just a HAIR BREADTH away from the post that they lost last May 2016 ! It’s like their favourite product, SHABU, a very ADDICTING notion that they CRAVE for after tasting it for the past several years !

      They are suffering from the WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS from that LOSS of POWER much like the WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS from SHABU when they were force to QUIT COLD TURKEY !

    • Joe A

      I agree on you President Duterte might not be perfect but for the short span of his Administration he did so many things for our people. I don’t understand this Liberal Party why they didn’t see this except putting negative attact on Mr. Duterte? From the time of Cory then to his son I don’t see any big development except in President Duterte’s Administration. This drug menace in our society now is not President Duterte’s fault. But these ex-Presidents allowed them to flourished

    • johnny wang

      This guy will start singing a different tune once his time is up and the world court will come looking for him and his colleagues for crimes against humanity

    • 10G_Internet

      WHat and where is the rehabilitation centres that accommodated 1 million addicts? SABIHIN MO BILIS ogag? Sino ang nagbabayad ng 1 Million X 350 pesos per day na pagkain nila so 3.5 Million Pesos per day at yung STAFF taking care of 1 MILLION ADDICTS===> Sabihin MO BILIS ogag. ahhhhhhh, ang sinasabi mo ay yung mga addict sa baranggay na pinapaglinis at pinagroronda ng Baranggay captain? = Moro-moro lang kalahati nyan

      Other than ESPINOSA ng Region-8 DRUG LORD, sino pang drug lord ang nakakulong at mga CHINESE DRUG LORDS na kaibigan ni DU30? bilis SABIHIN mo OGAG.

      • Joe A

        We don’t have to swear because I have high regards on people in the social media. You might not agree on what I said but act like a professional.

    • Joe A

      I agree on you that’s why they wanted to be in the government to served our county but not to keep something inside in their pocket

  • James O Sullivan

    The man has a Constipation of ideas and a Diarrohea of words.

  • Viva Manila

    The Philippines and Myanmar are both perceived as violators of human rights by the west.

    • johnny wang

      Not perceived but they are on the blackbook of countries with the worst human rights record

    • Joe A

      I live in the west but they are a great violators of human rights. Discrimination is here but they will not tell you in front of you