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FM to have a simple soldier’s burial – Governor Imee


by Genalyn D. Kabiling and Freddie G. Lazaro

The family of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos may now proceed with preparations for his burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB), President Duterte said yesterday after assuring he would not change his mind on the matter.

After the Supreme Court allowed the burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani with a vote of 9-5, with one justice inhibiting, former Sen. Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. apparently called up the President to ask, “Can we now proceed?” Duterte said he replied: “Yes, you can.”

And speaking in behalf of the Marcos family, Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos said they do not plan to have a grand state funeral for the former President.

“Mailibing siya sa Libingan, simple, at katulad nga ng pangkaraniwang sundalo (To bury him at the Libingan in simple rites like an ordinary soldier)” Marcos added.

“Wala nang bonggang-bongga. Tutal hindi naman state funeral, kundi libing lang ng isang kawal, ng isang sundalo, ang minimithi ng ama ko (There will be no pomp preparation because it will not be a state funeral but a funeral for a soldier. This is what my father wished for),” she said.

Imee, the eldest of the three Marcos children shared, “talagang ‘yon ang gusto niya (FM)… Sundalung-sundalo kasi ang tatay ko.  Maski sa ospital… gusto niya, Veterans, V. Luna (That is really what he wants because my father was really a true soldier. Even in the choice of hospital, he prefers the Veterans, V. Luna hospital),” referring to the Veterans Memorial Medical Center and the V. Luna General Hospital also known as the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) General Hospital which provide medical care to Filipino veterans and military personnel.

The late strongman’s military service record describes him as a guerilla under both the United States Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE), for the Bataan Death March in 1942, and the United States Army Forces in the Philippines-Northern Luzon (USAFP-NL).

In a radio interview yesterday, Marcos said they were willing to airlift the remains of the former president from Batac to Fort Bonifacio to make things easy for everyone.

Meanwhile, Rev. Fr. Joey Ranjo, the parish priest of Sta. Monica Church in Sarrat town, said the church has been prepared for the wake of the former president as agreed earlier between the Diocese of Laoag headed by Bishop Renato Mayugba and Governor Marcos.

The Sta. Monica Church, the Immaculate Conception Church in Batac City, and the Saint Augustine Church in Paoay town have earlier been prepared for the wake of the former president before its burial at the LNMB.


President Duterte maintained he was simply following the law that allows former presidents like Marcos to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Besides, Duterte pointed out the “sins of Marcos” have yet to be proven in a competent court.

“I’ve said before, I will not take my word back,” the President said in a press conference at the Manila airport before he left for Malaysia, a day after the Supreme Court handed down its ruling.

“As a lawyer, I stick by what the law says. The law says that soldiers and ex-presidents, ‘yung namatay o maski hindi siguro ex, basta presidente ka, doon ka ilibing,” he added.

Former president and now Manila City Mayor Joseph Estrada was the first to initiate the move to bury Marcos at the Libingan but the move did not push through.

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  • Yolanda Santos

    FM was not a soldier. His Maharlika guerrilla unit was a fiction and his 32 medals for valor were all bogus, per US Army.

    His father Mariano Marcos was a traitor who was executed by the guerrillas for collaborating with the Japanese.

    • leomar101

      Aling Yolanda, I don’t know where you get your facts that can be refutted in any human court and not kangaroo court of the yellows. Marcos was a soldier and a President which doubly qualifies him to be burried there in the LNMB. The father of benigno aquino was proven to be a traitor and a Japanese collaborator. heheheh.That’s why ninoy was a traitor and benigno the son was also a traitor that runs already in their blood.

      • Harper

        Yolanda is correct.. please read….
        unless you wish to claim history is in error..
        It would be nice if the Philippines could get back the billions of dollars stolen from the country by the Marcos family. It would also be nice to find out where the missing 900 plus are buried.

        I personally don’t care even where they bury him……

      • jen patel

        Haha vey true. Aquinos are the real proven traitors. Mariano Marcos fought the Japanese forces and sarificed his life for the country. And Ferdinand spent his life defending our nation as a soldier and as a president. Maliwanag ito, that is why 9-5 ang SC ruling. Ang mga rebelde, mga pasaway, mga LP na kasama ni panot, mga oligarchs at mga NABRAINWASH nila ang mga kontra dito. Haha sige.. Justice has prevailed! Thank you God!!

      • Yolanda Santos

        Mang Leomar, FM was not a soldier, there was no Marharlika. If he was a guerrilla as you claim, how come he didn’t stop the guerrillas from executing his father for collaborating with the Japanese? Or, maybe Ferdinand was a collaborator himself?

        • leomar101

          Tell that argument to the soldiers who were with him. hehehehhe I was not even born and see my hero. bwahahahah so All my arguments are based on books and not internet site. hahahahha anybody can have her own web site and post all those lies there. hahahahhaha. And anti marcos people just believed in everything without even verifying if it was fake or not. So I will advise you to believe more on agencies of the government that has the authority to handle on a specific matters. It has to go a long process of research and proofs before it is recognized and put in history books. hahahahaha. Pero kung sabihin mo sa akin na go to this web site. asus mga aso lamang ang puedeng maniwala niyan at right away naging gospel of truth when it suit to their agenda.. hahahaha patawa ka aling yolanda.

    • Rudy Poe

      Respect the rule of law..SC already voted 9-5 in favor of FM!!!!!

      • Yolanda Santos

        Respect only those who are respectable. I don’t respect the 9 pigs who went to market.

        • Rudy Poe

          And do you think you are respectable enough compared to 9 SC Justices?

          • Yolanda Santos

            I don’t accept bribes. Is that respectable enough for you?

          • Rudy Poe

            Do you have proof that these Justices accepted bribes simply because they voted in favor of FM burial? Or should I say those 5 SC Justices were not respectable and accepted bribes from yellow tard officials?

          • Yolanda Santos

            When 9 animals walk like pigs, wallow in mud like pigs, and oink like pigs – then they are pigs.

          • Rudy Poe

            And how do you call the 5 SC Justices? They were the lapdogs of Abnoy adm.

    • jen patel

      Marcos is a hero. This is vindicated by 9-5 SC ruling.

      • Yolanda Santos

        Vindicated by paid 9 corrupt SC justices. That’s vindication to you?

        • Blue Dogs

          Weren’t half of the SC Justices appointed by Arroyo & Noynoy ?

          • Yolanda Santos

            Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean these crooks couldn’t be bought with plundered money.

        • jen patel

          Where is the evidence? I would like to see the evidence, mangmang!

  • conchita carpio

    this is injustice in the highest power. libingan yan ng mga corrupt. dapat dyan din ilibing katabi ni marcos yun tao ni duterte na pinaka corrupt sa administration niya..dfa passporting head …khalid.ali.mapandi…he sold 700 PHL passports to 700 indonesians and malaysians for 28thousand each earning him a total of 19.6 million. lip service ka lang duterte

  • sea eagle

    Magnanakaw Marcos was a bogus soldier,he is a Japanese collaborator and he got all those medal from the real hero Gen.Balao.

  • ALASKAdor

    Naku pu, ano kaya para kay gov. imee ang meaning ng SIMPLE?? iba kasi meaning yan kapag ikaw ay sikat at madaming pera eh…. kaysa sa ordinary tao at may konting pera lang eh….
    we will see kapag nailibing na si FM…… repect na lang natin ang SC decision, may MR pa naman eh kung ang resulta eh ganun pa rin….. MOVE ON, WAG MAGING AMPALAYA kasi wala naman din kau magagawa eh……

  • Blue Dogs

    Big question is whether the burial will be televised as his embalmed body in the bronze casket is lowered into the new tomb ?