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Federalism will solve country’s woes: President Duterte


By Philippine News Agency

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday pushed for the adoption of federalism in the country, arguing that it is the only solution to Mindanao’s secessionist problem as well as to improve the economy and people’s living condition.

The President, however, said implementing a federal form of government must also entail opening the economy to investors to spur competition.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte speaks before the 4th State Conference on United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) Implementation and Review at Rizal Hall,Malacañan Palace on December 7,2016. TOTO LOZANO/Presidential Photo

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte speaks before the 4th State Conference on United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) Implementation and Review at Rizal Hall,Malacañan Palace on December 7,2016. TOTO LOZANO/Presidential Photo

“Unless you open the Philippines…Alam mo prangkahan tayo–I’m not up to anything anymore. Hindi na ako makatakbo. Sana just ponder on it. Sleep on it,” he said in a speech during the 7th anniversary of the Federalismo Alyansa ng Bicol here.

“Habang ‘di mo buksan lahat for competition… because this country is ruled by just a few oligarchs. And they owned the power,” he added.

“The essence of the blossoming of the economy is actually competition, and major trade and services must be freed from the control of only few families. Elections in the Philippines is violent because of the feudal system that still exists until today,” Duterte said.

Although he favors opening up the country to investments, he said he would oppose selling of lands under a federal form of government. This is something not negotiable to him, believing that people must not be building their houses on lands owned by somebody else.

The President said federalism will also benefit regions that are rich in natural resources. For instance, in the Bicol region, local governments have no say in the management and use of power derived from area.

This is because of the current unitary government setup, the President said, noting that with federalism, regional government will have more power over its resources.

President Duterte also warned that without federalism, the country may lose Mindanao as Muslims push for self-determination.

The next generation will face tremendous challenge in keeping the country intact and there could be continued fighting as a result of Muslim secessionist initiative.

President Duterte also told Bicolanos that he will relentlessly fight corruption, encouraging them not to be afraid to expose corruption in the bureaucracy.

“Ang Pilipino kasi… let’s have a change of paradigm. Ang Pilipino kasi kawawa because hindi tayo assertive lalo na ‘yung taga-bukid. Dapat matuto yan sila,” he said.

The President said he will be strict against corruption and will immediately fire personnel proven to be engaged in corrupt practices, even if they are his friends.

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  • Anne-cute

    sa desisyon lang tyo no Duterte umasa dahil ito ang mas nkakabuti sa atin.

  • Jaikah ludovice

    talagang change is coming hangagat si Duterte ang umuupo bilang leader sa bansa natin magiging maayos ang lahat at tlagang may pgbabago

  • Tin_arispe__handsome


  • Right-of-Expression

    I guess supremo DU30 will never give-up obssesion of fedaralism despite of the fact that federalism he talks about repeatedly in public is part of his idea of ideology and personal agenda and never provided public the general scheme of federalism how it will work and who will benefited other than abstract talking.

  • CyberPinoy

    I have talked to some people at madaming Pilipino ang may pagduda sa Federalism, their main concerns are #1.Electing Prime Minister by parliamentary vote #2.Some state can separate from PH. Palagay ko dapat careful tayo sa pag draft ng Federalism, we need to make our own type of Federal System which will address our concerns. Pwede po ba na maging Hybrid Type of Federalism, wherein we retain what is good in Presidential system like #1. We can still elect our President the same way but VP should be on the same Party #2. There should be a strict provision in PH Federal Sysytem that no state shall be allowed to separated or secceed. Yun lang po so far ang nakikita namin na important things that need to be in our Federal Government.

  • nad

    federalism yan ang sagot saatin dito saating bansa na mabago ang bulok na sistema dito saating bansa

    • james mesias

      tama ka dyan para nman saating tunay na pagbabago

      • shane lastimosa

        totoo yan na matagal na nating inaasam asam

  • Tbagz_chill

    yang ang tunay na leader ng ating bansa

  • BiteBotz123

    sobrang laki na talaga ng pagbabago simula ng digong administrasyon kaya wag na nating pansinin ang mga paninira na yan napaka gandang plano ang federalism

  • sabinGurl

    kayang kaya na yan ni digong..hindi sua magpapadala sa mga paninira ng mga tao

  • Tbagz_chill

    .imbes na gawan nyo ng issue si digong suportahan nalang natin sya sa mga plano nya,

  • Ron Sevilla

    my saltik kc yang presidente na yan.

    • jhay_jack

      si ABNOYNOY ata ang tinutukoy mo!haha

  • marilou dado

    suportahan na lang ntin si PDU30 sa mga ginagawa nya dahil para din naman saatin ito.Tama na ang puro kontra!

  • Áron

    Go go P-Duts!

    I Support Federal-Parliamentary Government with Liberalized Economy!!!!