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Dead sperm whale found beached in Samal

Expert suspects plastic choking or propeller injuries in giant mammal’s death


By Yas Ocampo and MB Online

A 37-foot sperm whale washed up in front of a resort along Babak district in the Island Garden City of Samal.

The giant marine mammal was found beached on Friday night, December 16 before dying Saturday.

Beachgoers and residents gather around a beached whale in Babak, Samal on Saturday, December 17, 2016. The whale was alive Friday night, but died Saturday (Contributed photo by Dean Ortiz) |

Beachgoers and residents gather around a beached whale in Babak, Samal on Saturday, December 17, 2016. The whale was alive Friday night, but died Saturday (Contributed photo by Dean Ortiz) |

Cetacean expert Darrell Blatchley, who responded to the beaching, said the whale’s carcass will be transported across the Davao Gulf to the Bone Museum in Davao City.

Curious residents and beachgoers gathered around the whale, which was already bleeding by Saturday.

A backhoe was used to slowly drag the whale toward the shore. One netizen shared on Facebook the hauling of the whale.

The whale will be deboned onsite, with the meat of the carcass to be thrown at the Samal Sanitary Landfill.

As of press time, the cause of death is unknown.

But Blatchley suspects the whale either choked on plastic trash or got injured by propellers of vessels regularly plying the Davao Gulf.

The Davao Gulf shores have repeatedly seen various beached marine mammals. Last week, Blatchley also responded to a beaching of a smaller cetacean.

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  • gray law

    If it did die because of plastic trash then blame the Stupid people that just throw there garbage in the sea and at the beach. I have seen many many many many times. Duterte stopped smoking in Davao maybe he should put 10,000 pesos penalty for those people throwing there plastic. The city would get rich!

    • Leeo Dreamcatcher

      Island Garden City of Samal is not part of Davao City, It is part of Davao del Norte (not a territory of Davao City). Davao City has a strict implementation of proper waste disposal. There are Environmental Officers Land and Sea who arrest violators. The officers issues receipt of violations to violators, pay penalty fee, send them off for seminar/orientation of proper solid waste disposal, violators shall report to nearest Barangay Hall and render 15 to 30 days community service (like sweeping the streets or help collect or segregate garbage) as a punishment and after 3 times of violating they will be put to jail and it is an ordinance. Davao City and Davao del Norte has a different Mayors and both of them should unite to help or protect the sea creatures discovered between the areas.

      • gray law

        Yup you are correct Samal comes under Davao Del Norte, maybe as President Duterte can implement it nationwide along with No Smoking in Public places. More Power to Duterte….

        • Leeo Dreamcatcher

          Actually they are doing it right now. like what happened to my friend, he payed 5000 pesos penalty for he was caught smoking in public place (hiding in a side walk). Since Duterte started his term July and if we count it, he is still 6 months in his position… However, the police are implementing it nationwide even the curfew for minors, no drinking in the side walk, the smoking ban, the liquor ban as well. The problem are the people… some don’t understand that its for the welfare of the people. They are still adjusting to the changes and it will take time to orient the people of the changes and the government for now don’t have the much manpower to implement it all in a time because Duterte have to budget the previous administrations budget. We are positive that in 2017, It will be the budget that Duterte needs to utilize the needed changes. God help the Philippines… lol

  • Bougainville Freedom Movement

    You see a photo of ONE whale and no doubt there were many many others.
    No, the whale did not die of plastic trash but it is good you are aware.
    Most likely this ONE whale died just like many other whales from the revolting mining companies who don’t care about the whales, the environment or the Indigenous land owners.
    Your Environment Secretary, has revealed eight mining firms that are allegedly committing environmental and social violations following complaints from the indigenous people of Mindanao..
    In solidarity.