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  • Dead or alive: Duterte offers reward for NBI agents involved in kidnap-slay of korean businessman

Dead or alive: Duterte offers reward for NBI agents involved in kidnap-slay of korean businessman


By Argyll Cyrus B. Geducos

President Rodrigo Duterte on his late night press conference in Malacañang. (Photo by Argyll Cyrus B. Geducos/Manila Bulletin)

President Rodrigo Duterte on his late night press conference in Malacañang. (Photo by Argyll Cyrus B. Geducos/Manila Bulletin)

President Duterte said he will offer a P1-M reward in cash to anyone who can pinpoint the whereabouts of the three National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents allegedly involved in the killing of a Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo,  if they fail to surrender within 24 hours.

Duterte, in a late night press conference in Malacañang, ordered NBI director Dante Gierran to do anything to make the involved agents surface within 24 hours.

He was also about to offer a P5-M reward in cash to anyone who can bring PSSupt. Rafael Dumlao to Camp Crame or even in front of the Malacañang Palace dead or alive, and without him asking any questions.

However, he only found out during the press conference that Dumlao had already returned to Camp Crame Sunday afternoon and is ready to ‘tell all’ about the abduction and killing of businessman Jee Ick-joo.

Jee was kidnapped from his house in Angeles City, Pampanga last October 2016 by around eight men including three police officers and three NBI agents and was reportedly killed inside Camp Crame the same day. His remains was then brought to the Gream Funeral Services in Caloocan City and was reportedly cremated afterwards.

According to Duterte, he is enraged by the issue because Dumlao tarnished the reputation of the Philippine National Police, an institution he claimed to be ‘corrupt to the core.’

“I am offering P5-M reward, cash, para kay Dumlao. Dead or alive. It will take effect pag hindi ka sumuko in 24 hours ‘pag ‘di ka sumuko (I am offering P5-M reward, cash, to anyone who can bring Dumlao, dead or alive. It will take effect if you don’t surrender within 24 hours),” Duterte said before he learned that Dumlao had already surrendered.

“Bakit malaki? Kasi [expletive] sinira mo ang pulis. Galit ako kasi pati ako napahiya (Why is the reward big? Because you tarnished the PNP. I am enraged because even I got embarrassed).”

Duterte also revealed that PNP director general Ronald Dela Rosa offered to resign in relation to the killing of Jee. However, he declined Dela Rosa’s resignation because it will contribute nothing to the progress of the case.

“The scalawags will continue with or without Bato,” he said, adding that around 40 percent of the police are used to corrupt practices.

Dela Rosa, during the same press conference, said he offered to resign because he wanted to give the President a free hand to choose someone else for the position who can do the job better.

“I wanted to give the President the free hand to choose somebody to replace me and do the job as expected. I don’t want to add more embarrassment to the country,” he said.

Dela Rosa also admitted that the case has affected the credibility of Oplan Tokhang.

Meanwhile, Dela Rosa said he will do his job to the best of his ability and hopes not to fail Duterte and the Filipino people.

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  • Third-Eye

    Is ‘alleged’ and ‘suspected’ doesn’t mean a person is not guilty of crime unless otherwise proven in the court of law and not by DuDirty himself who acts like running a revolutionary government. His order of shoot-to-kill of ‘alleged’ NBI agent can’t be justified just like all summary killing of all drug offenders ‘suspected’ of using or pushing drugs. DuDirty should be realistic and follow the rule of law, as a former lawyer.

    • sikatuna

      the people are tired of these relentless investigations that go nowhere. the evidence is strong so be it. Just like he said bring them in dead or alive because if they are innocent then why do they go hiding?

      • Third-Eye

        Another ignoramus again.

        • Karrol Guinid

          Taina, ignoramus. Homo erectus.

        • lance ceellot


      • Idoy

        The authority says it already as DEAD. Why take more efforts to secure the pig? Disregard the alive – you still will get the same million pesos reward.

    • hagakhak

      you sound like shaking in fear!!! are you one of these scalawags or one of those hooked by illegal substances?!!!! if all of the above, then you better run but you cannot hide!!!!

      • Third-Eye


        • lance ceellot

          all knowing (UTAK TAE NAMAN)

  • doubting tomas

    This is interesting. We’ll see what happens.
    Is that Ph 1 million per suspect or pakyawan ??

    LOL !!

  • Idoy

    The family will surely bring the scumbag criminals alive or else it will be double loser. They lost million pesos and they also lost a relative. Pick your choice.

  • Ornille Macrohon-Rojales River

    the number one tourist korea… we suggest cagayan de oro government… as our area needs monitoring too :) :)

  • Myrna

    God bless to the government

  • Myrna

    God bless to the new government

  • Harper

    I assume they really want him dead. He can say nothing that way, I guess the reward is so that some Filippino will want to turn them in. without the money as reward no one will give them up. They tells me that nothing come for free here.

    TOO DIRTY says that 40% of PNP are criminals and corrupt. I would assume that figure is grossly inaccurate. But even 40% people should be outraged. No one even mentioned this in any comments. Odd either they did not notice or think corrupt cops is better than nothing..

  • marwan_91

    Kung Espinosa pinatay mo abswelto ka.

    How does dead or alive work? Is it after extensive efforts have been exerted in trying to arrest an alleged offender? Or immediate after the president got angry? Alive is useless if bounty was set. With no questions asked made it more thrilling for bounty hunters. And who would dare to kill a mistah? Neither an ordinary guy nor a thug would have the guts to go against this group of alleged crminals in uniform. In the final analysis, the PNP themselves are tasked to find the wanted guy through their well funded force and intelligence networks. That’s your shit, clean it!

  • Hein S

    FAILippines. All Comedy.