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Survey: 43% of Pinoys think it’s possible to fall for more than 1 person


By Vanne Elaine Terrazola 

Can one fall in love with two persons at the same time? A Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey found that Filipinos are divided whether it possible or not to fall for more than one person.



The survey, conducted December 3-6, 2016 and released Thursday in time for Valentine’s, found that 44 percent of the population believed it is possible, while 43 percent said otherwise.

It asked 1,500 adults: “In your opinion, is it possible to fall in-love with more than one person at the same time?”

SWS said 25 percent respon​​ded that it is “definitely possible”; while 19 percent said “somewhat possible.” Opposing meanwhile, were 37 percent, who thought it is “definitely impossible”; and six percent, who said it is “somewhat impossible.”

This yields to a net possibility score (percentage of those who said it is possible minus percentage impossible) of only +1, which the SWS classifies as neutral.

Of those polled, 12 percent were undecided.

The same poll showed that only 19 percent, or one out of five Filipinos, said they had experienced falling in-love with more than one person at the same time. About 81 percent said they had not.

The pollster said the possibility of falling in love with more than one person at the same time was higher among men with a moderate +11 (49 percent possible, 38 percent impossible) compared with  women (40% possible, 48% impossible).

By religion, net possibility was highest among Muslims with a moderate +15 (51 percent possible, 36 percent impossible); followed by Catholics with a neutral +2 (45 percent possible, 43 percent impossible), and members of the Iglesia ni Cristo with -6 (40 percent possible, about 47 percent impossible).

Other religions said it is possible with a neutral -7 (40 percent possible, 47 percent impossible).

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  • Moriadne

    There’s an error in the calculatiins shown in the article. It says -6 in the Iglesia, despite the survey showing +40 against -47?

  • Erwin RC

    I would agree with the survey because it’s a normal feeling, however if you truly love, respect, honor and put God as the center of your universe then surely there is no reason to destroy your relationship with your girlfriend, wife/husband.

    • Moriadne


      The way this article presents itself, it appears that people are saying they agree with polygamy or some other drastic thing.

      But in reality, the survey only asked something to the effect of “can you have two crushes at the same time”, or “is it possible for someone to have feelings for more than one person at a time”, and the answer ought to be a resounding “well, obviously, yes, that’s why a command had to be made against it in the first place, the possibility was there.

  • Yolanda Santos

    Most Filipinos are Christians – Catholics, Protestants, etc. But it seems most Filipino Christians do not obey Christ’s teaching “Do not commit adultery”. Filipino males brag about their conquests – from the President down to PNP cops about having two wives, or extra girlfriends. Some women are no exceptions either in having their moments of indiscretion.

    My guess is that more than half of Christians have committed adultery, at one time or another.

    • Moriadne

      The question was is it -possible- to fall in love with two people at the same time, and the answer to that is clearly -yes-, it is indeed -possible-. If it wasn’t possible, then things like love triangles wouldn’t exist. But they do, ergo it -is- possible.

      Now, whether it is ethical to act upon or encourage those feelings, that is a different question altogether and will likely have a much different outcome on the results.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Any Administration, embassy included,
      are a danger for a young women alone.
      RP Culture is a sick Culture, Respect and Dignity
      didn’t exist, it’s replaced by fear and money.

      The Country is lead by Gang’s

    • reynaldo lavarez

      This only prove something, that men are born polygamous. Even if men are already married they still look at good looking, fresh young women, they are like dogs, no difference. And that’s is truth.