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Duterte tackles PH drug problem with Arroyo

President meets with his predecessor at the Palace


By Elena Aben

President Rodrigo Duterte met with his predecessor, current Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in Malacañang on Monday, November 28.

The president disclosed he brought up with Rep. Arroyo the extent of the drug problem in the country.

President Rodrigo Duterte and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo share a light moment during a courtesy visit in Malacañang on November 28, 2016. KING RODRIGUEZ/ Presidential Photo

President Rodrigo Duterte and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo share a light moment during a courtesy visit in Malacañang on November 28, 2016. KING RODRIGUEZ/ Presidential Photo

He then showed a pile of documents which he said contained names of personalities involved in the illicit drug trade.

“This is the drug industry of the Philippines. Lahat iyan pangalan… it’s about 5,000 (names),” said the president in his speech during the ceremonial switch on of the 135-megawatt coal-fired power plant of Palm Concepcion Power Corp.

The list, Duterte said, includes the names of thousands of village officials (barangay captains) and policemen.

“Dala-dala ko, pinakita ko kay President Arroyo. Sabi ko, ‘Ma’am, we are in a bind. I really don’t know how to… Surrender na ako’,” said Duterte.

“Sabi ko, ‘Hindi ko kaya ito. Even assuming publicly that I can kill them, I will not have the time and resources to do it’,” he added.

The president also said he had some names removed from the narco-list.

President Rodrigo Duterte shows the updated 'Narco List' during his speech at the Inauguration and Ceremonial Switch-on Ceremony of the 135MW Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Power Plants of Palm Concepcion Power Corporation at the Rizal Ceremonial Hall in Malacanang Palace, Manila on Monday, November 28, 2016. (Jay Ganzon)

President Rodrigo Duterte shows the updated ‘Narco List’ during his speech at the Inauguration and Ceremonial Switch-on Ceremony of the 135MW Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Power Plants of Palm Concepcion Power Corporation at the Rizal Ceremonial Hall in Malacanang Palace, Manila on Monday, November 28, 2016. (Jay Ganzon)

“Because I was looking at the problem. Ang standard ko kasi sa intelligence report was the standard of a lawyer. So hindi puwede iyang sabi dito, sabi doon, parang double ano na, hearsay. So nilaglag ko na iyong iba,” he said.

The president went on to say that the Philippines was already in a narco-politics state given the huge number of policemen and local official, including mayors, involved in the drug trade.

And while he refused to say on what particular administration the narco-politics started in the country, Duterte repeated his previous claims that, sadly, it was Sen. Leila De Lima who opened the “portals of the national government to the contamination of narco politics.”

“Kung cancer we are already in stage 2 because karamihan ng barangay captains nandiyan, easy money. And had I acceded to an election this year for thr barangay captains, we would have lost to the money of the drug industry,” Duterte continued.

The president on Saturday said he plans to submit his final and validated narco list to the National Security Council (NSC) within the week and will provide a copy to Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

He also disclosed he wants to formulate a plan on how to prevent disaster for the next generation, noting that the problem on illegal drugs is a virulent issue that threatens to destroy the future of the country.

On Tuesday, Duterte will lead the inauguration of phase 1 of the 30,000-capacity mega drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation center at Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija, which was donated by a Chinese philanthropist.

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  • Harper

    were the ones taken off the list friends or people he knew personally….

    • Paking

      Most probably because how else could he decide if he doesn’t know the people?

  • bechay64

    Ang gagaling nmn ng mga trolls. Alam na alam nila talaga. Mga smart aleck say niyo.

  • Maynila Dyaryo

    the prex is the law!?! pontificating ex cathedra.

  • Philipmon

    I would suggest to publish their names and declare that their official position vacant. The next civil servant in the government hierarchy (not implicated) will assume the post as Acting, Require these persons to report to General Bato for processing (drug test, lifestyle check, sign a waive of their rights including their immediate family on the bank secrecy law for AMLA checks, BIR audit). If they fail the test, charge them administratively/criminally, ask the PRC/Supreme Court for suspension/revocation of their licence(s), ask the Commission on Election for a life-time ban and require more stringent requirements to run for public office, i.e. no conviction or pending case in any court. If they pass the test/checks, published their names as cleared and authorized them to return to their post. It would be a small inconvenience for those clean officials to undergo the process. However, it is allot better for them (good publicity and clearing their name) and their electorate in the long run.

  • Malcolm Bramley

    Does anyone else find that photograph of Duterte and GMA very amusing and at the same time disturbing? Duterte is elected on a anti-corruption anti-drug, law and order ticket……GMA was a stained President, protected by the elite Political breed, that will always protect the system, I can throw Erap into that. A very amusing photograph, good to see GMA is looking so well…hilarious.

    • Victorino Villaflor

      Like many others you are so gullible to the yellow propaganda thrown at Mrs. Arroyo. Your name seems a name of a relatively educated person but your comment here defy my impression because after all you do not use your brain wisely. The courts now know that all the accusations and cases against the Arroyo administration was orchestrated by the Cojuangco-Aquino family and their oligarchs and cronies financed a propaganda against the Arroyo family. PDi and ABS-CBN were of course, in the forefront of the barrage of propaganda lasting 8 years. Well as a certified yellow, you are expected to follow the line of yellow following blindly. Now tell us, what happened to all the cases they lodged against Mrs. Arroyo? Like dominos they fell down one after another. And if shame is still on the faces of the yellows like you, who is now shamed in this episode, answer you and all the yellows. You obviously do not know how smart Pres. Duterte is by making Mrs. Arroyo one of his advisers. Duterte knows that Mrs. Arroyo is very bright and can contribute to his administration with novel and excellent legislation as well as good advices in economics and micro-management. He even asks council from Pres. Tabako. Are you not surprised why President Duterte does not seek council from your man PNoy? Obviously he knows that PNoy knows nothing other than disastrous a administration. Duterte knows he cannot get anything from PNoy.

    • Harper

      Ever notice when someone doe not like what you say they start calling you names and accuse you of everything but genocide. I think your right about Arroyo and your justice system is so corrupt you cannot expect criminals to be held for their crimes.. According to Victorino Gloria is so innocent she should be a saint.

  • Malcolm Bramley

    “Useless protest, critic, or sarcasm.” You read into my comment more than is said, I am fortunate that a brain such as yours can protest so loud. Pinas is not limited in it’s fellowship of the cronies,oligarchs and propaganda indeed this system is based on that. As is blindness a singular infliction, as you have so eloquently demonstrated in your personal attack. With respect to your comments on the President, in fairness, I talked about the basis of his election, but he has shown us that he is loudest with foreign affairs and how to be a 3rd world country which is very much a propaganda in itself to show that he may have a tough time in trying to change a corrupt system run by corrupt people, but I can talk the loudest and beat my chest to show I am strong. The effect will be zero. Can he do what he was elected on? Duterte seeks no council, he has people clean up the mess after he has done more , blah blah, blah

  • nik_a

    panigurado naman na para yan sa ikbubuti ng byan natin ang gingawa ng pangulo

  • tommy

    kahit kailan sangayon ako sa nais ng pangulo wala siyang ginawang mali.,

    • ferd

      tma ka dyan lahat nman yan para saatin

      • nad

        kya dapat maisip yan ng mga yellowtards para wlang gulo

  • adele lantada

    ibng klse ang kakayahan ni Duterte kaya marami ang nagkakaisa na suporthan ka po,

    • dominic

      preho kayo ni Dugong na walng kwenta!

      • sophia_madrona

        please zip your mouth!

  • sarte

    tiwala lang sa pdu30 sigurado hindi nman tayo nya ipapahamak

    • MATT

      tumigil ka hindi pa ba yan. ano ang ginagawa nya sa US ngayon..

      • C_M

        ikaw na lang sumagot sa tanong mo

  • aRiEL

    hayaan nating dumiskarte ang ating pangulo,alam ko namang hindi nya tayo bibiguin.

  • glenn robio

    Patalsikin na ang dutiti na yan!

    • analisa

      U LOL!!

  • gigi leny

    ginagampanan talaga ni digong ang kanyang tungkulin bilang ama ng ating bansa.

  • kier Luis

    gagawa parin talaga ang ating pangulo ng paraan para umayos ang pamumuhay natin sakabila ng paninira ng iba skanya.