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PH cannot stop China’s plans in the South China Sea: Duterte


By Genalyn Kabiling 

The Philippines neither can stop China from its planned construction in the Panatag Shoal nor will declare war with the powerful Asian neighbor since it would only result to local casualties, President Duterte said on Sunday (March 19).



“We cannot stop China from doing his thing. Hindi nga napara ng Amerikano,” the President said in a press conference in Davao City before leaving for Myanmar and Thailand.

“Ano bang gawin ko? Declare war against China? I can but we’ll all lose all our military and policemen tomorrow, and we are a destroyed nation,” he added.

The President was reacting to reports that China is preparing to build an environmental monitoring station at Pantag Shoal located within Philippine territory. The monitoring station will reportedly form part of China’s island restoration and erosion prevention efforts slated this year.

As the country moves to strengthen economic ties with China, the President explained that he would “not invoke” the arbitral judgment upholding the country’s maritime entitlements in the South China Sea at this time.

“We cannot assert even a single sentence of any provision that we signed,” he said.

But Duterte recalled that he told Chinese President Xi Jinping that he would eventually raise the arbitral ruling in their discussion within his term.

“There will be a time in my term when I will bring the issue back on the table on the four square of the arbitral ruling and it will come,” he said. “When? When they shall start to tinker with entitlements. Tubig pa lang ngayon eh,” he added.

The President also found nothing wrong with his invitation to China to send its ships to visit the Philippines, saying it was the same invitation extended to another ally Russia.

Duterte said he considers China as a friend of the Philippines and will not discriminate against their ships exercising right to innocent passage.

“Your ship are welcome, just like Russia, to come here and dock. And let me see your armaments there — and Russia, sinabi ko rin ang China,” he said.

Duterte, however, reminded China not to harass the country’s coast guard protecting territorial waters during their passage in local waters.

“Do not do anything to my coast guard kung mamasyal-masyal rin sila diyan. Kasi you claim to own it, I claim it to be mine. In the meantime, just keep open at ‘wag mong galawin ‘yung mga coast guard ko,” he said.

Recently, the President announced he permitted Chinese research ships to sail through the Philippine-owned Benham Rise as part of an agreement. He said no incursion happened since he was informed ahead of the passage of the Chinese ships.

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  • Simon

    I am not convinced to your explanations. What I can only say is that you have no guts but a lapdog of China. You are a coward President who have no idea on how to be innovative in the art of war like Myanmar, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam like what they did to those Chinese boats that intrudes to their territorial waters.

    • Elnore

      Yan ang mapapala natin sa pagboto sa fentanyl na presidente. jetski jetski daw, ano ngayon, nganga!

  • Simon

    Ngayon baligtad na ang istorya mo pagkatapos mo kaming mabola noong kampanya mo. Gusto mo rin kamong maging bayani at sasakay ka ng Jetski para itaas ang bandila ng Pilipinas doon sa Panatag Shoal. Anong nangyari nung naluklok ka? Oo nagpunta ka nga ng Tsina sakay ng eroplano at itinaas mo ang bandila ng Tsina doon sa Panatag Shoal kaya andun sila ngayon. Traidor!

    • Elnore

      Ibinaon lang sa utang ang Pilipinas. Wala bang nagsabi sa kanya na never trust Chinese? Mga tuso yang mga Iintsik beho tulo laway na yan. Kunyari friendly but with vested interest

      • tilamsik

        he said his lolo is a Chinese

  • Kerry Audet

    Duterte has the support of the most powerful navy in earth, but turns his back and chooses to ally with a communist nation. The U.S. NAVY can totally destroy the Chinese Navy in less than one hour. China has its Assasins Mace weapon, but the U.S. has already countered that and made an even more sophisticated rail gun that fires 12kg smart bullets at Mach7. No Ship, Plane or missile can survive a rail gun attack. It will destroy an aircraft carrier and every plane on it in moments.

    • Simon

      What can you do to person who have its own sentiment just because of the US visa not granted to him by the US Embassy. And perhaps the US itself has a reason why because I am almost believe to myself that after releasing Tiamzon and Benito from jail, this Leader is a Communist.

    • tilamsik

      the traitor must have been paid heftily to run and be a puppet. he did not like Poe alleging she is American. he hates America and did not believe UN. he effectively shuts the door to international community and ushered Chinese in

    • Ron Caniada


  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Reality is setting in for the Philippines…

    You will soon become China’s newest province, delegated to emptying their chamber pots, & serving as 4th wives…

  • Gisingbayanko

    Itaga mo sa Bato…
    Mark my word, he’ll sell PH territories for the right price to China to please his benefactor so he won’t get impeached.

    • johnny wang

      …………the price may not be right but as long as he gets to sit on his chair

      • Gisingbayanko

        Good point!

  • johnny wang

    So now besides killing and murdering innocent citizens in his drug wars he does not seem to have the guts to face a strong adversary. He just like those tyrants and despots in the Middle East who go about brutalizing and killing their own people but when facing an outside threat they seem to go in their shell

    • Gisingbayanko

      Like every despot, he has an appointment with destiny.
      Popularity and support of the taumbayan is like gravity: anything that goes up must come down.
      Moreover, it’s like a pendulum: after swinging to the left, it’ll swing back to the right similar to injustice being balanced by justice eventually; maybe not now but certainly in the appointed time. Poetic justice is now an accepted fact, reality by the President that it’ll come but his fanatics won’t accept till the end like when Hitler committed suicide with Eva Brown.

  • Rasec Hatch

    Eto na nga ba ang sinasabi ko. walang isang salitang pangulo. marami ang nabubuang sa kanya at sinusundan sya na parang panginoon pero ngayon hindi maipagtanggol ang pinas. Kung sana hindi sya nagmalaki sa USA at sa mga European countries edi sana may backup sya ngayon. eh ngayon binitawan na sya dahil sa kayabangan nya.dadalhin pa nya sa kapahamakan ang buong bansa. Walang kwentang presidente! Hung hang!

  • Harper

    there are many countries with a disagreement with china. Philippines needs allies without dip shit (DU30) ranting and insulting them. You are stronger as a group than alone.

  • freedash22

    The Philippine Government has a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to protect Philippine sovereignty regardless of enemy strength. If the government has honor and dignity, it should do something against the Chinese regardless if we will win a shooting war or not. That’s what we have the AFP for. Besides, there are tons of things we can do against the Chinese without firing a single shot.

  • Merle Arreis

    This shows that the Philippine president has NO MIND and COWARD. HE’S JUST WATCHING CHINA WITH MOUTH OPEN WIDE(NGANGA). THE president should be the First to FIGHT for his Territory. The problem is so SIMPLE. Allowing Chinese vessels in your territory is like allowing them to occupy and grab your country. We made throw the US BASES IN our COUNTRY, WE CAN MAKE IT TO CHINA. DON’T SHOW US THAT YOU ARE JUST A MONKEY EATING YOUR ASSHOLE. BECAUSE YOU’RE JUST KEEP ON THINKING OF WAR. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS , USE YOUR HEAD, IF YOU HAVE ANY. WE DON’T TRUST CHINA. ONLY YOU ARE TRUSTING CHINA.